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School Closings Report Released

There is a ton of news today, so I’m going to keep my commentary to a minimum.  I still can’t believe how little time they are giving people to adjust to closings.   408 more words

Merry Christmas Gift from Nate and Congressman Kimble

I apologize in the dust gathering on this blog.  I hope to be posting a lot more in the weeks ahead.   In the meantime, here’s a Christmas wish I whipped up with the help of Congressman Jack Kimble of California’s 54th District. 188 more words

Congressman Jack Kimble

Get Out The Vote, If You're Not Busy

One of the most important institutions in this country is the right to vote. It’s the way for ordinary citizens to have a great impact on the course of the most powerful nation on this planet. 283 more words

Congressman Jack Kimble

The Hot Men of the GOP

First, I feel the need to address this first— I am not gay.  However, a couple of days ago some conservatives created a video that showed how much hotter GOP women were then their Democrat counterparts.  43 more words

Congressman Jack Kimble

Joining The Kimble Campaign

I apologize that I have let this blog go a bit, but I’m happy to announce that the reason is I’ve joined Jack Kimble’s reelection campaign.  176 more words

Congressman Jack Kimble