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Passion under icy rain

Write your emotions! –I hear.
All I can think of is pizza and ice,
or a kiss and a hand-shake,
vinegar and wine.

That doesn’t make any sense! 117 more words


"I left my horrid husband after 28 years, but now he's seeing my ex-best friend and I'm mad with rage." Proper Advice from a Psychoanalytic Perspective. No Glib Life Tips (I promise).

“After a difficult 28-year marriage (which produced four fantastic children), I asked my husband for a separation.
He’d been moody and withdrawn for many years — very rude to and about people, especially if they were close to me. 1,892 more words

Never Confuse Right- And Wrong Mindedness. Responding To Any Form Of Error With Anything But A Desire To Heal Is An Expression Of This Confusion.

                                                              The Course is clear on (sin)  error.  That there needs to be denial of error.  The statement “Father forgive them for they know not what they do,” in NO way makes judgement about what they do, or the outcome of the error, it is a call to God to heal their minds.   111 more words

A Course In Miracles


Because this is just who I am.

I hurt myself trying not to hurt everyone else, I apologize when I shoul be asking for apologies, I stay quiet, I bury myself in silence, to not make people I care about suffer. 80 more words


The complexities of our mental patterns and the turbulence of upsetting emotions join like earth and water to create a kind of mud which we call ‘samsaric mind’.

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Wanna and Shooda

The Most Important Thing at this Full Moon (and for two weeks after) appears to be Paying Attention to anyplace in your Life where you feel Doubt or Conflict or Resentment – an Either/Or, maybe one that you’ve been struggling with for several years now.   1,030 more words