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Demon-Expelling Charm

If you didn’t know, archive.org is a treasury of old books about Chinese language and culture (and pretty much everything else really). There are some issues with accessing them though. 185 more words


TTL Confucius and Lao Tzu: How to live your life

“Swarthmore is very yang – it needs more yin. People are not busy getting dumb.” – Steven Hopkins

This is the second of my series of Through the Lens (TTL), I posted my first one a while ago talking about how one could essentially create creativity called… 1,532 more words

Personal Reflection

Paramore, "Japanese Confucianism"

This month, Cambridge University Press releases “Japanese Confucianism: A Cultural History” by Kiri Paramore (Leiden University). The publisher’s description follows:

For more than 1500 years, Confucianism has played a major role in shaping Japan’s history – from the formation of the first Japanese states during the first millennium AD, to Japan’s modernization in the nineteenth century, to World War II and its still unresolved legacies across East Asia today. 96 more words

Scholarship Roundup

Who was Confucious? - an animated description by TED Ed

An interesting short introduction to one of the most famous people in history.

For a full lesson, visit

We Are What We Think: A Neo-Confucian Perspective on China’s Economic Rise

China’s rapid economic growth may be related to its Confucian thinking, research finds.

Why has China been able to maintain a high-speed economic development during the past decades with the GDP growth rate higher than 7.4% since 1991?  1,124 more words


Correlations Between the Contemporary Ideology of the North Korean and Chosen Confucianism Values

I’ve uploaded the paper “Correlations Between the Contemporary Ideology of the North Korean and Chosen Confucianism Values”. You may download it from here or there.


Religion in South Korea

South Korea has a long history of religious observance. Buddhism was introduced in 372 and currently has nearly 11 million adherents worshiping in tens of thousands of temples.  369 more words

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