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Recode: Facebook, Google and others are in a lose-lose position with an upcoming congressional net neutrality hearing

Recode: Facebook, Google and others are in a lose-lose position with an upcoming congressional net neutrality hearing. “A coming hearing in the U.S. Congress on net neutrality has left the likes of Amazon, Facebook, Google and Netflix in a tough position: They can either subject their chief executives to a potential grilling — or sit it out and take plenty of political heat.”

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Then We Have "Executive Privilege"

WE heard the term many many times during Watergate and now with this hearing thing in full swing we are hearing it again……but what is “executive privilege”?  622 more words


Closing Thought--15Jun17

What’s Going On In Congress?

The “good old boys” seem to be making news these days…..their thoughts that women should be seen but not heard……male senators cannot move past their out of date sexism….. 483 more words


Crap! Someone Lied!

Yesterday was full of news…horrible news….the high rise fire in London, the shooting of a US Rep and others and then came the proverbial “other shoe”…… 562 more words


"I Do Not Recall"

The next big thing was yesterday…..AG Sessions testifies before the Senate Intel Committee on the ever present Russian thing.

His opening statement was a rambling mish mash about his place in the Trump admin and then he went on about a desire to prosecute medical marijuana shops….an AG that has little knowledge about state’s rights….he showed his ignorance.  460 more words


General Thoughts on the Comey, Sessions Congressional Testimonies

My overall thoughts on the recent congressional testimonies of former Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey and sitting Attorney General Jeff Sessions can be summed up thusly: pure… 224 more words


Swamp Hunting

(Please excuse the title 1915 on your email notice.  I published before I realized I hadn’t titled the post!)

In another life, many years ago, I spent more than a few nights running the woods, chasing after baying hounds and stumbling over deadfalls, crashing through underbrush, lunging over creek banks, and floundering through water that was deeper than it appeared in a flashlight beam.  1,515 more words