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What I Write For

I write to defend against sin we daily live in.


Negativity is sticky —

like a hot, humid day.

It can drag you down and away. 194 more words


Nosy relatives, life after prison, unfair treatment

On this talk show:  The hosts answer difficult questions from listeners, such as…how to handle an extremely nosy relative…plus, how to re-connect with your son after being away from him for years due to your incarceration…plus, how to deal with your dad playing favorites and giving more money to a sibling… 27 more words


Review of Q Connect whiteboard

‘It was a 3 person job to fix the Q Connect Wall Mountable Whiteboard to the wall! It’s a good quality product, robust and well made, and very functional.’ 7 more words

Starting A Blog

How to Maintain Real Friendships on Facebook: Say No to having a 1000 friends and still feeling lonely...

Facebook should equal familiar faces, not strangers: How to use Facebook to maintain real friendships and prevent having 1000 Facebook friends and still feeling lonely. 1,596 more words

Let's Connect

Apple Connect App provides incorrect download statistics

I check my app’s download statistics on Apple’s Connect app pretty frequently, and was surprised when a weekly total for my latest app was significantly less than the daily count from a few days ago.  256 more words