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Stage 5 Clinger

“When you start dating someone and they end up being a total STALKER and CLINGY. They often start slowly and work their way up to letting you know they are a Stage 5 Clinger.” (Quote is taken from Urban Dictionary) 777 more words


Focus Momento - 2/17/18

Silencio y centraje         

“Estad quietos y sabed que yo soy Dios; Salmo 46:10 


Dios de gracia, somos bendecidos cuando confesamos nuestros pecados. Eres rápido para perdonar usand somos culpables sin más. 1,088 more words


Focus Moment - 2/17/18

Silence and Centering    

“Be still, and know that I am God; – Psalm 46:10


Gracious God, we are blessed when we confess our sins. You are quick to forgive usand we are guilty no more. 986 more words


Content Writing and Storytelling: The true value of connecting with your tribe!

Whether you are an established organization with locations worldwide, or a small entrepreneur with big dreams, the continuous growth and true success of your business and brand, is built on one common denominator: the connections you make with a loyal audience – your golden tribe. 512 more words


Live in sacred activism

Whenever I’ve walked amidst nature, I’ve felt an expanding oneness with the trees, birds, hills in the distance. There is a deep, vibrational love-connect, invisible but experienced tangibly. 596 more words

Connect To The Source

This is part of Vortex. It is so extra important. Without source I can’t see anyone using the Laws Of Attraction.

Dwelling on loneliness

The UK announced a Minister for Loneliness in January 2018.  Why? Because research has found that more than nine million people in the country often or always feel lonely. 690 more words