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I stepped into it

Without hesitation

Yet I ended receding

Enveloped with confusions

As for food

It was dainty

Time slowly uncloaked

The unseen ambiguity… 13 more words


Well, already, everything is killed. I thought there was some sort of chance of having anything. I was absolutely wrong, as I have been about the countless other girls over the past 10 months. 199 more words


Outside the open apartment gate a small pack of children threw rocks at passing cars. They wouldn’t hit them, they were flying several yards above their heads, but there was always that child like hope that they would be the first. 404 more words

Legal Theft

Three times 's a charm part 2

So, I’m going to continue where I left off.
At New Years eve, while Baggy was texting me all kinds of sexy flirty messages (he was so drunk he actually disappeared to the toilet for 20min, just to text me, he told me later), and I was thinking who I really wanted to wish a happy new year, I thought of Sweets. 561 more words

Of Heart and Mind

Two hearts looking out,

Two minds torn apart by thought,

An endless divide.


Gender Dysphoria: A Third Way

Amber Bowen recently posted a pair of articles on the topic of Gender Dysphoria that I found to be very helpful in understanding the phenomenon. You can read them… 354 more words


Ending it All

Sick of living in my painful world, my wrist I slit,
I’ve felt useless long enough, dint find a place I fit,
Slowly as the blood gushes out, pouring from my veins, 364 more words