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Conjoined Twins with Rare Atrial Attachment are Successfully Separated Thanks to 3D Printed Cardiac Model

It’s a wonderful thing to report that the use of 3D printed models in the medical field has become almost commonplace. And it’s certainly an understatement to say the stories we follow are heartwarming, as we’ve seen children’s lives changed, adults being given their lives back after new and successful treatments, and surgeries being completed when other doctors said it wasn’t possible, such as in the case of a spleen that was saved due to 3D printing. 190 more words


Twins Who Were Formerly Conjoined Start School & Their 1st Day Pics Are Adorable

WHAT a milestone! Formerly conjoined twins, Rosie and Ruby Formosa, who had a 20 percent chance of surviving when they were born back in 2012, are officially kindergarteners! 449 more words

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I Found Waldo...and I Liked It

It is crazy to think after all this time we have not found Waldo. Funny, I had a cousin who always wore a Waldo sweater and couldn’t spell the word ‘restaurant’. 243 more words

Syrian conjoined twins die awaiting transfer abroad

One-month-old conjoined twins who were evacuated from a besieged rebel-held suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus have died, a medical charity says.

Nawras and Moaz were joined at the chest, with hearts in the same sac. 166 more words


Free Verse - about One and Two

AKA Do They Have To Be About Twins?
Also AKA One – Sarah Crossan

This year’s YA Book Prize winner, One, is by Sarah Crossan, and is a widely-acclaimed bestseller which follows the lives of conjoined twins Grace and Tippi. 516 more words


Ego 2: One Ego Encapsulated in Another; Body Co-Tenancy and Soul Evolution ... by Alice ..

Dear Ones,

This is a diverse and, I believe, heretofore unexplored topic; that of Soul evolution with regard to body co-tenancy agreements, including fetus in fetu… 2,919 more words

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