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Trump budget aims to end automatic pay hikes for federal workers, make firings easier

Monday President Trump put underperforming federal workers on notice including in his $4 trillion budget plan a major overhaul for how hiring and firing is done in the D.C. 571 more words

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5 Feb 2018 (AFR) - US set to sink $1 trillion further into debt this year

(5 February 2018, AFR, p10, by Heather Long)

‘The US federal government is on track to borrow nearly $1 trillion this fiscal year – President Donald Trump’s first full year in charge of the budget. 105 more words

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Aging Groups Fear that Deficit May Lead to Attacks on Entitlement Programs

Published in Woonsocket Call on January 21, 2018

In early December, the GOP-controlled Senate passed by a partisan vote of 51 to 49 its sweeping tax rewrite, sending the $1.5 trillion tax package, detailed in a 492 page bill, to the Conference Committee to iron out the differences between the Senate and House bills. 1,164 more words


When America was Great

Remember when America was Great? January, 2001, “The outlook for the federal budget over the next decade continues to be bright,” the Congressional Budget Office reported. 162 more words

The Complexity Status Of The Illegal Dreamers Needs A Very Wise Solution Otherwise It Will Be Costly For We The People Forever

First of all this was one of Marxist Obama’s Executive orders, you remember that, ” I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone ” he told the Congress and the Democrats if you recall stood up and applauded the Dictator. 705 more words

Rep. Brady: We Will End Individual Mandate in Tax Bill

Tuesday Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, said that Republicans in both chambers of Congress will work to repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate in their finished tax bill. 189 more words

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'SHUT HER DOWN': Kentucky Senator Rand Paul says he won't back spending bill despite threat of government shutdown

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Kentucky Senator Rand Paul announced Tuesday that he will refuse to back a spending bill that, if passed, would provide the funds needed to allow the federal government to continue operation without shutting down. 222 more words