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Word Classes

In language, all words are grouped into different categories or ‘classes’, and they can be confusing, with each class of word serving a specific function. 572 more words


Mercury Reaches Superior Conjunction

Tuesday June 5th the innermost planet Mercury reaches superior conjunction. At superior conjunction Mercury will be on the opposite side of the Sun. The graphic to the right shows the planet positions relative to the Earth and Sun for both inner planets and outer planets. 123 more words


I'm Just a BillšŸŽ¶: Thanks, and RIP, Bob Dorough

Bob Dorough, the man who taught thousands of kids — (including me) — about American History, Math and Grammar diedĀ  at 94, but has left us a wealth of memories to silent reflect on, … 20 more words


Venus-Moon conjunction in the evening sky

Last Tuesday, April 17th, Venus shone brightly as dusk fell. Ā It joined a beautiful crescent moon in the northwestern sky. Ā Stars began to pop out while the night took hold. Ā  139 more words


Moon and Venus in conjunction

Tonight Venus and the Moon were in conjunction. A beautiful show that was clearly visible in the Sacramento, CA area despite clouds in the horizon… 41 more words

Niklas Henricson

New Moon in Aries

Aries New Moon at 6:57pm Pacific.

Every year, the New Moon in Aries starts an entirely new astrological cycle for the upcoming twelve months.Ā  This is because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and the New Moon sparks off new beginnings. 995 more words

Astro Reports

Saturn -Midheaven (MC) Transits: Defining Your Place in The World


Ā When Transiting Saturn contacts the MC, this can be used as an opportunity for focusing on and bringing greater structure and definition to your ultimate aims in life. 1,045 more words