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When You've Hit a Brick Wall One Too Many Times....

…..maybe God is trying to tell you something.

Rather than wallow in discouragement, take some time to lean in and hear the whispers.

Sometimes you may need to pivot. 96 more words


snap, words

she sat staring holes through me from the back of the room

her purse on her lap

cigarette in her mouth

eyes squinting from the smoke… 351 more words


Too Much of a Good Thing

It had only been a few days since her encounter with Jesus and she wanted to know everything there was to know about God and about being a Christian. 310 more words

Short Stories

Poem: Clouds

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything creative since I started this blog. Writing, like any art or craft, must be practiced. I still write a lot, but producing blog posts and About Me pages uses different skills and parts of the brain than what is needed to world-build or create memorable characters. 321 more words


Fake it until you make it...

I was so excited this month. I’ve finally been getting better and I have less anxiety while travelling and just in a couple of days it’s all be very upsetting…All of if not within any of ours control…and I’ve been watching my partners cat like a Hawk! 157 more words

Random Thoughts


i have forgotten

what it means to be real.

I have forgotten that skin and flesh

and soul and mind

belong to each other.

I have forgotten that my universe… 137 more words



To say that I am having a problem with learning a new way of working via PHOTOSHOP & ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR would be a huge understatement; I am more of a Fine Art Textile Designer, not to mention age is a negative factor when trying to pick up a new skill. 383 more words

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