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Puffle Catalog

Page 4 – Bedzzz = White & Gray Puffle bed

Page 11 – Toys = Puffle Condo

Page 17 – Red Puffle beside title = White, Red & Gray Puffle House

Snow & Sports

December 2012

There are currently no cheats in this catalog, Please choose a differen’t catalog

Meet Scrap

Today, Polo Field posted on the Whats New blog about another C-J Snow sneak peek! He told us about a new character! Scrap! To fund out more about him, Read below… 174 more words

Card-Jitsu Snow Sneak Peek! #2

Polo Field posted ANOTHER sneak peek of Card-Jitsu Snow! He wrote:

Greetings Ninjas!

Last week we announced the upcoming Card-Jitsu Snow beta test. Thanks for all your comments – it’s awesome to see you’re as excited as we are!  89 more words

Penthouse Igloo

I heard that someone found this in a file, Its the Penthouse Igloo! It will be avalable at the Hollywood party! It features:

NO MORE........


In a recent tweet my Polo Field, The EPF will no longer be doing Field Ops! What do you think about it? Excited? Thrilled? 8 more words

Aunt Arctic Coming to Hollywood Part-ay!

@pinkster1076 Next month… :)

— Polo

As conifrmed by Polo Field, Aunt Arctic and Cadence are confiremd to come to the  Hollywood Party, Rocky and Cece are not coming; also confirmed.

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