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#EngTrivia: 'That' vs. 'Which'

Hey, fellas! Today, I want to talk about yet another usage case where two words look interchangeable but are actually not. The words are ‘that’ and ‘which’. 242 more words


the moon won't use the door

Last night was one of those rare celestial treats, a conjunction, where the young moon, Venus, and Mars all appeared in close proximity to one another, though “close” is of course relative. 227 more words

Initial point of secondary contact

One of the most basic questions of evolutionary biology remains unanswered – how do species evolve? And what makes species separated species? What is causing sexual reproduction barrier between sister taxa? 564 more words


Mars and Uranus at Heliocentric Conjunction

Greetings from San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. For the next 3 weeks I will be posting with the perspective of viewing the sky from between around 42o-48o south latitude, and then from the equator while in Quito Ecuador. 159 more words


Neptune Conjunction

I love planetary conjunctions and watching the Solar System in action as the planets follow their orbits across the sky. I learned a long time ago that following planets regularly in the sky and watching their constant movements and relative sizes provides a deeper sense of understanding of our cosmic neighbourhood. 215 more words

Solar System

There's Always a "But"


One of the most necessary words in the English language.


Also one of the most hurtful.

“I love you but…”

“Your skills and experience are very impressive, but…” 898 more words