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The flip side of the Facebook hearings.

Yesterday we were critical of some Facebook  business model flaws and practices as related to data scraping, privacy and censorship.

Here are some other takeaways from that exercise. 688 more words


Who Really Runs Facebook?  Zuckerberg Clearly Does Not.

If you still believe that MZ runs FB, I encourage you to watch this . . .


The Face of Privacy in an Online World

With social media reigning supreme, taking in the majority of Internet traffic next to Netflix, I’ve been wondering if these young innovators ever saw their creations becoming what they are today. 1,717 more words

Just Musing

The Zuck Meets Congress

Closing Thought–11Apr18

Yesterday was the big day….Facebook honcho begins his 2 day Congressional testimony….I admit that I watched on TV for I wanted to hear his lame ass excuses….I was not disappointed. 644 more words


The Facebook hearings.

Does the thought of Facebook using AI (artificial intelligence) to provide “safeguards” for Facebook user data send shivers down your spine?

It should.

Right now, Facebook cons content providers into giving them tons of free content with the promise that they will help them monetize (that means get paid to allow access to the personal data of others for the purpose of providing targeted advertising leads) on the company’s Pages. 480 more words


Highlights From Senate Facebook Hearing

Facebook CEO Marc Zuckerberg escaped from the five-hour Senate hearing relatively unscathed.  Below are the highlights and fallout from today’s hearing.

Zuckerberg’s Opening Statement

The Facebook CEO continues to argue that mistakes were made because of Facebook idealism. 809 more words

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