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DRC365 #206

Collecting water. The morning routine in Goma takes many residents to the lakeside to gather their daily water supply. Despite being a city of 1 million inhabitants, the infrastructure does not yet support a water system to reach every resident.

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DRC365 #204

Obstacle course. Roadworks have reached our front gate this week and our morning commute now involves crossing a small ravine, navigating heavy machinery and sidestepping fresh concrete. 10 more words

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Canada's 'peacekeeping' mission killed an African independence hero

Fifty-six years ago this month the United Nations launched a peacekeeping force that contributed to one of the worst post-independence imperial crimes in Africa. The Organisation des Nations Unies au Congo (ONUC) delivered a major blow to Congolese aspirations by undermining elected Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. 1,223 more words

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Karim Wissanji's Elewana Safari Lodges create high value and low impact in East Africa

Elewana was founded by Karim Wissanji in 2004, but it’s worth looking back at the entrepreneur’s roots in East Africa; it would make a good film! 226 more words


power dynamics - or, me possible reading too much into things

Power dynamics here can get weird. From an outsider’s perspective (mine), people grow up disenfranchised and told they don’t matter. Schools are overcrowded and underfunded. People don’t call children by their names, but “petit.” With an average of 6-ish (according to my counterpart; I’m sure with internet access someone can find the real number) children per family, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle at home. 816 more words


DRC365 #203

Chicken Dinner. Freshly prepared, this chicken was alive and kicking when it was bought from the market this morning. Thankful for the great help we have in getting meat to the table!

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