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Keep dreaming?

They say that your 20s are to have fun and learn your lessons, your 30s are to build. I’m 28 years old, and I have no idea what I ‘m doing. 251 more words


Note to Self

Hello world,
Do you procrastinate about the food in front of you when you’re dead hungry? Or do you just eat it? I’m pretty sure that you eat it. 124 more words

I'm Stuck

Feeling like you should be doing more.
Feeling like you are settling.
Not knowing the direction you want to take your life.

I am watching my little sister prepare to start High School in a month; One of my older sister’s just bought a house, the other is looking for a career move, while the other is expecting her second child. 402 more words


My aunt and uncle on my dads side of the family haven’t spoken to me in YEARS and today my dad turned up at my house with baby gifts from them for Hazel. 59 more words


In between

In between.

A place where

my life sits most often.

Where choices

remain undecided.

Where roles

remain confused.

Where I choose to


for a reason… 15 more words


A poem written on the back of an aeroplane magazine.

To his patient almond eyes, I mentioned how I loved that old green jumper,

I oddly adored the words he never said, I had all of time to wonder. 210 more words

A Recurring Hurt

What does it mean to be “single”? Is this label what ensures that one is not in a relationship? Or does it signify one is┬ánot emotionally involved with another person, but is instead just having a physical relationship? 210 more words