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My Roommate Selection Process Feels Like Tinder

I filled applications. Then I filled some more applications. I’ve browsed through majors I’ve never dreamed of doing and fantasized about others my mother would never dream of me doing. 336 more words


I don't even know.

I don’t even know

what I want anymore.

I don’t even know

what’s right and what’s wrong


How does anyone even know

what they want? 89 more words


A Short and Startling Dream

I rocked up from sleep to look around.

The house was quiet. Everyone, even the cats that I saw, were asleep. Everyone except me.

3:25, according to my Fitbit. 501 more words


Conflicts in mind are far from settling down.
My friends, the stars also seem to be slightly down.
My own dreams have become an enemy to my sleep. 216 more words


An Open Letter to Soccer

Dear Soccer,

My Bolivian friend, Hector, just informed me that the American team didn’t qualify to play in your stupid World Cup tournament this year. Huh?! 348 more words


sitting on the floor

Tired. Sad. Zillowing. I’m tired of living here. I’m so fucking tired of living here. A dumb part of my brain wants to tell me that moving will magically fix all of my problems. 228 more words

Swirling Thoughts

Sorry if this post gets a bit rambly, and doesn’t make any sense. Just wanted to document my current state of mind.

At this moment, and many other times throughout the day, it seems as though my thoughts are becoming more random and strange. 241 more words