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Happy Chinese New Year πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Kung Hei Fat Choy! Very lovely lunch prepared byy grandma 😍😍😍


Wai Kee Congee

Wai Kee CongeeΒ is a place that my friend CrunchyBottoms told me that I die die had to try if I was going to Hong Kong, and so I did. 96 more words


15.02.15 Come On And Do the Congee

Recipe and post by Gemma LokeΒ 

Congee, Arroz Caldo and Jook are a few names for this comforting Asian rice porridge. Traditionally eaten for breakfast but the day I made this, I triple whammied it and had it for lunch and dinner also. 149 more words


Pork congee with raw egg ηŒͺ肉鸑蛋η²₯

This is the best congee I have ever had, near a travel agency in Hat Yai, Thailand. This Chinese restaurant, Brother Di Tea Shop (my Chinese is not that great) makes an awesome porridge in the Cantonese style, as it is thick and not soupy- which is Teochew style. 102 more words


Fu Kee Congee

Fu Kee is one of those places known to serve up a nice bowl of porridge that comes with a nicely roasted duck. 27 more words


260/365 Sickie Meal

Gil ‘s been sniffling the whole day and I feel a little under the weather.

Perfect day for chicken rice soup.