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Golden Hair Boy,

You sent me a photo of you today, it made me smile. You looked so bloody cute, with your hair slightly messed up at the front. 341 more words

Soundless laughing.

When I was young I used to laugh without a sound. For some reason I hated it. I hated laughing loudly because I thought it would make people look at me. 39 more words


Barely Eating

So probably the main struggle that I’m having this time around on the diet is that I have both zero desire to eat anything and I’m constantly hungry. 527 more words


The soundtrack of my life

One little slip – Barenaked ladies
Amazing song and pretty accurate.


Still a Virgin?

First take a look here:

Had your laugh? Wiped your tears?

Now tell me whose question was the mommy answering?
Her daughter’s?
Or was she trying to get off her chest something that was nagging her since she’d been told by the good doctor: ‘congratulations, you have a beautiful baby girl!’?


Stop Panicking: A Gringa in Chile

Mucho Gusto! My name is Lindsay, and normally I’d introduce myself as an Elementary/Bilingual Education and Spanish Student from Southern Connecticut State University. However, this semester, I’ve traveled all the way to the remarkable city of Valparaíso, Chile to study at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. 477 more words

Study Abroad

I Don't Know.

I believe I may have fucked up
And poked an open wound.
I thought it had closed over
But it may have been too soon. 192 more words