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TOC and abstracts of the latest issue of Modern Chinese History Studies (近代史研究, 2015:6)




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Internet Texts And Print Media

For show

How many of the things you do today is for other people to see?

If no other humans exist on earth, would you still do those things? 31 more words


What Is It Like To Be Lebanese And To Work On China?

A guest post from Loubna El Amine. Loubna teaches political theory, with a particular focus on early Chinese political thought at the Department of Government, Georgetown University (her teaching was mentioned on this blog… 1,039 more words

International Relations

Taking Up Residence in the Tiger’s Lair – Zhao the Orphan, Part 2

This time in the Literati Corner, I’ll finish my review of Ji Junxiang’s Zhao the Orphan (纪君祥(元)的中国古代悲劇故事-赵氐孤儿) and cover the last four chapters. Cheng Ying tries to decide how he should proceed with his plot to save Zhao the Orphan and thinks of an old man who used to serve at court. 1,610 more words


Timo Schmitz: "The traditional Chinese worldview on cosmological principles and the role of human-beings and beyond" (2015) [PDF]

To be able to understand the development of Chinese philosophy, one has to go back to the roots of philosophy in China, which shares a large tradition with religious beliefs that were locally spread, and later influenced not only Taoism, but even Confucianism. 45 more words

Online Articles

Confucian Philosophy in Antiquity

Confucius (c. 551 – 479 BCE) stands alongside Laozi as one of the great independent Chinese philosophers in antiquity, supposedly having consulted Laozi on some aspects of funeral rights and being impressed with his insight, or so the tradition holds.  2,697 more words


Enlightened state of mind

The attendant of the top-down process is transformed into an observer.
The mind’s sky shines but doesn’t burn.

The base seeds of the bottom-up process is decontaminated and purified clean. 47 more words