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Update from Congo, 28 Aug 2015

Hello from MPH Guesthouse in Kinshasa, our team’s haven and where I used to attend dances in high school with Kevin.  MPH stands for “Methodist Presbyterian Hostel” and in the ‘70s served as the boarding school for missionary kids. 345 more words




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People’s Republic of Congo 1970-1992

100 Francs (1975-1990)



You have your alter ego, don't you?

You know, birds here really like entering the house where we live without asking for invitation. They are absolutely fearless and so insistent. They do communicate with me… 201 more words



Wildfires – Siberia

Wildfires destroy forest around the world’s oldest and deepest fresh-water lake, Lake Baikal in Russia. By Thursday over 25,000 hectares of forest had been scorched. 24 more words


Updates from Congo, 25 Aug 2015

Mbote (g’day) from Kimpese. Our team is currently at IME, an ecumenical hospital with about 400 beds, about 220 kms from Kinshasa. We came here because it is one of 3 hospitals where UPC ( 830 more words


Congo: Transforming the role of the United Nations

The World is Changing and UN peace operations must change with it if they are to remain an indispensable and effective tool in promoting peace and security – Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary-General… 1,467 more words

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