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That feeling of renewal continued today as the Moon met the Sun to form the New Moon in Aries.  Like the Pisces conjunction before this occured in the last degrees of the sign thus carrying the full intensity of its qualities. 202 more words

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Heads Up! – Dual Conjunctions in the Spring Sky

On the evening of April 21 the waxing Moon shines near Venus, while Mercury appears near Mars.

Say goodbye to the winter sky, as Orion and Taurus sink into the western twilight. 229 more words

Alan Dyer

Venus with the Pleiades and Hyades Open Star Clusters 14th April 2015

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I couldn’t resist another go at Venus passing the Pleiades cluster tonight, but this time I took a wider view and included the Hyades open cluster too. 79 more words

Stars & Star Clusters

Diet for the 5 by 5 workout program

Carbohydrates and caloric surplus will be keys for this program. Carbs will form around 50% of my food composition with some protein and fats. I am not really worried about the amount of calories I consume per day due to the focus on strength and size. 82 more words

Venus and the Pleiades Cluster 12th April 2015

Dashed out into the back garden just before 9pm to catch this lovely close encounter between Venus and the Pleiades open star cluster (M45) low in the west at 9.02pm. 32 more words

Stars & Star Clusters

Heads Up! – Planets Pair with Clusters

Look west and south this weekend to see the two brightest planets each pairing with a bright cluster of stars.

This weekend, Venus and Jupiter each pair with a prominent open star cluster. 262 more words

Alan Dyer

Mercury at Superior Conjunction

Friday April 10th at 4 UT (Thursday April 3rd at 11 pm CST) the innermost planet Mercury reaches superior conjunction – on the opposite side of the Sun from the Earth. 76 more words