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Lessons Learned #2

The Independent and Dependent Clause

When I first read about ‘the clause’ I had to suppress a giggle. With no literary education apart from my high school English the only clause I had ever heard of was, of course, Santa Clause. 913 more words



If you’ve been waiting for a great morning to get outside and have a look at the line-up of planets, Saturday morning (Feb. 6) about an hour or so before sunrise might be a great time to do it. 222 more words

Commas, commas, commas

Why do we use commas?

Commas are used to separate or clarify relationships between sentence parts in order to make the meaning of a sentence clear and easy to grasp. 550 more words


About That Morning Alignment

Hey, sky fans. Snowy out there.

I’ve been thinking a bunch about the big, close planetary alignment that’s been giving us a reason to get out of bed early this week. 982 more words

Moon joins the five planets this weekend

Try to spot the alignment of the five planets as the moon joins them this weekend!

The alignment of the five planets can be seen from anywhere in the country (and in most parts of the world). 325 more words