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Chinese Marxist ethics

Lunli, they call it in these parts, or Gongchanzhuyi daode – ethics or communist moral principles. These are by no means abstract terms, debated by philosophers with little connection to real life. 718 more words


Zen, Confucianism, and Modern Japan 禅宗,儒家,现代日本

Image: Paramore, K. (2016). Japanese Confucianism: A Cultural History (Front Cover). Retrieved June 22, 2017, from here.

The Development of Japanese Confucianism through Zen… 1,434 more words

Confucian In The Modern World

Understanding Taiwanese Confucianism 台湾的儒家

Image: China Daily (2011). Confucius’ birthday celebrated in Taiwan. Retrieved June 12, 2017 from http://english.sina.com/life/p/2011/0927/400733.html

Over the past decade, academic circles have been increasingly interested in exploring the relationship between Confucianism and modernization in East Asia. 984 more words

Confucian In The Modern World

Piracy is Culturally Acceptable

The more I learn about China, the more I realize that most of what happens in China has everything to do with cultural differences and little to do with the Chinese Communist Party. 371 more words


The Revival of Chinese Confucianism 中国儒家思想的复兴

How can Confucianism modernize and shape future cultural discourse? Can it help solve global problems in the twenty-first century? China Daily host talks to Stephen C. 13 more words

Confucian In The Modern World

Chinese Street Scenes. Order and Philosophy.

In a country like China, where everyday life is complex, busy, and often crowded, order creates harmony. It enables Chinese life to work smoothly. Orderliness can be seen in the cleanliness of the streets, the hygiene applied to food preparation and the behaviour of the Chinese people. 76 more words


Book Review-The Unencumbered Spirit Reflections of a Chinese Sage By Hung Ying-Ming- A New Translation By William Scott Wilson

The Unencumbered Spirit contains 357 pieces of writing by Hung Ying-Ming. He lived in the mountains of southeastern China sometime during 1368-1644. The book covers a tremendous amount of ground relating to Chinese philosophy. 235 more words