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"All The President's Men"

With the drama playing out in DC these days maybe some channel should show the Watergate Drama on a continuous loop…just as a reminder to those “Ignorati” that cannot remember the history of this country. 392 more words


The Ghost Of Watergate

It looks like the year 1972 has come a calling……I am speaking of the Watergate¬† scandal that rocked the Nixon presidency that led to his resignation. 761 more words


The Hearing

The much anticipated event of the season so far is the Hearing on the Flynn fiasco.

I admit it…I watched it and was entertained.

The witnesses were professional and well versed in what was going on.  755 more words


Toys, pram, out!

It seems that Roger Pielke Jr is having a bit of a rant on Twitter about an interview Michael Mann gave about the recent Congressional Hearings. 430 more words

Climate Change

In Like Flynn

This whole Russia debacle around the president and his entourage is just amazing…I mean this plot could not be thought of by the likes of James Patterson or John LeCarre….and it just keeps getting better and better…. 256 more words


Nunes The Word

The Soap Opera of the Week……..

Rep. Devin Nunes has made the headlines now for almost a week….it seems he cannot stop talking long enough to get his stories straight. 1,130 more words