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The First Really Good Rain

I have a favorite passage about rain, shared with me a few years ago by a dear friend. It gives me a hope for a world in which we listen and love words, and continue to connect to them on a deep level. 661 more words


Autumn Women's Fire

What a joy it is to enter the season of autumn!  As the nights begin to lengthen and the sun makes its annual journey towards the southern hemisphere, we in the Pacific Northwest prepare for the coming rains.   289 more words



6AM sharp, ridesharing begins! Folks off to work, school, appointments, daycare, pilates, yoga, CrossFit, cafes, kitchens, classes, meetings, airports, greyhound, gyms.

Sometimes ya just can’t seem to catch enough of those coffee beans, catch enough Zzzzz’s or catch a ride. 108 more words


Secrecy...an Enemy to Intimacy

Can you achieve intimacy with your spouse if you are keeping secrets? And is there a difference in secrets from the past and current secrets? What is the difference between secrets, and privacy? 631 more words


Building an Epidemic of Connection

In my latest Huffington Post blog, I write about staring down the epidemic of loneliness in an effort to build an epidemic of connection. Through the use of counseling and through building our abilities to effectively connect with those around us, we can help to break down the walls of isolation and shame in our communities.

Johanna Bond

Living in the woods

I’m just back from a short week in a cabin in a small wood in Devon. It’s part of the wonderful Sheldon retreat centre ( 413 more words


Elul 18

#BlogElul – Ask

It’s ok. It’s OK to ask for help. I know, I know, this is Canada, and the vestiges of the puritan work ethic and the British avoidance of contact are so strong that we dread asking for help more than any other activity. 436 more words