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Review:Confucius and the World He Made by Michael Schuman (Basic Books, 2015)

Schuman assigns himself a difficult task, dissecting and sharing the extremely nebulous world of Confucianism in East Asia and the shape it has taken in China, Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan.  444 more words

Book Review


A series of economic, political, and sociocultural shifts taking hold of late Qing China forced the lives of those like Liu Dapeng (1852-1947), and others in turn-of-century sub-urban Shanxi, to an inflection point. 1,536 more words


Confucius in Educational Philosophy

Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.


Confucius, hailed as “Master Kong” and/or “The Sage” and/or  “Teacher of Ten Thousand Sovereigns,” is one of the most influencial educators of all time.

1,164 more words

​Module 4: Asian Philosophy- Confucianism

This week’s topic on Confucianism brought back so many memories most especially when I was still in junior high school when Asian History was served to us for the whole year. 1,020 more words

EDS 101

Ejournal #5: Confucianism

If there is one thing that reminds me of Confucius, it is the word confusing. Funny how apt it is at times when connected with the impression of studying… 520 more words


The Potential for France & All of Europe in the Construction of the World Land-Bridge

Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s address to Oct. 19 conference in Lyon, France, sponsored by the Schiller Institute and the Club China EM Lyon Forever.

Let me start with an obvious question: What would Charles de Gaulle do today, to safeguard the French nation and to protect the French people from the unprecedented dangers of the world today, looking at the twin threats of getting drawn into potential nuclear confrontation between the United States and Russia on the one side, and the immediate possibility of a meltdown of the transatlantic financial system, which would throw much of the world into an economic chaos, that in all likelihood also would end up in a global war as well? 2,992 more words


On The Horizontal Nature of Humility

“Humility in a person of high position sheds luster on that position. Humility in a person of lower position no person can exceed.
Thus humility is the ultimate goal of the noble person, regardless of one’s class status or social position in any given context.” 305 more words