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Heart breaks come in many shapes. 

I honestly need to just get something out. But I can’t yet say much of what I’d really like. So I apologize if this is vague or doesn’t make sense. 187 more words

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As a person I have always criticized ignorance and thought of it as the stem of most of the worlds issues. I have endeavored to teach those who don’t know, or who simply don’t understand, the perspective of someone who is not like them. 282 more words

Passion; or lack thereof

Im a rebel without a cause, or more importantly, Im a writer without words. Actually, for all intents and purposes, im not a writer at all. 680 more words


Define Human

black and white

man and women

you come From here

i come From there 

don’t we all come From earth

don’t we all breath air… 141 more words


Flowers in the Tropics

While walking back from my last class of the week, it came to my attention that the flowers present in North and South Spine were wilting or dying. 201 more words