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Benghazi--The Way It Was

Benghazi?  You remember that tragic death of the US ambassador to Libya……and with his death a tidal wave of outrage by the GOP in Congress….knowing that Clinton was the SecDef at the time it was the perfect time to build case against her and of course the president…..and so the game began. 291 more words


Investigation or Fundraiser?

As this election season heats up, we should all seek a better understanding of Congressional inquiries. Let’s turn the prism, and see these hearings in a new light. 535 more words

EB-5 Investor Program Shake-up?

Last week Tuesday and Wednesday, February 2nd and 3rd, Congress held hearings on proposed changes to the United States’ Visa-Investor program, EB-5.

The popular program was launched by Congress in 1990, as part of the omnibus Immigration Act of that year. 384 more words

Immigration Law

CKDTA: PBS's Summer of Judgment: The Watergate Hearings

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat: CKDTA: PBS’s Summer of Judgment: The Watergate Hearings

I believe the Senate Watergate hearings which brought Congress into this investigation starting in the Senate, was critical in this investigation. 351 more words

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Those Pesky Congressional Hearings

The Benghazi debacle has been drawn out to last 72 weeks and it still has little to report…..wasting money instead of doing the country’s business is the norm these days…..trying for political dominance is the goal….and that is just sad on so many levels. 161 more words


Truth About Benghazi, Inextricably Linked to Arab Spring, Syria, al-Qaeda

It is doubtful if Congressional hearings will uncover the interconnected facts and events linking Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Arab Spring, ongoing human suffering throughout the Middle East– and the deaths of U.S. 49 more words


Benghazi: The Never Ending Story

The airwaves were clogged ass deep in the Clinton testimony to the Benghazi Committee…..I have been laughing my ass off at all the speculation……both pro and con…. 553 more words