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Beautiful simplicity

Our challenge is to integrate the wisdom of emptiness, the fullness of love and the stillness of peace into a beautiful simplicity that flows through every moment of our lives.


What do Moses and China’s Yellow Emperor have in Common?

On Tuesday, July 19, in Is 3,799 years old enough for you we learned about the discovery of China’s oldest known dynasty and the myth of the Yellow Emperor.  338 more words



Neil Remington Abramson commented as follows:

I suppose that maybe I was more insensitive at one time, before I became a Christian. My impression of Christianity is that it teaches sensitivity to the needs and plights of neighbours – including most anyone. 237 more words

Various Life Philosophies

Achieving Social Order, Harmony and Peace in the Workplace - The Confucian Way

In today’s modern society, most people spend a significant portion of their day at their workplace. Companies invest millions of dollars into employee well-being programs and identifying ways to retain their most valuable assets. 361 more words

Suwon Hyanggyo Confucian School (수원향교)

In the city of Suwon, not far from the Hwaseong Fortress where I take Soldiers new to the brigade, is the Suwon Hyanggyo Confucian Temple and School. 334 more words

Travel & Siteseeing

A Brief History of Kuan Yin

My blog’s name pays homage to my favorite goddess, Kuan Yin. Her name means “She who Hears the Screams of the World”. She is known for preforming miracles in assisting all people, especially women and children. 602 more words


As Big Brother Closes In, We Can Choose Dangerous Freedom Or Comfortable Slavery

Every day, I open the news headlines hoping for some break in the barrage of bad news befalling our society. And every day, I am disappointed as things get worse, not better. 2,668 more words

The New World Order