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Helping kids overcome perfectionism: 4 effective strategies

Your kid tries to write and it doesn’t look ‘right’. So they get upset and you notice they never want to try again. Or you play a board game as a family, you kid loses and gets really, really stressed out and throws the board over. 1,223 more words


Valentine's Day traditions

Being single on Valentine’s Day is meh. As any of my exes will attest, I’ve never been sentimental about the holiday. Despite the long, interesting, and muddled history of it, I have always associated Valentine’s Day with “just another excuse cooked up by mega-corporations for people to feel like they should be consumers of stuff they don’t actually need.” Still, as I said, being single on this day is meh. 212 more words

Mindful Living

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I am thankful that the idea of an infallible parent is not a notion my husband and I uphold. It is simply an obstacle to our parenting, and being open about how “ 700 more words


what I rarely admit about how I parent

When my children have a lot of screen time, we all feel cluttered and cranky. I can’t talk about this much, though, because it’s a loaded topic. 541 more words

Mindful Living

Parentisms: Listen UP

It’s a simple skill — listening. Though we can develop nuanced abilities to savor certain qualities in various particular soundscapes, it doesn’t take much to, say, hone in on the words the person in front of you is speaking. 1,081 more words


So, Um, Hey!

Ok. I won’t deny it. I’ve been mostly incommunicado (to say the least) for the last several weeks. Those of you who frequent or happen upon this blog for parenting ideas may not have noticed, what with the recent parade of re-blogs of old posts I’ve been continuing to toss out weekly. 2,370 more words


Parents are Human, Too

Generally speaking, we parents like to think of ourselves as the adults in our relationships with our children, right? Unfortunately, this perspective often binds us to the idea of being “right” all the time, or being the ideal version of a grown-up human, or being the “one in charge”, or being the only “ 1,517 more words


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* * * * Summer vacation is winding down -- but don't worry there's still plenty of time for you to totally lose your cool with your kids, make a few jerky choices, and then clean up that mess before school starts! Here's a few thoughts on what to do (and not do) when you blow it. Enjoy! * * * *