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I’ve realized that I’m never good at keeping to one thing. I’m a floater. I’ve always been. Maybe this attitude has manifested my entire life. I float through life, never sitting down but never actually flying high enough either. 79 more words


I’ve been in this cave for years. No erase that, I think I’ve been here for like, forever.

Once in a while I glance out checking what the hell is outside this little cave of mine. 2,495 more words

On The Other Side...

Needy or lazy? Dealing with my issues

My boyfriend was going to Korea for 16 days and it was coming up way too fast. I started feeling nervous and a little bit upset.  310 more words


Daily Reflections

Life has so many twist and turns,  Right now, life is good.  In for a great weekend,  Four fun filled fantastic days and nights coming up starting tomorrow.   335 more words

Mature Readers 18+ Please.

To The Guy Whom I Haven't Given The Slightest Chance Of Getting to Know Me

People often say that “opportunities knock only once”, that we have to grab every chances that might come our way. Yes, partly, it’s true. As we continue to explore every bits of this puzzling world, we will encounter lots of dramas, problems and difficulties that will challenge us. 667 more words


How does one explain what borderline personality is?

It’s almost funny how misleading the term “borderline” is. It sound uncommitted, uncertain. As though the doctor couldn’t be bothered to choose a diagnosis; instead he just swept a handful of symptoms into a brown paper bag, scribbled your name on it & handed to you like a school lunch. 325 more words



When I was a child, I was wholly confident in my mind. I was charismatic, self-assured, and secure in myself.

I would hate to blame my struggles upon someone else. 294 more words