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Pine Seedling Cuttings

The Japanese White Pines and Red Pines planted two weeks ago, are now ready to be made into seedling cuttings. Making them into seedling cuttings rather than letting them grow naturally, will ensure it develops finer and more radiating roots, rather than one strong tap root. 282 more words


Bankrupted Brothers: St. Paul’s Life in the Great Depression

Author’s Note:  Most local residents know the core history of the St. Paul’s School through both written records and stories that have been passed down. The school has had three generations of ownership. 614 more words

School News

Needle Pluck and Wiring of Pines

Autumn is the time to needle pluck and wire pines. The Japanese White Pines and Black Pines Seedling Cuttings I started two years ago, are now ready for their initial needle pluck, and styling. 380 more words


The Mystery of the Needle-Dropping Conifer

It’s amazing how many new things you discover when you start paying attention.

In my nearby conservation area, I found a magnificent tree. It was quite striking, and I was absolutely baffled. 208 more words

Foggy Conditions Emerge In Foothills

CONIFER, Colo. (CBS4)– Foggy conditions stuck around until Tuesday afternoon in the foothills along the Front Range.

Cooler temperatures and moisture kept those foggy conditions hanging around. 37 more words


Seeds Sprouted

I got a bunch of seeds from rarexoticseeds.com a month or so back. Since they ship from Montreal, they arrived quite quickly. As usually, I immediately put the seed through scarification and warm/cold stratification as required. 271 more words


Leaf - Gymnosperm

A gymnosperm is a plant that produces seeds that are not enclosed in a fruit or ovary, like a pinecone.  Most conifers are gymnosperms.  A gymnosperm leaf is merely a leaf from a gymnosperm plant. 7 more words