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A Look at the Congressional Record

New Jersey resident Frank Dominguez leverages decades of entrepreneurial experience as the owner of Prestige Auto Wash & Quick Lube. Frank Dominguez, who also serves as an advisor and consultant for a construction management firm in New Jersey, has received of number of honors for his work over the years, including by the United States Congress. 122 more words

Frank Dominguez

An educated electorate is a politician's worst nightmare

What makes an expert?  You’ll hear most people talk about the knowledge base one possesses on a certain topic constitutes the making of an expert.  In reality, I just need to know one more thing about a subject than you and I instantly become the expert in the room. 504 more words

Day 44: Sweet and Simple Saturdays - There's an App for That (Pt. 1)

Day 44 Actions:

Happy Saturday to Everyone (of us not playing golf at our private business on the taxpayer’s dollar/time. So mostly everyone.)

Everyday The Resistance grows stronger and smarter. 265 more words

Reach Out

What is a Warning for Anyway?

Here is a follow up to the previous post.

The Congressional Record is available for the Warren – McConnell Rule XIX hubbub.  When a warning is given- let’s use a yellow card in soccer; the action has been warned.  149 more words

Random Thoughts

An Unlikely Yet Profound Kinship

Although Congress had been back in session since December 4, 1916, Emmett was still in Pensacola, with no plans to return to D.C. Emmett still had four months remaining in his term as Congressman from the Third Congressional District, but it is damn near impossible to be present when one’s already checked out — mentally, physically, emotionally. 814 more words

Florida History