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That is the state that many that call themselves “Christian” find they are in. Why is this?
It is due to not knowing or truly understanding the Bible. 243 more words


Being Native: No Coincidences...

Being Native American you are taught early on that “Everything Happens for a REASON!” From the insects and animals that cross your path… Everything is connected in the web of life. 690 more words


On my own again

Tuesday was a strange day. The end of my time in Bali. Two of my closest friends whilst out here in Bali were getting flights back home. 433 more words

Hong Kong

My SA Fairy Godmother & Mom...

So I have to admit that for a while here I’ve been on a bit of a Strike. Just an internal battle of how I would handle my newly discovered South African love. 497 more words



Eyes open widely

your place beside me empty

smell of coffee

sound of spoons in cereal bowls

cat stretching reaching for the phone

my connection to you… 14 more words


Agony, Suffering, and the Truth

All my life, I’ve heard people say “God is good despite our circumstances.”  For the longest time, that was an easy concept for me to grasp: God is above the ups and downs of this world and works all things together for His glory.   758 more words

Deep Thoughts

         Watchful silence

A night passed , a day passed,
Another circle , of a soul in a carcass,
Face dry , organs drained,
Blood flow in vein , in vain ,in vein, 186 more words