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The Chinese Communists Are Not Confucianists

By Yu Ying-shih, published: July 1, 2015

The following is an unauthorized translation of an excerpt from an interview with Prof. Yu Ying-shih during a symposium in November 2014 marking the 65th anniversary of the founding of Hong Kong… 1,929 more words

Analyses And Opinions

Confucianism and (no more) confusion

The third module was about another ancient philosophy, though I would say this was more relatable and easier to read.

Confucianism, the topic for Module 3, was more relatable because (1) it is Asian, so many of its principles are similar to what I’ve been accustomed to growing up in a very-Asian, very- 920 more words

Becoming A Teacher

Golden Rule

When most people think about the Golden Rule, I think they recall something like “Do unto others as you would have you them do unto you” and they would guess it’s a quote in the Bible from Jesus (which is a good guess since it is the most popular place that the quote/advice comes from). 158 more words

Why didn't China invent the hybrid airship?

Keith Hudson

There’s a beautiful photo of a Lockheed Martin hybrid airship in my business supplement this morning against a backdrop of forest clad mountains.  The airship is beautiful in its own way, too — in between a classic airship and an aeroplane wing. 896 more words

Aqui todos estamos, bajo el mismo Sol

21st of June ticks as the first summer day of the year ( and my dad’s birthday :-) ) Everyone ready to swim, wear bikinis, eat more gelatos, go out in the air, breathe, get some sun, and turn off the work clock for a couple of weeks to energize and pump up again. 519 more words


Article by Zhang Xiang (张翔) on Kang Youwei's view of Confucianism as state religion in the context of his understanding of history (theory of three ages)




【关键词】康有为 大同 三世说 孔教 国教

Abstract: K’ang Yu-wei’s advocacy of making Confucianism the national religion was challenging in two ways. Firstly, the idea of Datong (universalism) was the core element of Confucianism as national religion, and his interpretation of Confucius’s idea of Datong was the foundation. 183 more words

Academic Analysis

Officially, China is an atheistic society since Mao drove out religion to create a communist utopia. But after the days of ideological zeal passed, one of its’ oldest gods reincarnated and his followers are now found everywhere, high and low.

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