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For a Light to Read, "An Exit."

For a light to read, “An Exit,”

At the perimeter of a room,

Does it have to shine, a light –

so bright it beats the moon? 60 more words


Nutrition Confusions (1) - 误导我们的那些营养资讯 (1)

English Version

We all have certain levels of nutrition knowledge, from media, books, talks, etc. However, some of them can be very wrong and misleading, and subsequently can be life-threatening to some population groups. 1,342 more words


Uncertain Apology

Words fall
caught underneath
while my feet refuse stillness
my voice tainted in silent speech
I learn to cope with uncertain silence

I am sorry… 79 more words


You Want Me? Guess Again: An Aspersion's Question To The Outside World

I get the feeling people love me, or hate me. Some people can’t stand my presence, which doesn’t bother me much because i probably can’t stand theirs, and then there are people that i just can’t seem to get rid of. 642 more words

Creative Writing

"part 1"

cotton candy skies open up after the storm with hints of green like your eyes after you’ve cried while our hands intertwine those of faithful hearts broken fatefully in an everlasting never ending spiral of admiration and jealousy an unfinished painting looming into the mountains of colors fading falling leaves all around in a dizzy spell of compassion versus attraction inconsistently interfering and creating a sense of belonging hopeful wishful thinking that this is not the end


Prose play

You probably didn’t notice the empty bottles of gin on the dresser beside my bed where you fucked me. I guess I can’t really call it rape if you said, “Spread your legs, babe” and I listened. 515 more words


Between the Lines

I had
so that’s why
it’s different.

And I thought
you did too
because you sort of
(your head on my chest)
said you did… 133 more words