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High Court To Weigh Three-Judge Rule For Redistricting Cases

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court will decide whether it was proper for a single federal judge to throw out a lawsuit challenging Maryland’s 2011 congressional redistricting plan. 114 more words


Compulsory voting: Would it fix what ails us?

With commemorations of Selma and the taking stock of how far we have come in extending voting rights, a question occurs:

What would American democracy look like if voting were a requirement of citizenship? 977 more words


Gerrymandering: Politics as situational ethics?

The state senator had an appointment out of town, and all his colleagues knew it. As soon as he left, the other political party, exploiting its temporary one-seat advantage, rushed to the floor a new legislative district map, though the state had adopted a compromise following the decennial census nine months before. 1,423 more words

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Foes of Political Redistricting to Hold Md. Relay

BALTIMORE — Opponents of Maryland’s congressional redistricting process are holding a 225-mile relay this weekend to call attention to gerrymandering.

The Gerrymander Meander begins Friday. 158 more words


Redistricting Trial Phase II: What Are All These Witnesses Going to Talk About?

This installment of my preview of the upcoming Perez v. Perry redistricting hearing focuses on the key Congressional districts at issue in the suit (i.e., the Congressional districts as they were drawn in 2011). 988 more words