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Long and interesting discussion between Gan Yang (甘阳), Gan Chunsong (干春松), Liu Xiaofeng (刘小枫) etc. on Kang Youwei (康有为) and the institutionalized Confucianism incl. issues pertaining to modern Chinese views of evolutionary history


甘阳 唐文明 张翔 白彤东 姚中秋 姚育松 陈明 曾亦 干春松 陈壁生 陈少明 刘小枫


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Experiencing the Tao

Happy Chinese New Year! 

Thursday February 19 began a new year in China – the year of the goat or the sheep or the ram, depending on the inflection you use to pronounce it. 2,457 more words


Hui Tek Bio Temple: I Got Yelled at by God

“Where’s the gate? The gate, where’s it?”

Jalan Kemenangan III No. 13. January 31. About 1:30 pm.

The street was busy: it was narrow, stuffed by public transports and people. 1,465 more words


"wu-wei" baby! . . .

So this morning, I pulled out a couple of paperbacks in my library on Taoism: “The Wisdom of the Taoists” by D. Howard Smith and “The Elements of Taoism” by Martin Palmer. 1,016 more words

Xue Ziyan (薛子燕) on the different approaches of Kang Youwei (康有为) and Liang Shuming (梁漱溟) to the reconstruction of Confucian values




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  【关键词】康有为;宗教儒学;梁漱溟;文化儒学;辛亥革命;儒学价值观 6 more words

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China’s (soft) deficit: What ideas does the rising power offer the world?

“While America has ‘liberty’ and Europe has ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’, China lacks comparable values capable of moving peoples’ hearts and minds.”
Qiu Zhenghai

International student exchanges are a good way to spread ideas, values and norms across geographic borders. 1,059 more words

Session 4: Disseminating Informal Social Control

Click here to access the lecture, handout, and reading for Session 4: Disseminating Informal Social Control. This session focused on how informal social control in China is tied to the idea of moral education. 251 more words

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