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"Something" - Part 5

He rounded the same corner my mother vanished into. Deja vu overcame me and it sent an unnerving feeling down my spine as I shuttered all over as he stepped into the room. 399 more words


Lost: The Six Year Fog

Dear Loch,

There will be times in your life when you feel lost. When you look around and don’t recognize where you are. When you question the choices you’ve made and find yourself at a loss for which direction to go. 1,420 more words

Letters To My Son

Which Way is Up?

I am pretty sure I have shared (maybe even overshared), the fact that my husband and I are struggling through the craziness and confusion of trying to understand teenage minds.   672 more words

A Solitary Song

I gather syllables of emptiness to compose my own song of loneliness.

I dig into the depths of my heart in search of hope . 81 more words

New Med

So I’ve been feeling the blanket of depression trying to smother me.  It’s always a gradual feeling that sneaks up on me.  It sucks because you never know it’s there until it’s usually a full blown depressive episode.   569 more words


Pink Pigs on Formica

This is a piece I wrote a couple of weeks ago and have been tinkering with since.

I wrote it after having for a meal with friends on a Monday night. 245 more words

Ode To A Drawer

Oh, my dear drawer!

Made of polished mahogany,

You sparkle and reflect,

The happy person inside me.

You hold my personal diaries,

And lots of stationary too, 41 more words