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DRC365 #118

Landscape. With a view as beautiful as this, this military towers stand out in stark contrast. The presence of peacekeepers in this lush and beautiful country are a symbol of the darker reality taking place behind the scenes.

Humanitarian Aid Work

Refugees by Greed of People

I examined the Northern and Southern Hemispheres for refugees. Then I found three interesting true story inCongo, Kenya, and Philippine.

First, I found the article, “Access urgently needed to 30,000 people displaced in eastern DRC” in 07. 380 more words


What Bill Clinton Did in Africa

As African Americans all over this country fall in line to vote for Hillary Clinton because she is good for them, among the many sins of her husband was the continuing of the rape of the Democratic Republic of Congo begun by Belgian King Leopold in the late nineteenth century. 512 more words


Reach Every Country

My goal is to reach every country with my blog. Where are you Greenland, IceLand, Mongolia, Mali,Chad, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Haiti, and the Stan countries?

New Friends

DRC365 #117

Traffic. One of the things I like about Goma is that the traffic is not too bad. But when it rains…. it’s chaos. It took me an hour and half to drive the usual 15 minute journey. 31 more words

Humanitarian Aid Work

Coach training, Congo update

Monday I spoke with Jacques Luwaku, one of the trainees from a class I led in Kinshasa last September with Charles Buller and Jeannette Buller Slater. 411 more words


Papa Wemba R.I.P. (1949 - 2016)

Last Sunday Papa Wemba collapsed at a concert in Ivory Coast and died shortly afterwards. To die in the armor is probably just the way he had always wanted it, how shocking this news may seem.  296 more words