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Hello world

If you look behind the fancy tagline, this blog is simply a collection of my thoughts and observations about myself and the people and places I encounter in my little corner of the world. 330 more words


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To discover new relational geographies visible, invisible, imagined, internal, external, in-between, virtual, real, dreamed, concrete, networking, wireless, past, present, future , historical, remembered, experienced… 88 more words


Creating Community and Connection: Finding My Tribe

Carrying a basket of striped sock monkeys and assorted stuffed animals, I grab my tea and enter the casual lounge space. The three people wait as I then settle into my seat. 603 more words


W e e k l y Connect Feature #7

Who am I? In a nut shell, I am Motherhood: Tie Dyed 

My name is Tamara, but I have been referred to as Tami since the second grade. 677 more words


What I Learned From Holding a Flashlight- The Ongoing Process of Focus

Focus is hard. It’s hard to find it, let alone maintain it. But it is the key to effectiveness in anything.

Dr. Henry Cloud talks in Boundaries For Leaders about the working memory, which is the memory we use to accomplish right-now tasks at home or on the job. 320 more words


lessons learned: 1

Push. Swipe. Check. Click.

Push. Swipe. Check. Click.

Sound familiar? It should. That is the sound- or the silenced motion- of each of us checking our phone. 359 more words

Confessions Of A Superhero

Letter from Gaia

Imagine the Earth could speak to you- what do you think it would say? As you have begun to deepen your relationship with nature through this process, the idea that the Earth can speak to you may not seem so crazy. 159 more words