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Illinois peeps, check out - With Ben Carson, the Doctor and the Politician Can Vary Sharply

As a surgeon, Dr. Carson was praised for his dedication and attention to detail, but as a candidate, he has sometimes seemed imprecise or ill informed.. 10 more words


Conjoined twins die in Bangladesh

The conjoined twin girls have died in Bangladesh less than a week after they were born, the hospital treating them said Monday.

Thousands of people had flocked to visit the twins, who were born with two heads and two hearts but just one body, after news spread of the “miracle newborn” last week. 252 more words


Conjoined twins who shared heart and liver pass away

Chance and Chandler Crafton, conjoined twins who shared a heart and liver, passed away this week in Augusta, Georgia.

The twins died after multiple medical procedures, the Children’s Hospital of Georgia said. 70 more words


13 People On How Their Lover’s BFF Is Killing Their Romance


“My girlfriend’s best friend is like her conjoined twin—they are joined at the hip and we literally can’t go anywhere… 1,472 more words

The Twins, a poem

From ‘Love Will Burst into a Thousand Shapes,’ poetry collection, Jane Eaton Hamilton, 2014

The Twins

We watched TV, my daughter and I

sitting forward on the couch… 271 more words

Jane Eaton Hamilton

Conjoined twins born at Georgia hospital

AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) — A Georgia woman has given birth to conjoined twins at an Augusta hospital

The Georgia Regents Medical Center said the twins were born Monday by planned cesarean section. 81 more words


Conjoined twin who survived risky separation turns 10 weeks old

DENVER — Amber McCullough describes her 10-week-old daughter Hannah as a miracle baby. It’s hard to argue when you learn Hannah was born a conjoined twin, attached at the chest, stomach and hip to her sister Olivia. 495 more words