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It's Happening Somewhere Near A Street At Midnight

I’d say it’s the asphalt at night

And maybe it’s not, maybe it’s just the concrete sidewalks

Our parents always told us to stay off the road, so maybe you’re right… 55 more words


What to Say?

Sometimes I don’t know what to write,

Especially without a muse in my sight.

I care little for the happenings of the day;

I can hardly wait to go away. 368 more words

Perfect Outfit for the Confused Weather

As we step into Autumn the weather is totally confusing! It can be hot and sunny one day and then freezing the next. It drives me crazy and I never know what to wear because I don’t want to be too hot or too cold. 138 more words


Current Mood: Confused

I woke up last Monday and ever since this is how I’ve been feeling: confused. You may wonder “confused about what?”. Well, that’s the problem. Confused about everything. 505 more words


Body Language

I lower down my walls for you,

Built a dance floor for you.

But there is something odd,

It’s in the way you dance.

You dance so gracefully, 48 more words

'Sects Sunday 08/28/2016

*Could this be the long-awaited return (for the first time) of the legendary missing Time Flies? Or is it an elaborate misdirection? Or… is it both?! Mwahaha! :)