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Conley's arrival

Please stick with me on Conley’s birth story – it was a 27 hour labor.  It isn’t just a story about how my little man came into the world, it is a story about how I came to realize just how strong I am and how beautiful birth can be.   1,568 more words


The Honest Company

Okay, on Fridays I want to talk about my favorite things.

I am not Oprah, so don’t expect giveaways.  BUT maybe I can help you discover some new things. 1,102 more words


Conley's Torticollis and Plagiocephaly Journey

This is not my favorite subject – it is a pain in the neck (pun may have been intended).

Conley isn’t “over it.” He may have signs of it for the rest of his life. 1,205 more words


summer lovin'

So, we are three weeks from little man’s 1st birthday.

I will not get emotional.  I will not get emotional. I will NOT get emotional. 67 more words


daily mom goals

Today, like every other day, I intended to wake up before Conley.  But, I stayed up too late and slept until he woke up.

I really need to work on this.   271 more words


The Most Underrated PG Today

It was 9:20 central time and Steph Curry was hoisting the coveted MVP trophy that I predicted he would win before the year began. The crowd is going wild in support of their MVP. 797 more words


Gearing up for Playoff Basketball: Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis Grizzlies:

The Grizzlies seem to be here every year don’t they? Experts always have them as the one “solid” team that shouldn’t be slept on or they’ll make a Championship run, but I’ve had it with the Memphis hype. 265 more words