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Shimpaku Air-Layers

I’ve had this tree in the show last year, and the comment that I keep getting is that the trunk is too straight, but at this thickness, there’s no hope to bend the trunk. 213 more words


Utilizing Small Colanders

I found a store which had small colanders in stock, so I ended up purchasing twelve of them in preparation for repotting this Spring. Now is the time to put these colanders into good use. 667 more words


Graduation Into A Real Pot

Last year I potted this Shimpaku into a colander hoping that it’ll develop more roots. Unfortunately, due to the bad potting medium, and its propensity to breakdown easily, the Shimpaku didn’t develop as much roots as I wished. 96 more words


Larch Repot and Pruning

Larches are usually one of the earliest trees to wake up from the long winter sleep. Therefore, they’re usually the first ones to repot and prune. 347 more words


Mt. Arab & Conifer NY

Google Maps link-  https://www.google.com/maps/@44.2066757,-74.5852528,2987m/data=!3m1!1e3

This is a trip to Piercefield NY, in the southern part of St. Lawrence county.  It lies between Cranberry Lake and Tupper Lake.  1,963 more words

Sue's blue spruce

This is a non-native conifer that we have made an exception for in our general planting scheme of native trees.

This small blue spruce was the last christmas tree of a friend who subsequently passed away.   24 more words

What Grows In The Wood?