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Hazards of Online Dating

It seems it doesn’t matter where you live—meeting people is hard.  So as more and more of my single friends turn to online dating, I’ve decided to give it a go myself, even though it weirds me out.  1,373 more words


Do you ever 

Do you ever find yourself laying on your bed staring at the ceiling. With no thoughts running thru your mind. Just simply nothing.

I like those days. 22 more words

Few Of My Thoughts


Last night I placed second in a Long Beach storytellers contest. I was so happy to come in next to Angela Marsden who is a three-time gold Olympic rower. 267 more words


The Uncertainty of Lent

In my Christian life, Doubt is my nearly constant companion.

Christianity is just not one of those things that comes easy to me. I enjoy it. 923 more words


Quibble, drivel, drip and dribble

I’ve pretty much given up blogging of late. My posting rate went into steep decline when I started working on some of my forsaken ideas for stories in an attempt to polish them into something fit for display. 673 more words


In the name of spirituality, entertainment sells, titillation sells, pleasure sells

Question: Do you believe in ?

Acharya Prashant: What is I have not read any such thing. Do not quote this and that author here. We are talking real stuff, not entertainment. 623 more words


Tumultous night

There is something good coming out of my anxiety these days. It translates into these little notes I keep writing to myself. My journey with my mind. 273 more words