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Forget Marx and Mao. Chinese City Honors Once-Banned Confucian.

Guiyang has built a museum and park to Wang Yangming, a 16th-century philosopher at the center of a propaganda drive by China’s leader, Xi Jinping. 74 more words


Video Series: Can Confucianism Save the World? 儒家思想能够拯救世界?

In this public lecture held in 2014, Professors Daniel A. Bell, Joseph Chan, Tongdong Bai discuss the role of Confucianism in the modern world.

With the difficulty of cooperating over issues such as nuclear warfare, terrorism, and environmental protection, has the time come for a globalised, cosmopolitan adoption of  Confucianism? 46 more words


On Reciprocity-互惠

Image: Friends Playing, 1600. Retrieved from here.

During the third century, the Roman Emperor Alexander Severus placed a placard with the Golden Rule on his palace wall. 1,350 more words



Write a 175- to 250-word summary on Confucianism that addresses the following topics:

· What are the Five Great Relationships?

· How is the morally upright person to act? 12 more words

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Confucianism and Justice 儒家正义

At the end of the last ‘son-covering-father’ article, it was stated that it seemed like Confucius was not advocating actively obstructing justice to conceal the father’s crime. 1,599 more words