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Breakfast with a view

I’ve arrived in Hong Kong :D

The plane journey was ok, had a screaming kid throughout the flight but I did sleep (thank god)

So breakfast was chicken and Chinese mushroom congee. 46 more words


The first step is always the hardest

Since starting up my blog again and with this month commemorating a full year of my new healthy living practice, I have been doing a lot of reminiscing. 1,230 more words

Peanut Of The Day!

slow cooker rice porridge (aka congee)

If you love comfort food you’ll love this recipe! I’ll admit it’s not the most attractive looking bowl of food – but it’s one of my favourite meals, and it takes me back to my childhood every time I eat it.   589 more words



Quick and easy

“A type of rice porridge popular in many Asian countries. Porridge is thick rice largely disintegrated after prolonged cooking in water. In some cultures, congee is eaten primarily as a breakfast food or late supper; in others, it is eaten as a substitute for rice at other meals.” 290 more words


Wong Chi Kei Noodle & Congee Restaurant, Hong Kong...The thick, creamy and delicious congee here is a "5 Stars Plus" rated meal

There are hundreds of noodle and congee restaurants in Hong Kong, and they’re only getting better. Thank more discerning diners with higher standards for good food. 218 more words

Food & Beverage

egg, congee & pickled things

  • refer to the “a congee breakfast!” post for the ingredient list and recipe snapshots for the congee – this time, I topped it with chopped pickles, a sunny-side egg, and pickled hot cayenne peppers seasoned with salt and black pepper 
  • 19 more words

avocado-salsa omelette & peppered congee for brunch!