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Sic' 'Em Saturday: No Laurels to Rest On Yet

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ll note that a victory (of sorts) was gained by those fighting CCSS.

The Good News:

The controversial HR5 (Student Success Act) was put on hold. 2,082 more words

Sic 'Em Saturday

A Different Way of Seeing Language and Culture

Hey everyone. Just a quick post here.

I want to present something to you, fellow language learner. I want to tell you that you are not actually learning a language. 175 more words

Find Trivia Online: The First Smart, Connected Luggage In The World.

Bluesmart is a small suitcase that has plenty of features that its makers strongly believe frequent travelers cannot live without. These features include a digital lock, location tracking, battery charger, built-in scale, trip data app, and proximity alerts. 6 more words

Unity In Prayer

A few years ago, a very faith-filled friend of mine felt pulled to create a small prayer group. For almost a year before that I had been continually praying for a group of women to pray and meet with on a regular basis. 275 more words


The Changing Landscape of the Work Week

While it is a bit more than a year old now, that stunning source of scholarship and research, the New York Post, published an article which claimed that “ 471 more words


Smart Is The New Dumb

Smart is the word of the moment. It’s become the prefix for the 21st Century, but how smart is smart actually proving to be?

I read recently of the… 434 more words


“I think we’re connected through destiny. This was mean’t to happen, you and I”
“You believe that?”
“With all my heart”