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ObamaCare’s imploding even without repeal

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It’s looking like ObamaCare won’t survive even if Congress can’t manage to repeal it.

The nation’s largest health insurer, UnitedHealth Group, said last week that it’s losing too much — $425 million — from policies sold on the health exchanges, and may have to pull out by 2017. 304 more words

Where There's A Will There's a Way

Incoming data continue to suggest that the economy is still growing at a modest pace: no recession, but also no blast-off like many had hoped by this time in the recovery (or well before). 748 more words

Market Commentary

Obama Warns of 'Misinformation' During Obamacare Enrollment

Well at least he’s not blaming Bush, lol. Obama told workers helping to enroll Americans in health care plans offered under Obamacare that they must fight efforts to scare off millions of Americans who still have not purchased insurance. 535 more words

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Minimum wage hike will cause maximum pain

At a minimum asking employers to pay people $15/hr. will cause maximum pain for many of the people it is intended to help.

The US minimum wage is not meant to be a salary that you raise a family on, as my colleague Jon Trugman writes. 341 more words


ObamaCare’s death Spiral, Stage One: Denial 

Enrollment is falling short. The Obama administration projects that it will have roughly 10 million people on the state and federal exchanges by the end of next year, a staggering climb-down from prior expectations. 535 more words


U.S. to Deploy Special Operations Forces in Syria

Sending U.S. troops to intervene in Syria is a poorly thought out strategy that is likely to backfire. 

In Senate testimony on October 27th, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter indicated that the U.S. 549 more words

United States

Air Force picks Northrop Grumman to build next big bomber

Tuesday the Air Force said it chose Northrop Grumman Corp., maker of the B-2 stealth bomber, to build its next-generation bomber, a highly classified, $80 billion project designed to replace the aging bomber fleet with an information-age aircraft that eventually may be capable of flying without a pilot aboard. 690 more words

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