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New Beginnings

With every ending is a new beginning, more beautiful, more deep and more lovely than before.

With every moment of deciding what I haven’t wanted, I’ve been able to discover what I do want. 97 more words


Above the Clouds

Never in my life did I ever think I would be looking down onto a host of clouds. But there I was standing on the top of a volcano alongside hundreds of tourists from around the world; and most importantly holding my 10 year-old daughter Kennedy’s hand. 663 more words

WeChat - Essential back channel communication and free!

You may or may not have heard of the app WeChat, but if you have not it is something that you need to try out. You have Viber and WhatsApp and Messenger and iMessage and… but WeChat just seems to be that bit more. 367 more words


Unplug and truly BE

Hello my fellow human Beings:

Look around you as you walk down a city street, sit in a waiting room or take public transit. What do you see? 338 more words


I am, indeed

I am, indeed, a woman
with a radiant inner smile
that radiates out, when I open to the earth that grounds me,
the wind that envigorates me, 74 more words

The Walls Are Glowing To Annoy Me

Just a break imagined even would do fine. The possible reminder, orbiting by chance. Fact gathering. Soul searching. Drawing water from the spring. Sitting atop concrete under this yellow sun. 181 more words

Short Pieces