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Good or Should?

Do I do what’s good for me – or what I should do? Will my day flow smoothly when I choose to do what’s good for me? 372 more words

Present Moment

Electrifying Alignment

I know a bit about life…

I have been there, whether it be losing a mom…  a favourite aunt… a favourite uncle…. to death… not having someone to call dad, family feuds, splitting up with someone I was supposed to walk down THAT aisle, being alone, feeling alone, being in an accident that left emotional scars, having no money, no one to share you deepness, the way you experience the world, losing a job, internal tugs of war and this list just continues… 216 more words

Kind Hearts

Reaching out
To a stranger
Reaching out
To a friend
In lands so
Far away
Kind words
Sent my way
Kind hearts
Make my day



Blue Hue | The Naturist Page - Video By: BMCTV

A story of a woman in the mountains of Snowdonia connected to nature who loves to feel the elements of nature in her mind and her body. 143 more words


5 Ways to Create Balance By Being

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for different ways to bring balance into my life. Here are 5 ways of being that I believe are incredibly useful checkpoints to do just that! 1,049 more words


Track : Ea$y Money - Connected ft. Wais P, Rob White & Joey Bada$$

On May 26th, ST’s Ea$y Money will be releasing his debut album, The Motive Of Nearly Everybody Yo, via Showoff Records. 162 more words


Collide with Destiny!

I believe we are here for a purpose; it’s not an accident that we were born when we were born, where we were born or who our parents are. 65 more words