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I used to think marriage was a wonderful thing. My parents are happily married (knock on wood), my close friends are in talks for engagements/ marriage and it just seems so wonderful! 105 more words

I Quit.

No. Really. I’m done.

After being out of the dating game for nine years, I ventured back into it last spring.

And. Honestly.

It’s been a disaster. 1,685 more words



Isn’t it just amazing how someone who was just a stranger, suddenly just meant the world to you? Like, they become the most important person that you know, and suddenly your whole world is flipped. 123 more words


2am thoughts

Not knowing things can be so torturous. I always end up overthinking and conclude every worst-imagined scenario as the definite answer. This is me again, I think I’ve already moved on with him, This is a good sign that having a broken heart, It mean I should try something. 42 more words


Making love

Dusk, dark. She came… She found me stranded, addled. Pain and bitterness, Hate. I had swore never make love.

She took me home, into her bedroom… 362 more words

Everything I Do.

I’m supposed to go to the movies today, with a friend.

But I’ve been avoiding theaters because they remind me of you.

Every time I leave work the 345 passes by and I think… 155 more words


Day 2

Still not used to posting stuff on WordPress, but it’s definitely better than the day before.

Started the day with building up my website ( Build-your-talents.com) adding in contents to the blog section. 134 more words