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Polly Mann: The Pentagon’s Foreign Aid

Counter-terrorism efforts in Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen suggest that U.S. military assistance programs have created substantial blowback by exacerbating the central forces fueling insurgency and violence, thereby strengthening the enemies they are intended to combat. 252 more words

Military Madness

#NativeVote16 - Big money targets Arizona's first congressional

Three Native candidates; one Arizona seat

Mark Trahant / Trahant Reports

My list of Native American candidates for Congress keeps changing. (Actually my entire databases are moving parts because I keep adding new names, see new reports filed, and find other data). 782 more words


Public Banking & the Nonpartisan League: Is It Time for a Financial Revolution?

During this political season, we have heard a lot about too-big-to-fail banks, corporate greed, politicians on the take, bad trade deals, inequality and … starting a revolution to save the middle class. 2,204 more words

Wall Street

What Will Happen in Hillary Clinton’s First Three Months in Office

After the Republican Party’s crushing defeat in November, American politics will experience enormous changes; changes which will remove obstructionists and extremists from Congress, and move our nation forward. 616 more words

House defense policy bill would require women to register for draft

You feminists want equality? Here ‘ya go!

From Fox News: The House Armed Services Committee approved an annual defense policy bill early Thursday morning that includes a provision that would require women to register with the Selective Service System. 300 more words

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