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So Stop Saying 'So'!

So, is anyone else tired of hearing intellectuals answer every question with so?

So has become the professional equivalent of um – comparable to the way a stereotypical valley girl uses… 595 more words


Anyone Taking Prazosin?

I started it in conjunction with my Lamictal and my Clonazepam and I finally was able to sleep without any hypnotic medications. It s also helped with daily anxiety levels. 32 more words

Jupiter in Solar Conjunction

Wednesday August 26th the planet Jupiter reaches conjunction with the sun, in effect behind the sun as we view the two from Earth. Jupiter will reappear later next month in the morning skies joining with Venus as two very bright morning ‘stars’. 36 more words


Word of the Day: wherewith

wherewith (ad HOK)

adverb: with which
pronoun: the thing(s) with which
conjunction: by means of which

From where + with. Earliest documented use: 1200… 38 more words

Word Of The Day

Changing For The Better: Venus Rx Conjunct Jupiter, Mercury and Sun

On August 1st, Venus made it’s way back into Leo where it joined Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun. With Leo beaming its glorious glow through 4 planets there is the tendency for things to become dramatic and/or over the top, as we engage and interact with the bolder aspects of the personalities around us. 686 more words