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NZBCF | What got me through

‘What got me through’ via NZBCF. Themes of humour, connecting with people and supporting each other, loved ones, family and friends, mindfully taking time out for yourself, finding strength through other people on a similar journey, keeping in a routine, finding a retreat or something just for you that’s relaxing, milestones, things to look forward to, positive distractions. 832 more words


NZBCF | Supporting Someone

Article from the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation about how to support a friend through their breast cancer journey.

“These are some of the things that women have told us have helped them through their breast cancer treatment and recovery. 645 more words


Day 88: Go Cold Turkey on TV

I’ve come a long way from watching so much TV I couldn’t hold a real conversation. Between you and me, I still watch kind of a lot of TV though. 40 more words


Dating, Again...Six.

Love can have many containers but words are how I can see it expressed best which contradicts the language of others sometimes. There was a guy called Alcott that wrote his ideas out of consciousness to see what they looked liked and I agree that we can see a lot by looking into ourselves. 891 more words


Day 83: Hear a Secret

Waaaay back on Day 16 (how young and foolish we all were back then!) I told a secret. Do you remember what it was?

Telling your secrets is a great way to 1) unburden yourself and 2) make friends. 102 more words


I love you !!

The bliss of these three magical words

Some of the greeting words do play an essential role in the lives of the people . Just keep in mind when and where & whom to say ” I LOVE YOU “.S Well , these words make the next person feel special in case it is not exceeded in number of times it is said.

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