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Seeds (Someday)

Young Pine Cones

Did you know that conifers have both male and female cones? What most of us refer to as a pine cone is actually the mature female cone that has dropped its seeds. 65 more words


How To: Conifer Sculpting

August 30, 2016


D Whitehead

With a little bit of time and effort,  your conifers can be cut into a much more interesting shape. Your garden will look all the more interesting with some funky conifers going on. 219 more words


Circular surprise

I first found this surprise a few months ago, just off the top track above Ravens Rock in Home Wood.

Someone has placed a circular wreath made of pine cones on a tree.   59 more words

Home Wood

Let sleeping logs lie

Each winter woodland management work is carried out to improve the wildlife habitats and remove the planted timber trees as they mature.  I counted 40 rings on this conifer, which would mean it was planted in 1977. 50 more words

Harridge Wood West

Potting Up Shimpaku Cutting

I created this cutting last year, and before the beginning of winter, I separated it from the parent plant, and planted it with sphagnum moss intact, into a pot. 117 more words