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All There Is

Could it be
you simply cannot see
the whole picture?
Could it be
that you are getting caught
in mental stories?
Before you fly off the handle… 73 more words


4 Ways to Move From Vendor to Partner in Client Relationships

“We’re re-evaluating all of our vendor relationships.” Oomph! It felt like a punch to the gut when our client uttered those words, especially the “v” word. 632 more words


Can you understand me?

 I used to believe that every word in the bible was true.  I was a hell fire and brimstone preacher.  I loved the Imaginary God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.  92 more words


How much do I hate the Bible?

Multiple millions upon millions have been killed because of verses in that EVIL  BIBLE. The fucking Jews wrote that EVIL Bible and with their greedy filthy souls, they are laughing all the way to the bank.  48 more words


Quote for Today: Jasleen Kaur Gumber

This world isn’t a battlefield. Someday you will realise how your success depends on a bunch of other people and that day you will be wiser. 26 more words

Quote For Today

Nature is a Seductress

Nature is a seductress. And a good one. She knows her power but has no need to force herself upon you. She makes you think this little affair is your idea, that you made the first move. 533 more words


Government reality talk

Do you not see something wrong with a minority of people (Government)  telling a majority of people what they can and cannot do?.

That my friends is why we need a Reason Revolution all across our planet. 19 more words