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L ~ Mr. Love

Dear Mr. Love,

When I saw the Buzzfeed post on what it feels like to love someone you’ve never dated, I started to feel tears burning my eyes. 342 more words



Dear Joko,

I was so happy that you actually complimented my hair last night. It might be so shallow but I felt good. Really good at that. 402 more words


Camaraderie and Connection

Time and time again, I am reminded of how important it is to surround yourself with good people. Perhaps broken friendships from years past has allowed me to recognize and maintain relationships now that are now true, respectful, and just in general, positive. 280 more words

On judgment and true human connection.

When I’ve formed judgments about people based on a single facet of their life, it has brought out ill-feeling in me toward them.

What it has also done is rob me of the warmth that I may feel for them. 149 more words

how attached are you to you? (daily hot! quote)

“Resistance to change is understandable, and it can be brilliantly justified. But change is movement. It is necessary turbulence that demands a variety of connections with people, places, and situations key for psychological equanimity. 70 more words


Why Collaborate?

Here is it 10, make that 11 days after my last post in the #AprilblogADay challenge. .

Before all you Type ‘A’ keeners judge me too harshly, let me say in my defence, I’ve been practicing self-care; as in, something had to give.  507 more words

A response to a kindness

Yesterday, my friend-who-is-a-pastor checked in:

“And I keep wondering how your faith is doing since our last chat and prayer. You don’t have to write a big, long email explaining things. 712 more words

There Is A Lot I Don't Know