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"But" đâu chỉ là "nhưng mà"...

Mình thích xem Phineas and Ferb, nhưng nhân vật mình thích nhất không phải là hai cậu này, mà là bà chị lắm chuyện Candace cơ. 581 more words

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What is a conjunction?

A conjunction is a word that joins together words, phrases, or parts of sentences. The four most-used conjunctions are so, but, and, or.

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Sentence Transformation with Though

Though is normally used as a less formal form of although.

And you can use although to express a contrast between two facts. Often, the contrast will be surprising. 511 more words


Our Moon and Neptune

Between Saturday June 25th and Sunday June 26th the waning gibbous Moon will pass close by the outermost of the 8 known planets, Neptune. Depending on your longitude you may see an occultation of Neptune by the Moon. 116 more words


False Hypotheses & True Predictions

In logic, a conjunction is a logical connective that connects two separate propositions. For example, say we have the propositions ‘The Golden State Warriors won the Western Conference Championship of the NBA in 2016’ and ‘The Cleveland Cavaliers won the Eastern  Conference Championship of the NBA in 2016’. 339 more words


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