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Manado, Indonesia's Tinutuan

Working in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital, had been an incredible eye-opener to the (understatement of the year) diverse world of Indonesian food.  Specifically, I’m referring to… 277 more words

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I'm Not Eating THAT!

Back in October Deb started seeing a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine for some digestive issues she had been experiencing for a while that we couldn’t seem to nail down the cause of. 753 more words


Wax Duck Porridge (With Dried Oysters and Scallops)

Smooth Unique Aromatic Delicious Porridge

Ready : 2-3 hrs Generic : Gentle Boil/Simmer Difficulty : Easy
[ Prep : 20 mins † Cooking : 2-3 hrs  870 more words

Chinese VianD

Morning Fuel

As the sun rises above the horizon and the birds begin to serenade their morning sonnets, we wake up dreary-eyed from our slumber. Of course our stomachs have been fasting the entire night so naturally our tummies begin to growl. 388 more words

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Gut healing carrot and lentil congee

Hi guys! Happy belated new year!

My beginning of 2018 has not been amazingly easy, but I cannot deny that my year has been off for a reasonably good start, with lots of excitement. 636 more words


La Ba Festival Jan 24th

I love the La Ba festival because I love making the La Ba congee (腊八粥 là bā zhōu), or porridge. It has a very long history, like many things in China. 492 more words


Day 24: The ABCs of ABCs #11 – What Chinese people really think of Westerners who invite them to eat at Chinese restaurants

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Plates of food aren’t meant to be handed from one person to the next like a football. That’s just unsanitary. Besides, that’s what the Lazy Susan is for. 225 more words

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