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5 Questions your church staff should be able to answer about LGBT issues

This post is not about what the answers to these questions ought to be.  The post is to stress the fact that you and your team should be having a conversation about what the answers ought to be.   341 more words

Plugged In For Leaders

Kas sa usaldad mind?

Viimasel ajal olen ma väga nautinud hommikust vaikust. On kergem tunnetada praegust hetke ning läbi selle, kontakti kogu Universumiga. Ruumi on rohkem. Nii mõtetes kui ka tegudes. 100 more words


Books and Our Emotions

Last week I posted a review about a book that had taken me literally years to read:I DID IT!!!

The reason I’m writing this post is because in my previous post, I pointed out that I had had trouble with reading this particular book for years, and I do mean YEARS. 292 more words

Magical Monday


I don’t quite understand why people track their lives, write down all their personal feelings on a blog and throw it out to cyberspace. I mean, why is it comforting to throw your personal thoughts and feelings out there, for any random person to read? 201 more words



Hygge (pronounced HYOO-guh) is a Danish concept that loosely translate as coziness, contentment, and mindfulness. Ask a Dane what hygge is, and they might mention cocoa by the fire, wine and sweet treats – always shared with friends or loved ones. 367 more words

Date Ideas

500+; Q/A once again!

Hey dear bloggers,

Today I open my blog after a few days and get a notification informing me that I have 500+ followers. Well, I couldn’t contain myself and I don’t think any one of you could too. 113 more words

From “Self” to God

Every year around this season we take time to reflect on how the year has been, but then it is also a time for us to prepare ourselves for the coming year. 3,710 more words