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Marvel Has a New, Different Explanation for How Its TV and Movies Are 'All Connected'

(Source: io9.gizmodo.com)

It’s a not-so-secret-secret that the universes of Marvel’s film’s and TV shows are drifting further apart from each other. Directors, producers… 437 more words


Study Shows Vaping Safety Connected To Quality

The Lawrence Berkeley National Lab completed a study showing that vapor devices can emit toxins depending on the type of device, the coil materials, the age of the coil and the power output of the… 13 more words

Buy Devilian Gold and Devilian Items | Connected with central storage

Give period in your team for you to summary and also indicate for the daytime. If your daytime is passed, give period to get friends to satisfy and also have these people select his or her preferred tips and also quantity upward his or her expertise. 367 more words


PorceLAN by Ferdinand Povel & Haiko Meyer for Rosenthal

PorceLAN by Ferdinand Povel and Haiko Meyer is a reimagining of the traditional WIFI router as a functional yet decorative object. Created for Rosenthal, PorceLAN is a connected vase consisting of two sections that seamlessly fir together with a magnetic lock. 24 more words



Spending sleepless nights on the blank page,

Preparing to rise out of the dungeon, creating a bright stage.

Snitches tell it all to everyone, the cops are only as good as their informants, 300 more words


The heart of art❤️

Art is God! Cuz it never ever judges you!

Allows you to simply express it, irrespective of whatever else that’s a part of it❤️

My latest grounding doodle❤️ 79 more words

Creating Self Awareness

Raynier's House of Thoughts: Shared Journeys

A scar of pain was inflicted on your face when we first met.

“Hi, nice to meet you.”

Time passes and then, “It’s nice to see you.” 621 more words