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How Would I Know?

We rarely know what we deserve until we aren’t getting it.

If i only ate hamburgers my whole life, how would i know that a cheeseburger is better? 181 more words


Have you and your friend ever liked someone or thought the same guy was cute, and swore you both wouldn’t fight or get involved. Has your friend let you shoot the shot and “help” you work it out with him? 569 more words


i asked for it.

i asked for it…

i sent her text messages while she was sleeping…not your average type of text. the texts that require you to scroll down your screen type text. 710 more words



I am a little bundle of confused nerves

I don’t know why.

Things took a funny turn.

Don’t know if I did the right thing. 33 more words

in the morning

I guess yesterday was the breaking point

I have decided to take a break from the world

I know I still have to work but I’m just gonna ignore my colleagues. 304 more words


*clears throat*

I don’t know why I never do unstructured rants? I mean, I definitely have rants, but I always end up having to have some sort of sense of order in there. 1,009 more words