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Want to learn about inequality? We've got two cities for you...

So, this blog is about wealth and income inequality. I’m sure some of you are wondering: what is wealth inequality exactly, and how big of a problem is it? 353 more words


The Congressional Budget Office Can't Count

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The Congressional Budget Office just released their national debt prediction for the upcoming decade, and it’s not good. Assuming the government does not add any new costs, the CBO is expecting another $10 trillion to be added to the current debt, raising the total to $30 trillion. 212 more words

House GOP Hails Health Plan That Democrats Call Inadequate

Democrats see a road to ruin for millions who’d face lost coverage and higher medical expenses, particularly the poor. The plan ensures more choices, lower costs and greater control over your health care, according to talking points GOP leaders handed lawmakers heading home to face constituents during this week’s recess. 16 more words

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ACA Repeal: Stabilizing the Market Comes First

Congress needs to find a way to keep people in coverage while the Affordable Care Act undergoes changes.

Source: ACA Repeal: Stabilizing the Market Comes First

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ACA Repeal Could Begin Moving Forward Next Week

The Affordable Care Act is not disappearing fast enough for some Congressional Republicans who are pushing for a hearing on a reconciliation bill that could repeal the health care law. 9 more words

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An Interest-ing Debt

February 12, 2017

Republicans used to talk about the country’s debt load but such talk is so inconvenient now that they control the House, Senate and Presidency. 1,035 more words

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Repeal And Replace Losing Steam But Not Derailed

WASHINGTON- Congress is ready to start major work this week on dismantling the Affordable Care Act, but conservatives are fuming over lost momentum that they fear could doom a repeal. 35 more words

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