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Moon and Venus in conjunction

Tonight Venus and the Moon were in conjunction. A beautiful show that was clearly visible in the Sacramento, CA area despite clouds in the horizon… 41 more words

Niklas Henricson

The Moon, Venus and Pleiades Meet

This evening the Moon and Venus met for a gorgeous gathering in the western sky. I was aware of the pairing and hoped the skies would cooperate for a look and chance to image this celestial event. 232 more words


New Moon in Aries

Aries New Moon at 6:57pm Pacific.

Every year, the New Moon in Aries starts an entirely new astrological cycle for the upcoming twelve months.  This is because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and the New Moon sparks off new beginnings. 995 more words

Astro Reports

Saturn -Midheaven (MC) Transits: Defining Your Place in The World


When Transiting Saturn contacts the MC, this can be used as an opportunity for focusing on and bringing greater structure and definition to your ultimate aims in life. 1,043 more words

Writing Practice - 4/4/2018 - Down and Out

Write about “Down and Out”…

Down – because the default is “up”, is upright, is standing, erect, ready, powerful, or at least appearing to be. Up, as in, upstanding, as in, upright, as in, uptight, as in, upset, as in, unsettling, as in, unsettled, as in, resettled, as in, reconnected, as in, restructured, as in, reconditioned, as in, reevaluated, as in, returned. 309 more words

Writing Practice

Death by Conjunction

I have noticed that a tiny word can destroy the fabric of a relationship – any relationship.  Friends, family, and otherwise, are consisted of humans who, at their root, want what any other humans want; to be heard. 289 more words


Sentence Structure Discussion - 2.

“Leaders of regional parties, which appear to be in a position to stop the incumbent government in its tracks, have started talking about an alliance. But it is doubtful if they have a proper understanding of current political scenario.” 270 more words