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We'll Be Okay :)

This one has had a long time coming, but I think it’s important that I publish it tonight.

These days I’ve been awful flustered, confused about how 2018 will treat me. 338 more words

I've Been Harboring A lot of Anger...

Lately, I’ve been harboring a lot of anger and I don’t know what to do with it or where to compartmentalize it. I’m all over the map, and it’s overwhelming. 218 more words


The world

I am living in order to understand the world.
But why hasn’t the world tried to understand me?

– Rap Monster

World Around Us

The Marshal part 11


The night is long for everyone, Baker sits against the door all night, dozing lightly only to jolt awake again while Walton sits inside the room staring out into the blackness unseeingly. 1,238 more words



You’ve always been up and down,
In and out.
Like consistency was an abomination.
Reminding me that being here was not an obligation,
And depending on you could only occur in my wildest imagination. 79 more words


Why does my heart feel so sad?

(Why) this beautiful city is so ugly, dull, repetitive (?)

(Why) that mad city is now magnificent, special, almost unique (?) 139 more words


This bitch

How the fuck you gonna tell me I’m making it up in my head that you’re condescending and belittling me when you say things like, I know you’re smarter than that when you’re talking about the difference in you and your creation. 529 more words