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Connecting with others...

Social connections – found, by many, to be so easy as to be almost automatic – have always presented very real difficulties for me. I find it extremely hard to trust or fully open up to most people, and have, until very recently, been almost painfully unassertive. 1,100 more words


New Horizons

Well hello again. It has been awhile, so of course lots of transition and growth has happened. I am on to the next adventure now, the pursuit of advancing myself as a nurse. 419 more words

Authentic Connection

Send Me A Postcard From Wherever It Is You've Gone

My muse is gone.

Just left one day

At the end of a stupid email,

Reminding me why

He was never my forever,

Just Mr. Right Now. 41 more words



For the most part I think all of us want a sense of belonging or community with people. There may be a rare case of someone who doesn’t like human contact at all (I haven’t met such a person…I guess because they would opt out on any opportunities of meeting me). 79 more words


And Breathe ...

I attended a networking event today for my business(es).  I normally find them difficult events to feel comfortable in, because I’m not very salesy and I want to just talk to people, not be sold to and that is very hard to do in networking events.  343 more words


How to rule social situations like a BOSS  

You ever see people at parties that just stand against the wall holding their beer with a huge smug on their faces? 

I have. In fact, I used to be one of these guys. 1,241 more words


Walk Slow

Every time He said the name of Jesus, his eyes welled up and tears of sopping gratitude slipped out. A new-comer to Canada, born and raised in India, Ben was on the journey of a lifetime. 336 more words