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Pack the tonic, Jeeves.

And you might as well put some spirits in it. And lime juice. And some bloody ice cubes, for Christ’s sake—reaaallly.

And that’s how you end up with a bottle of makeshift V&T’s in broad daylight on a Sah-turr-dee. 6 more words

Carey & Robby

133 whacks.

A few weeks ago, after striking a cold-ball zinger, the surface of my vintage, hollow-core Kadima paddle cracked.

The next thing I knew, a package arrived at our doorstep with 6 replacement paddles. 159 more words

Carey & Robby

Easter keister.

A hearty Happy Easter to all you funbunnies and peeps.

Rob popped M&Ms in his mouth with a huge smile on his face while I looked on from the kitchen drinking Riesling right from the bottle. 248 more words

Carey & Robby

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.

Meet Team Corks + Caftans.

With nonstop rounds peaking at 63 back and forths, the team was in top form today, diving for shots and running for backward smashes under a beating sun. 60 more words

Carey & Robby

The greyest of days.

I don’t know—it was just one of those days you kinda want to blend into the scenery. Grey shirt, grey sweater, grey scarf, grey hat (grey undies). 163 more words


Family park excursion: open containers, wildlife abuse, 20 Questions Championship.

UPDATE: This is a flashback post. But I’m not sure we had any readers then… haha. We just got a nice mention from Luchador Wines… 493 more words