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To Whom Do Conservatives Pledge Allegiance?

Republicans invite the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, to address the full congress without the President’s knowledge. Then Netanyahu Gives a speech to both houses of congress questioning Obama’s experience and criticizing his foreign policy initiatives. 100 more words


Rudy Ghouliani

America’s mayor said our president does not love our country. I will let that pass because it is simply a crazy statement from a man desperate for attention. 74 more words


Weekly Political Tweet: If Native Americans Can Pass Immigration Reform, So Can Americans

If these elected officials can provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and pass a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform, without shutting down their form of government, surely our elected officials in Congress can also. 92 more words


Israel/ Iran: Day of the future pass

Yesterday, Benjamin Netanyahu gave his speech in the United States of America, in front of the congress…. Whatever.I didn’t listen to the speech, didn’t watch it, refused to read any article about that for now. 180 more words

Nancy Pelosi


This is just plain out apauling.  How can she say that when she is one of the biggest problems in Congress.  Yes folks, I think she is running for president unfortunately.   76 more words

More Trouble on the Horizon

I waited twenty-four hours to comment on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to a joint meeting of Congress concerning negotiations with Iran over nuclear weapons to see if my initial incredulous reaction changed with contemplation.   1,475 more words

"Netanyahu’s Missed Opportunity": And If Bibi Is Correct, The Real Solution Is … What Exactly?

All eyes were on Capitol Hill this morning, when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech to a joint session of Congress, hoping to undermine nuclear diplomacy with Iran. 612 more words