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Somebody tell me what life is all about...

…and try to refrain from the happiness answer. I’m struggling trying to add meaning to my life…and I need something more substantial than “to be happy.” 50 more words


Bright side of things.

I may have just dropped out of university and threw away the only chance I had. I have an anxiety disorder which stops me from completing something. 180 more words


Daily Reflections

When going on my trip i was told to be at the airport two hours early.  i can understand this, because when you arrive there is so much to do.   1,570 more words

Mature Readers 18+ Please.

I got the job !

I got hired for a new job. I’m beyond happy. I was getting ready to leave work smiling from ear to ear and then David texted me and asked me to pick him up from his cousins. 315 more words

the future 

(In no specific order)

Plan 1: Get knocked up and have a baby. Work three different jobs and live the rest of my life like that, and not go to college. 78 more words


Hey Bloggers, I need help

For some reason my website doesn’t highlight anymore when I share it.  www.youravon.com/donnaettinger

Not sure why it stopped but it has been a couple of days.   73 more words


Confusedly v. Confusingly

One of the characters you so lovingly created is confused. She’s asking questions, pondering the situation, oiling the cogs of the brain…and the person she’s interrogating isn’t being all that helpful. 277 more words