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The ossifying economy

An enduring narrative about the U.S. economy, a key ingredient of the american dream, is that it is a dynamic market where new ideas can thrive and new businesses can reshape the economic landscape. 659 more words


George Monbiot - Full 2 hour talk - Connecting the dots, Bristol, May 2019

George Monbiot talks with Natalie Fee about XR, Climate emergency, community, education, youth uprising, mental health, building community, ecology, rewilding, planting trees, carbon off setting, capitalism, British farming, celebrity culture, consumerism, Gretta Thunberg and lots more! 193 more words


Event! Investigating the Legend

“Hope you know that your story shook me to my core.” –

(A comment from someone who heard just the first five minutes of the talk.) 262 more words


Taking a taxi. A thought experiment

Think about this for a moment.

In order to solve a relatively easy problem (improving the usability of taking and paying for a taxi ride) with relatively well established technologies (mobile app + credit card), we’ve had to create global huge behemoths (Uber, Lift) raising astonishing amounts of venture capital. 377 more words


Connecting the Dots—Or Maybe Chasing Them

by Rhonda Rhea @RhondaRhea

I was watching the cat wildly chase a laser dot the other day, and I thought, Wow, if that red dot was a Butterfinger, that could totally be me. 687 more words

This is the era of images. Writing is doomed

The power of images has never been so big:

This is the era of images. In a world of short attention span, their power has never been so big.

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Connecting The Dots