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The Tap That Wasn't

Are you pleased that the dick Brady has had his jersey from the Super Bowl located?  Maybe now this whiny twat will shut the Hell up. 356 more words


Rep. Schiff Opening Statement Laying Out Facts of Russia Investigation

Today marks the first public hearing of the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian interference in our elections. At the outset of this investigation, we begin with circumstantial evidence of collusion between Russia and U.S. 78 more words


Robert Bork Was Borked Appropriately

I’m out of patience with the tired old fiction that all Republican judicial nomination nastiness is justified because people said mean things about Robert Bork in 1987. 413 more words


This Week In Congress

Most readers have NO idea what the Congress will be doing on any given week….granted mostly they will be in adjournment.

So from time to time I feel that I should let them, my readers, know what their money will be doing…after all it is their tax money that pays these spineless toads. 66 more words


Did Russia Or Did It Not?

All this silly back and forth over the Russian influence over our elections and some of the players in that election may soon come to a head…. 237 more words


Episode 78: What You Need to Know About U.S. Ed

Betsy Devos was confirmed as the Secretary of Education recently, but what does that mean to us, really?

We dive in (with the help of D.C. 61 more words


Cabinet Noms

Sure wish we could drop the pretense that contentious confirmation hearings reflect “increasing polarization” instead of the nominees being unqualified crap.

Why We Fight