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The Sunday Traveler ~ Wrapping Up Colorado in Conifer

The Icing on the cake. A traveler’s dream. Friends who live in beautiful places. It all presented itself to this traveler on the recent Colorado trip. 251 more words


Detaching Air-Layer

Since two weeks ago, I’ve realized there were roots visible from the bag of the Shimpaku air layer. At first, one of the roots were red, while the other root was white. 162 more words


Summer End Update

Summer is coming to an end, and the trees are starting to grow again. Here’s an update on what I’ve done to the trees to prepare for some autumn growth. 478 more words


Larch's Response to Defoliation

After defoliating the larch last month, the larch is responding well by putting out new growths. These leaves are substantially smaller than the spring growths. The small leaves make the tree look more convincing as an old tree.


Hiking: Maxwell Falls

Now that I am living in hiking territory yet again, I figured I could share information on each hike I go on. Perhaps one day you will visit Colorado and want to know some details on specific spots. 482 more words

Everyday Life

Leaf - Gymnosperm

Leaves, one of the most notable similarities between plants, serve the purpose of photosynthesis. But for each different grouping of plants, there is always different types of leaves. 63 more words