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“Riches and honor come from you alone, and you are the ruler of all mankind; your hand controls power and might, and it is at your discretion that men are made great and given strength.” 1 Chronicles 29:12 Living Bible… 434 more words


Keeping Connection

It has been talked about and repeated often in my circle that we have lost a connection to the rhythm of the earth and the cycles and seasons.   375 more words

In the morning

I wish I was by your side
In the morning
Breathing you in
Feeling you

The curse of mobility and modern society
Torn between two places and feeling lost in between… 21 more words



8:03 投げられて受身を取ると言うんじゃないですね。体を痛めるから受身を練習するのじゃないんですね。柔術の場合は相手に投げさせて、自分が回って行っちゃうんですね、先に。で、相手に返し技をしたり、崩したり、その隙に腹を切って行ったり… 投げられたから、負け、そういうルールはないですね… かと言って自分勝手の速さではだめですね… 相手がいるわけですから相手に合わせて。

8:03 不是被摔而受身。不是因為要避免受傷而練受身的。柔術的受身是讓人摔自己,再自己先滾出去。然後做返技阿,破勢阿,趁空隙切腹對方的腹部阿。被摔而輪了這個概念是沒有的。然而不是按隨意的速度滾出去。因為有對手,所以要配合。

8:03 Ukemi is not about being thrown. Avoiding injury is not the point of practicing ukemi. In Jujutsu, one let’s one partner throw, and rolls away of one’s own accord. 160 more words


Two old men and a baby

After a full day of appointments, meetings and errands I stopped at Walgreens to pick up my prescription and grab a few things. There was some sort of mix up and I had to wait a good 45 minutes for my prescription to be filled. 391 more words

* How Good a Listener are you?

To truly listen to someone we must be present – without distractions or interference in our heads.
Its estimated that the average human being has 10,000 thoughts per day. 285 more words

Middle Ground

The Path of Jacob


The Path of Jacob

I see how this works – that it’s You behind everything.

It’s not just using You to accomplish something physical – it’s using the physical to connect to You. 766 more words