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Buzzing Thoughts

Nod at the Obvious

Hunger and Thirst

Grows for the Evidence

Despite the Obvious

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You don't have to wait up... You know?

My emotions, my feelings. Is it okay to feel?

She acts like my wife (sometimes) she speaks like her (sometimes) but deep down its not her. 117 more words


Dear Diary - Confessing

We were mature enough to handle shit. But he kept on handling, one after another. A girl like me, looking at all the four corners of a square. 179 more words


One More Candle Needs To Be Lit


Graying strands
Receding hairline
20 kgs overweight
A firm decision
To work them off
But laziness prevails.

Certain morning stiffness
In my joints… 256 more words


Angry with Attitude

Calm, I may seem

but if they cross their limit with their words

They’ll have to see the volcano burst

Kindling my anger, their attitude… 32 more words

Stefan Zweig: 2 Novellas of Unrequited Love

Amongst all the new authors I endeavoured to read since last year, Stefan Zweig quickly came to be one of my most endeared ones. After a quick research, I found out that while he was widely popular in a great number of Western countries in the Interwar years, his popularity started declining soon after. 690 more words


These words, they seem to be

Unbound by literary characters

Are they really?

Making the form of my substance

Haven’t they decayed outward

They, seeming to be words?