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Pink Eye Fun

Well, not really fun…

Pink eye isn’t awesome, of course. Highly contagious and looks painful – so yes, far from fun.

Last night I noticed that Chase’s eye was a little red and there was a little puss coming out of his eye. 219 more words


Gifts From Nursery School

When your child goes to Nursery School you can expect many joyous things to come home with them.

Noodles started Nursery in January. Thus far we’ve had: 225 more words

School Stuff

Poorly bigfatbeachbear

Just a really brief check-in to say that it should be Fit Test day for me tomorrow but I’ll not be there. After last Wednesday’s Chain Hill, I said that I’d come down with a cold. 449 more words

148 | ചെങ്കണ്ണ് | CONJUNCTIVITIS

കൂവളത്തില പിഴിഞ്ഞ നീര് കഴിക്കുകയും കണ്ണില്‍ ഇറ്റിക്കുകയും ചെയ്‌താല്‍ ചെങ്കണ്ണ് മാറും.

Note: Please consult a registered Ayurveda practitioner before trying this preparation. This is for informational purpose only [ Swami Nirmalananda Giri Maharaj ]

ഗൃഹവൈദ്യം | Home Remedy

Tonight, brought to you by...

My toddler survival kit is being fully utilised this evening. These are for Thea:

These are for me:

My Favourite Family

Here's What Measles May Look Like.

 I never thought in medical school I would have to remember what Koplik’s spots look like but with the recent measles outbreak, here ya go!

Nothing To Sneeze At....

We have the lurgy

I know I should be writing about Beastie’s first birthday, or first Christmas, or first Australia Day, or new teeth… There has been a lot going on in the life of Beastie, but for now, I will tell you about the Lurgy. 647 more words