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it was an ordinary summer’s day

and began with

a trip to the doc

who was out

so i met a partner

who was very shy… 207 more words


5 Practices To Help You Become The Person You Were Meant To Be

The journey of becoming who we were born to be never ends. It’s limitless, eternal.
We don’t arrive — we grow. And to grow requires presence and practice.

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What stops me crying?

Sometimes I feel like crying but can’t seem to get the tears out. It’s something I used to struggle with all the time, now it is less frequent, and I’ve been trying to figure out what has helped me cry more easily, and what I can do on those days when I still feel I would like to cry, but can’t. 491 more words

Sexuality…what does it REALLY mean?

The word “sexuality” has a lot of different meanings. In this post, I want to separate out the meaning of sexuality in a way that is specific and understandable. 518 more words

Self Reflection

Når jeg ser

Når jeg ser på mit legetøj
følger hendes kurver
udelukker alt støj
og drømmer tilbage

Når jeg ser på mit legetøj
hver en tomme af hendes hud… 137 more words



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“So imitate God. Follow Him like adored children,” Ephesians 5:1 The Voice

Imitate: To follow as a model or example. To mimic or impersonate. 200 more words


Deleting -

Deleting someone off your social media is a huge step to..moving forward or I don’t know. I happen to learn that a man I once dated had remove (unfollow) me on Instagram. 176 more words