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Those Pesky Congressional Hearings

The Benghazi debacle has been drawn out to last 72 weeks and it still has little to report…..wasting money instead of doing the country’s business is the norm these days…..trying for political dominance is the goal….and that is just sad on so many levels. 161 more words


Truth About Benghazi, Inextricably Linked to Arab Spring, Syria, al-Qaeda

It is doubtful if Congressional hearings will uncover the interconnected facts and events linking Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Arab Spring, ongoing human suffering throughout the Middle East– and the deaths of U.S. 49 more words


Benghazi: The Never Ending Story

The airwaves were clogged ass deep in the Clinton testimony to the Benghazi Committee…..I have been laughing my ass off at all the speculation……both pro and con…. 553 more words


Since The GOP Will Not Move On.....Let's Talk Libya

Looks like tomorrow will throw Libya back into the news for Clinton will go before the circus that is a hearing…….then guess what?

I bet you will not believe what the big story of this week will be….(pause here for thought)……Benghazi! 753 more words


Links We Love Weekly Round-Up -- October 5, 2015

What Are Humans Good for… in Legal Services?

I decided to come at the technology question from the human side, to speculate about what humans are still good for in a technology-saturated world of legal services.

629 more words

Planned Parenthood Head Grilled By GOP In Congressional Hearings

WASHINGTON (AP) — The head of Planned Parenthood defended the women’s health organization Tuesday before a Republican-run Congress bent on slashing its federal funding, telling lawmakers that accusations against her group fed by stealthily recorded videos are “offensive and categorically untrue.” 811 more words

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