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Asian Fritters

A few days ago, I wrote about congee as the “Asian equivalent of chicken noodle soup”. It’s a simple and comforting rice porridge which is great to eat, especially when you’re feeling the blahs. 400 more words


Congee - The Asian Equivalent of Chicken Noodle Soup

Soup, hot beverages, loads of vitamin C – all of these are great options when you are feeling under the weather, like me right now! I remember when I was in Mexico, I got laryngitis and happened to stumble randomly into a much needed soup that was so homely and comforting to eat. 343 more words


Hong Kong, China

The Cathay Pacific 10,091 km flight from Vancouver, Canada to Hong Kong, China takes approximately 12 hours.  I was lucky enough to upgrade our seats from Economy to Premium Economy, a decision which made a very long flight a lot more comfortable.  269 more words

My Life

A very healthy breakfast: Wenzhou 8-treasures congee

So what is congee?  A rice porridge found all over the world.  But the congee you get in most places is monochrome and plain, gentle on your stomach. 272 more words

鸭肉粥 (Duck Porridge)

Just across the street from my apartment and down half a block is this small food court of six stalls. The duck meat stall serves duck congee for three dollars! 30 more words



With option of noodles in soup or congee.

We also serve halibut soup!

Noodles In Soup


With options of noodles in soup or congee. Can ask to add a fermented egg.

Noodles In Soup