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Travel Pics Theme: T for Temples. Turtle Tower

This week, we’ve been looking at temples – and for Saturday, it’s a temple shrouded in smog, in the middle of a lake, itself in the middle of Hanoi. 164 more words


The parts we play

During a war, a military physician was disillusioned about what was going on – watching repeatedly the injured soldiers he had healed sent out to fight. 86 more words


A Scandal Arises When a Wayward Slave Seduces a Young Widow - Martyr’s Country, Part 1

For this year’s first foreign language selection, I have decided on Dowon Park’s Martyr’s Country (박도원의”순교자의 나라”), which is a four volume historical epic from 2007, probably about a thousand pages total.  3,390 more words


Introducing the New Online Korean Studies Certification Program

As we begin a new year, I have a new project that I’m launching that I hope you’ll find as exciting as I do.  I was thinking about my knowledge base and how I can expand my reach with that and realized I could offer private one-on-one classes or small group classes via video conferencing on Skype and Appear.In.  426 more words


Do the Chinese think of education the same way Americans and Europeans do?

To understand the Chinese mind, it’s a good idea to start with Confucius (552 – 479 BC), who is arguably the most influential person in Chinese history, and by extension the rest of East Asia: Korea, Japan, the Philippines, and Southeast Asia. 1,210 more words


A Kisaeng from P’yŏngyang Disrupts a School - Mujŏng (The Heartless), Part 1

For my final series of 2016, I want to cover another East Asian classic, this time Korea’s Mujŏng (The Heartless), a novella written by Kwang-su Yi. 2,267 more words


Traditionalist's Value System

礼 (li) – courtesy,
义 (yi) – righteousness,
廉 (lian) – integrity,
耻 (chi) – sense of shame,

忠 (zhong) – loyalty,
孝 (xiao) – filial piety, 16 more words

Agency Thoughts