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More connected, converged with the Internet of Things

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Every time you work out, the smart watch tracking your run encourages you to push a little harder. 1,056 more words


A twist to the audition class

In last night’s class, I got to be the adorkable and quirky Jess from New Girl. We ran lines before class started, then went up first, since we were the only ones who weren’t doing it audition-style this class (due to my being absent a few weeks ago). 550 more words


Daily Bliss - May 25

The Angels want us to know that the very fabric of our lives is interwoven. Though individual, we are stitched together with threads too small to see but felt very real if torn apart or damaged. 21 more words

Daily Bliss


Here I am again…I should be in bed asleep by now. I find myself most nights up much later than I should be, especially considering I have to be at work at 8am everyday. 469 more words

Small World!

The past week the neighbor in the Johannesburg office has been very welcoming and friendly. Appreciated by myself as I have had so much to do, and so much going on, it is good to see a friendly face. 52 more words


How to stay connected when you Travel? | Luxurious Nomad

Travel wifi? Free hotspots? Boingo? Here’s how to stay connected when you travel ~ and live the laptop lifestyle.