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13 Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

When the school calls in the middle of the day, my stomach jumps into my throat. “Oh no – something’s terribly wrong!” While my bit of panic is certainly justified – usually a phone call means a sick kiddo means a trip to the hospital – this time it was far more benign: “Jimmy’s got a touch of pink eye so we have to send him home.” Blessed relief! 1,291 more words

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Natural Treatments, Cure For Pink Eye Or Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis, otherwise known as pink eye, can either be caused by an infection – where there will be a greenish discharge or crusting of the eyelids in the morning, or by an allergy – most usually hay fever when itching is a prominent symptom, or by an irritant such as chillies.

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Natural Compound clears Cataracts

A recent study found that a compound contained in the body called Lanosterol helps in counteracting cataracts[1].  Moreover, Medical Daily reports that eye drops are being tested using lanosterol, which may mean cataract surgery will no longer be required… 503 more words

Natural Remedies

Pichana Albahaca - Ocimum micranthum Wilid


Scientific name:
Ocimum micranthum Wilid.

Common names:
White Pichana, lroro, basil, wild basil, Asil, Smeriwiwiri (Surinam).


Tropical, with relative humidity of 80%. 146 more words

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Yahuar Piri Piri - Eleutherine bulbous (Miller) Urb


Scientific name:
Eleutherine bulbous (Miller) Urb.

Common names:
Pacha huaste, Eshihi iñaha (Ese Eja); Kapiropenki (matsiguenga), and Sero Yawuro kamalejite shrojiru (pyro-yine); Paca huaste, Pacan tsehue rao and Jasin huaste (shipi- bo-conibo); Paujil piri piri, Picuru uchu, Sir-shonjera. 219 more words

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Are superspreaders also superreceivers?

For simplicity, we often assume that all hosts have an equal probability of becoming infected by and transmitting parasites and pathogens. But of course, we know that it isn’t how real systems work. 431 more words

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UnitedHealthcare Gets Red-Eyed

Being in love is a powerful thing, and it can have bizarre effects on people. Often, it’ll take over your whole mind to the point where it’s difficult to think about anything else. 129 more words