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Paw Prints On My Heart

Whoever said that pets are not a part of the family are soooo wrong.

I adopted my big baby, Romeo, 4 years ago last month. It seems like just months ago that I was begging my parents to let me get a dog. 397 more words


Despite Roxy’s stripper name — the actual name on her birth certificate was Roxy Barbara Streisand Gillard, and I’m not even kidding — she was as far as possible from the way you’d expect a Roxy to look.

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The Envy Effect

Recently I came across the following article and I have to pass it along — Shauna Niequist is a gifted author and I think she wrote this article wonderfully.  1,102 more words

Empty Space—An Invitation

Spiritual and self-help programs have counseled people for years to “let go and let God.” Wise advice. When you let go of everything (literally, everything… 483 more words


Transcendental nature of being

The transcendental nature of being

Is what transforms our spiritual believing

Lifts us up to frequencies on high

Illuminating the conscious mind

Allowing us to consider crossing dimensional realms… 51 more words


Sadness and you

I feel sad today

I feel like im loosing a lot of things

I hear too many negative thoughts crowding my mind

I feel a lot of things weighing me down… 45 more words