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Sang Kee Congee 生記粥品 – Serving Piping Hot And Delicious Congee Since The 70s, At Sheung Wan Hong Kong

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Hong Kong excels in comforting eats such as congee. Imagine a chilly morning slurping a bowl of smooth and hearty bowl topped with the freshest ingredients. 697 more words


Major Snow dà xuě 大雪 Dec 7th

On December 7th we move into the solar term of 大雪Dàxuě (Chinese), Taisetsu (Japanese) 대설 Daeseol Korean and Đại tuyết (Vietnamese). It is literally translated as major snow and is the 21st solar term. 591 more words


Turkey Carcass Jook for Instant Pot

This year for Thanksgiving, there were only three of us, but that didn’t stop us from going all out on dinner. Why not? Leftovers are our favorite part of the meal! 531 more words


Hearty Porridge

Porridge is one food that transcends age. It’s also very easy to cook and suitable for busy moms who need one-pot recipes. Nat has been eating porridge as his staple dinner since he was 6 to 7 months old. 269 more words

6 To 9 Months

Fish Porridge

Around 6-7 months, Nat’s PD gave the go-ahead to test him for proteins, which included chicken and fish.

So for starters, we tried 2 types of fish – Threadfin and Salmon. 223 more words

6 To 9 Months

Guangzhou in less than 72 hours

Our final days in USA was filled with both sadness and excitement. We have enjoyed our time in the States immensely but now it was time to say goodbye and make our way home :( 124 more words

Cheong Fun

Millet Congee (小米粥)

I can’t remember since when I stopped eating congee. Growing up, congee had played an important role in my daily meals. From time to time, grandma prepared me congee for breakfast or dinner. 235 more words