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Medieval logicians on 'and', Part 2

In this post I continue my tour through what medieval logicians have to say about ‘and’ or conjunction (here is Part 1).

Roger Bacon in the Art and Science of Logic [1] introduces a distinction between when ‘and’ is used to conjoin two things “in a third” and when it is used to conjoin two things “under a third” . 657 more words

My bad. (Full Stop)

“We count on winning, and if we lose, don’t beef.  And the best way to prevent beefing is – don’t lose.” ~ Knute Rockne

Pretty straightforward, even if Knute started his sentences with a conjunction.  199 more words


Medieval logicians on 'and', Part 1

Another item on my todo list reads “24. Med Log on &”. So much research time and effort is put into the conditional, or the consequence, and also into negation, while other propositional connectives are relatively little discussed, at least, not in any focused way. 390 more words

Eart and fire Trine Heaven

In the Norse mythology the world was created when fire and ice met in the open creative space of nothingness. In today’s astrology we see several earth trines and fire trines dominating the cosmic energy field available to us. 309 more words


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Uranus in Solar Conjunction

Saturday April 9th the outer planet Uranus will be at solar conjunction. This is a position where Uranus is on the opposite side of the Sun as seen from Earth. 83 more words


Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries

Loads of energy is available to all as the astrological chart flares up with 5 planetary bodies in fire signs. The sun is still in Aries playing a dominant role in my self expression joined by Mercury and Uranus it is an explosive and dynamic combination of energy. 349 more words