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Sacred Life

My body is like the earth.  It is sacred.  It is perfect.  My mind is my temple, where the heart and spirit live. My mind is the bridge to the physical world and beyond.   41 more words


Self-Compassion Break

developed by Kristin Neff.

The daily life practice of the Self Compassion Break has been invaluable to me countless times over the years. It takes some of the sting out of whatever difficulty presents itself, as soon as I remember to connect with it. 425 more words


Cuba now connected

The Internet has finally arrived in Cuba and since this happened, the country started going thru changes, from the way people act and dress, to the way businesses started growing. 134 more words

The ‘C’ word

Now, your grandmother may not like it, but connected viewing and content are changing the way we watch entertainment, and changing the shape of traditional broadcasting as we know it. 696 more words

no phone zone

I have been without my iPhone (or any phone for that matter) since Saturday afternoon. Short story is that my phone is fried. Nearly five days without a cell phone. 357 more words

Life With A Baby

Indra's Net

Yesterday we had an uncharacteristically full day here at the Spiritual Center in Windsor, New York. Not a day just full of activity, we hosted three different groups of people including a faith formation work team, a leadership training group of students from a NY state university and a group of individuals, not related except by their desire to experience the sculpture galleries housed on the property. 353 more words

Would you like to hear about my Afrika Virgin Burn experience?

Last year I went on a surf and yoga holiday and told a friendly doctor from Senegal I was curious about Burningman. An artistic music event that takes place in Nevada America. 420 more words