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Grandstanding After All

When it began there was push back to Pres. Trump’s nominee for State, Tillerson.  The leaders of the “opposition” were Sens. McCain and Graham….very vocal and defiant toward the appointee…. 175 more words


Trump EPA Administrator Pick Scott Pruitt Threatens American Economy, Environment & Health

Tomorrow, congressional hearings begin for President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for EPA Administrator, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt.

The irony of this appointment? Pruitt is a climate change skeptic. 829 more words

Tea For The Tillerson--Addendum

I wrote a piece earlier today on the president-elect’s choice for SecState….and his stand on issues that may impact his decisions as the secretary….

After his confrontation with Rubio there is a whole deal brewing around what could possibly happen if Rubio votes NO….. 328 more words


Tea For The Tillerson--Redux

I have said many times that the most important position in the new cabinet forming is that of the SecState…….and as the confirmation hearings begin for the Trump nominee, Tillerson, it might be a good idea to get a handle on his positions on different issues…but first during his confirmation hearing Sen. 286 more words


Stevieslaw: Trump Tweets" "No need for my nominees to be present at their hearing."

Stevieslaw: Trump Tweets, :“No Need for My Nominees to be Present at Their Hearings.”

Donald Trump argued today that his nominees for Cabinet positions should not be required to be present at their confirmation hearings. 143 more words



Balance is the key word of my week. To balance the stunning sub-zero weather with coming inside to a bowl of hot soup; to balance the privileged plenty of my life with helping those who have far less; to cry watching the video clips of Michelle Obama and Meryl Streep after boiling with anger at the lineup of this week’s Congressional hearings; and, after too much time in front of a screen, to look around and outside to see some of the immense beauty that also surrounds me. 95 more words

John Snell

Closing Thought--14Dec16

Benghazi–Is it finally over?

For what seems like a lifetime the American people have been head about the head and shoulders with the Congressional Benghazi investigation……and yesterday it was announced without fanfare that the investigation was over and the report submitted…. 151 more words

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