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Unexpected Feelings

It’s a difficult task tackling the mind traveling over corrugated life

Where fate can change unexpectedly given the tumultuous journey

Feelings rain over the heart inundating the darkened caverns… 88 more words


Does grocery shopping confuse you? You are not the only one

Having too much choice defines our lives in 2016 but when simple chores like grocery shopping feel like complex decision making exercises, you really begin to wonder. 443 more words


English Literature PhD vlog 2 - The First Week

Hi all! Last night I got around to recording my second PhD vlog, which you can watch below. I know that ‘the first week’ doesn’t sound like a very different title to ‘beginning my PhD’, but I wanted to record some of the confusion that I’ve felt in response to the blank slate of beginning my doctorate.  115 more words


What is my talent?

How does one figure out what one’s talent is?

I might be good at lots of things or I might stink at everything. How does talent even help in life? 297 more words

Today's Contemplation [092816]

Earlier today, as I sit and face my desk, I was suddenly hit of the fact that I still don’t feel okay. I’ve been wanting to confront all the things that haunt me and still, I’ve not found the right amount of courage to do so. 237 more words


Confusion, Stress, and a Lot of Memories

Dear Reader,

Life has recently cracked up a notch into full speed, and it has hit me like a train, but I am powering through it and living the life I want. 402 more words

Personal Blogs


tan·gle (tăng′gəl) n. 1. A confused, intertwined mass. 2. A jumbled or confused state or condition 3. A state of bewilderment. 4. Informal. An argument; altercation… 21 more words