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Jupiter in Solar Conjunction

Monday September 26th the planet Jupiter reaches conjunction with the sun, in effect behind the sun as we view the two from Earth. Jupiter will reappear later next month in the morning skies rising before the Sun rises. 39 more words


Aspects and Astrology

The cosmic energies of the planets in the positions of the zodiac in the houses are also affected by how the planets are positioned with respect to each other at any time. 518 more words


Mercury at Inferior Conjunction

Monday September 12th the innermost planet Mercury reaches inferior conjunction. At inferior conjunction Mercury will move between the Earth and the Sun – much like the position of the Moon at new phase. 139 more words


Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

By Gene Allen

Two couples responded to Bill Murray’s invitation to join him on the soccer fields to try to observe the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on August 27. 114 more words

Sidereal Times

Missed Conjunction

The evening of August 27, 2016, was scheduled to feature the conjunction of the planets Venus and Jupiter shortly after sunset, a marvellous mere ½ degree apart, the same as the apparent diameter of the Moon, which is pretty darn close in a big, big sky. 213 more words



I am not a good photographer, the photo is not good, but anyway: Venus and Jupiter yesterday.


Close up to Jupiter

Jupiter is prominent at the moment, both in the night sky in a number conjunctions this month, and through the NASA mission Juno which has just resulted in the closest flyby of the gas giant. 557 more words