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Tuesday-Treasure #6

Like a stream carving into stone since an eternity.

In the end, a canyon is formed.


Confucious Sayings

Miriam2265 looks at Confucious sayings and the striving for the good in people, trying to understand Confucianism better.

I found three common sayings/prayers at www.worldprayers.org (Sept 25, 2016) 407 more words

Religious Studies

On the Tao of Medicine

Embrace the Tao!  Flee the Wu!

People usually recover from illnesses by virtue of their body’s natural defenses, but to the nonscientific mind it seems natural to credit the recovery to whatever quackery you administered… 892 more words


The Orwellian Rewriting of Buddhist history

There is no other religion among those “discovered” by Europeans that has become so central to Western imperialism than Buddhism. No other non-Christian religion has been exalted as much as the religion of Buddha. 3,840 more words


An Initial Understanding of Confucius

Although I haven’t finished reading the Analects of Confucius, I thought I should make a post about the general direction of my perspective on Confucius. There is no doubt that there are some common and various perspectives concerning the Analects, given the range of people who have at least heard of Confucius — from sinologists to perhaps elementary-school students, and all of whom in between. 377 more words


Confucian Ritual, segment 1

Analects 3.12 “Sacrifice as though present” – sacri-fice to the spirits as though the spirits were present.

The Master said: If I don’t participate in a sacrifice, it is as though there were no sacrifice.

433 more words

For Confucius and His Descendants, a Cultural Comeback

A flashy show staged by a 77th-generation descendant underscores the enduring cachet of the ancient philosopher. Published: September 20, 2016 at 02:00PM

Read more here from NYT Arts