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Who am I?

I forget sometimes. Other times it is simply hard to remember. And yet other times, I’m not certain I want to.
Being me has been very hard for a very long time. 136 more words

Psychological Illness

I'm scared.

Dear diary,

My mom texted me today.  She said that, my dad says, he’s feeling better.  The nurse however told her that he is very weak.   602 more words



Silence becomes me
stitched lips
make my heart sing
numb if not nothing
for I cannot be something.
Silence becomes me
filled up with nonsense… 25 more words



Gleaming in & out of
Haunting flickers,
Pastels for your
Color's bent rack,

I toast in Blue
Funny though, 
The Vibration 
Caught up in,

Caught up in 
A hand that 
Swallows up
An Innocent

Bent & sent,
Marched up 
To Gallow
Down trodden


The more I mull over it, the more I am perturbed. I stand face to face with my own absurdity and cowardice.

 The thought of “not knowing what to do in life” just jars me to my very core daily.   360 more words


Some Men

26.6.17 – 2:28 am

Women are clingy, Women don’t give you space, women are difficult, that’s what the men say. But the truth about it all, lies in the hands of men, as they grab onto your hand in a forced romantic way. 529 more words


Feelings are one of the most important things in life. They help us to make the judgment by being the communicator between the conscience, empathy and logical thinking. 133 more words