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Buying & Selling

As I mentioned earlier, Kyle and I have been working hard to prep the house to sell. Having stairs when both of us are disabled just doesn’t make sense. 998 more words

Get Back To You

It takes silence to hear the spirit. Like opening your ears to listen to the gentle oceanic vibrations travelling within the center of a seashell. The spirit runs through the body, guiding our decisions to the path of destiny like waves guides water to the shore. 744 more words


Angel Number 000 And 11

After a long day and a tiring gym run I’m surprised to even see these numbers on our cars dash, while continuously dosing in the passenger seat we were pulling up to a shop and I gazed over and there o saw these angel numbers. 822 more words



​We are like a puzzle; people of this world. We form relationships distances away, living our individual lives until that day that we meet “THE ONE” by a mere coincidence, (a sequence of unprecedented events) and almost as immediately as light turns to dark, these two people who were literally lifestyles apart become acquainted and then after hot tribal sex and a cupcakes-and-brownies-2 month relationship (some are so ephemeral they don’t survive to see the light of another week), they decide that they suddenly have the right to just banish themselves into the abysmal journey that is marriage. 273 more words

Just My Thoughts

Singtel network down? Tough for connected homes and businesses

(Source: www.techgoondu.com)

More than a day after Singtel said its network services were restored, there are still customers being locked out of the Internet. 596 more words


And That's the Way It Is...

The famous Walter Cronkite would always sign off with the catch phrase, “and that’s the way it is.”  News anchors through the years have delivered summaries of important world events.   373 more words