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doTERRA BOGO: Lavender & Peppermint

Happy Thanksgiving friends! I am so thankful for the amazing gift of doTERRA essential oils, and for my family… and we have a lot of family at my house right now so I’ll keep this short. 242 more words

Essential Oils

Cough Balm

My husband and I live near Salt Lake City, UT, and every winter he develops a bad cough.  We think it’s due to all the smog in the air during the winter months; this seems likely because he rarely gets sick any other time of the year.  366 more words

Essential Oils

Free Flowing Traffic: Desirable or Ruinous?

By Dom Nozzi

August 25, 2017

Highway expansion ruinously continues in Boulder CO — largely through the on-going efforts to add new turn lanes at intersections in Boulder. 303 more words

Urban Design

Self-driving cars could benefit suburban residents the most

While reading an article considering what daily life may be like with autonomous vehicles, a thought hit me: suburbs – compared to cities and rural areas – will benefit the most from self-driving cars. 236 more words


Struggling To Balance Something And A Strange Reaction

I woke up to use the bathroom at least twice but for some unknown reason I did not voice record my dreams, maybe I had a false awakening dream where I recorded them or something, but I can not remember. 604 more words

Dream Journal

Smart City - a concept in stagnation? (and how to fix it)

Average reading time: 6 minutes

We are living in an urban century. 2007 marked an important turning point for humanity: for the first time in human history, more people now live in urban regions than in rural ones. 1,807 more words


: thar she blows :

My head is no longer a head. It’s a teeming cauldron of germs and bacteria, a giant petri dish of contagion. Synapses and neurons are, for all intents and purposes, marinating in a turbid swamp of noxious microorganisms as we speak. 195 more words