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iFlix on Ubuntu LTS

If you are interested to use the new iFlix service on Ubuntu, you will need to install pipelight, since iFlix has decided to use Silverlight instead of HTML5 for it’s video streaming platform. 221 more words

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NAT64/DNS64 on OpenWRT

The latest stable release of OpenWRT – Barrier Break – makes it a simple matter to add NAT64 and DNS64 capabilities to the router. This is particularly useful if one wishes to run an IPv6 only internal LAN network while dealing with the IPv4 + IPv6 world of the Internet. 341 more words

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RAID-1E Performance

As an addendum to a previous blog entry, I built a RAID-1E array with three identical 500GB disks and ran some benchmarks. As expected, the results fell somewhere in between the pure HDD and RAID-0 performance for both reads and writes. 122 more words

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XPS13 (9343) Ubuntu Linux

I broke my pre-Haswell XPS13 and had to quickly buy a replacement. Without much thought, I decided to get the new Broadwell XPS13. It was not until after I had made the purchase did I find out that there are a whole lot of complaints about the compatibility of this laptop with Linux. 492 more words

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LTSP Client with HPLIP

I had a problem hanging a HP printer off an LTSP client. This printer – M1132 – requires a proprietary plugin.

First, I tried to setup the printer using USB-IP. 253 more words

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RAID-0 vs iSCSI vs HDD

I had reason to set up some storage at the office recently. So, I got to experiment with regular HDD storage, iSCSI and RAID-0 configurations. The results proved to be rather interesting and will be useful for future reference. 323 more words

Confused Configs

SimpleSAMLphp with Wordpress on OpenShift

These are the steps that I used to get SimpleSAMLphp running with WordPress on OpenShift.

First, copy the files up to the server and decompress them. 81 more words

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