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Chiu Chow Style Congee

Congee is like a porridge, made with rice and normally flavoured with different meats and seasonings. However, there’s also a more simple version. Something I would deem as an old school, low-on-dough version, which is the Chiu Chow Style Congee. 215 more words


Old Town Hong Kong - Haymarket

I really enjoy the look of Old Town HK in Chinatown. It’s a great place to get all your dim sim / congee and classic hong kong dishes in a clean, roomy and authentic environment, without the rush of trolleys or shouting workers. 170 more words


What's a Congee?

Well, despite following instructions and recipe, a congee is NOT what I made…but I tried..

According to Wikipedia a congee (British English: /ˈkɒndʒi/; or conjee) is a type of rice porridge or gruel popular in many Asian countries. 162 more words


Chinese Laundry, London

Being Chinese, I am usually pretty adverse to hipster pretentious westernized Chinese food, it’s a bit mean but quite often a different demographic of dinners will do that to your food. 412 more words


Millet Congee

Millet Congee is one of those recipes I randomly found years ago when I had an over abundance of millet. It is a fairly inexpensive meal, hearty, and full of your favorite fall flavors. 351 more words


Seoul 2016: Heading back

It was a long day coming back from Seoul so I took a little break from blogging to get some extra zzz’s. It’s kind of a late typhoon season here in China so the weather delayed our flight back. 193 more words


Chicken Arrozcaldo

Congee is a type of rice porridge popular in many Asian countries. Arrozcaldo is the Filipino version of congee. Typically served during rainy season and or when someone is sick. 143 more words

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