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Mars and Uranus at Heliocentric Conjunction

Greetings from San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. For the next 3 weeks I will be posting with the perspective of viewing the sky from between around 42o-48o south latitude, and then from the equator while in Quito Ecuador. 159 more words


Neptune Conjunction

I love planetary conjunctions and watching the Solar System in action as the planets follow their orbits across the sky. I learned a long time ago that following planets regularly in the sky and watching their constant movements and relative sizes provides a deeper sense of understanding of our cosmic neighbourhood. 215 more words

Solar System

There's Always a "But"


One of the most necessary words in the English language.


Also one of the most hurtful.

“I love you but…”

“Your skills and experience are very impressive, but…” 898 more words

Pluto Ducks Behind the Sun

Saturday January 7th the Dwarf Planet Pluto reaches a point in its orbit where it is on the opposite side of the Sun as viewed from Earth. 42 more words


Venus & Moon are Alright Tonight...

I’ve seen quite a few shots of the recent conjunction of Venus and the Moon, most of which will be better than this one, but this is mine… shot from my garden in Childwall while my grand-daughters ran excitedly around me. 18 more words


The God of War and God of the Sea to Hold Court

Images credit & copyright: NASA.

If you have clear skies and a pair of large binoculars on December 31, 2016 you get to end the year with one of the more beautiful occurrences in the night sky; a planetary conjunction. 451 more words


Coordinating Conjunction

A coordinating conjunction joins parts of a sentence (for example words or independent clauses) that are grammatically equal or similar. the video will give the explanation clearly about the coordinating conjunction. 28 more words