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What does if feel like?

What is it like? To be normal. Not well… normal. These feelings, they hurt. A great deal. I want to rip myself apart. Limb by limb. 198 more words


It doesn't hurt to think. 


While you get dressed.

While you’re enjoying your breakfast.

While you rush your children to school.

While you’re stuck in traffic for the Thirty-sixth day in a row. 241 more words



I just feel fucking confused. That’s it.. I’m 23 years old and I spend my friday nights basically watching every video ever made on youtube ( to be fair it’s actually every night, but who’s counting). 168 more words

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Read This Is You Feel Like You're Having A Quarter-Life Crisis

For the most part, my 20s have felt like I’ve been stuck on a treadmill. Running forward, but stationary. Going nowhere fast. It sounds paradoxical, yet I can’t think of a better way to describe what it is I’m feeling, what we’re all feeling or will feel at some point in our lives. 1,085 more words

That one awkward moment !

Experience Story #8

” I did not know what to do!”

Some how at this current moment, I am sitting here breathing on a dick in my face because I do not know what this nigga want me to do with it. 368 more words


Chocolate and flowers are not the way into this girls heart. Don’t get me wrong, some decadent dark chocolate and fiery red roses are welcome, but no substitute for deep sincere love. 340 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Not Her Own 

To grasp every idea and every thought was a mystery to many, but not to her.

Soon, she only expected to be confused. She expected to move on. 59 more words