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"They question the loyalty of the speaker:" GOP congressman stirs dissent against Paul Ryan

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The same man who went after House Speaker Paul Ryan’s predecessor is now threatening Ryan’s hold on the job — and this all has to do with Donald Trump. 393 more words


California Guard vets told to repay millions in enlistment bonuses

(CNN) — Ten years after the Pentagon enticed soldiers to reenlist by offering hefty bonuses, officials are demanding thousands of those veterans pay the money back. 938 more words


Latest Election Polling: T-minus 15 days

Two weeks from tomorrow the United States will have a new president-elect. At least presumably. As this election season winds down it increasingly looks as though Hillary Clinton will be that president-elect. 287 more words


The Mythology Conference Is On!

It’s here!

It has started!

It’s the IV International Conference of Myth Criticism!

Do you like The Lord of the Rings? Do you like… 714 more words

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Congress takes on the DOJ

A new bill, S. 3376, introduced last month in Congress is taking direct aim at the legally divisive world of online casino and poker gambling websites. 719 more words

Stupid Conservatives!

by Jacques Delacroix, PhD

Sunday afternoon, as I was driving from the harbor, I was listening to National Public Radio. (Yes, I am a kind of hero, that way; I do what needs to be done even if it’s repugnant.) A political commentator whose name escaped me was talking with undisguised contempt about his grossly misinformed conservative uncle. 1,276 more words

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Suppression of Necessary Gun Violence Research


By Colette Berg

Late in July 2015, my mother asked a surgeon friend of hers his opinion on gun control. 1,295 more words

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