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Seeing Differently Challenge- 10 of 15

Smooth and wide borrowed
time so little to see it is hard to breathe
but slowly I find the courage to stand
still to allow to open to the winds… 173 more words


3 Steps To Becoming A Better Listener

Communication seems to be a constant struggle in today’s society. Issues with communication, in any sense, can easily be resolved through one simple factor: listening. 741 more words


No One Is An Island

Many of us are fortunate enough to have at least one strong, steadfast person in our lives who serves as a constant grounding force, empowering counsel and broad shoulder to cry on. 413 more words


Orthopedic Doctor: The Connection Between Bad Posture and Back Pain

Years of parents telling their children not to slouch may have something to do with more than just proper table etiquette. Any orthopedic doctor or a medical professional who offers similar services in Northern NJ will tell you that over time, bad posture can negatively affect an individual’s spine health. 106 more words

"2016 Autumn/Winter Model"

Introduce 2 new sunglasses from Fullon who supports my eyes
Autumn/Winter of 2016 model

#FBL-043-7, polarized lens

I was waiting for this frame design with this color lens for a few years… 97 more words


Between the Tree & Me


Today I befriended a Tree.

Here’s the story of why and how:I somehow found myself meandering my way around the botanical gardens this afternoon after spending all morning in the greyness of the city. 1,086 more words


my tummy feels funny

Getting excited over a text and having the biggest smile when your name pops up on my phone, my tummy feels funny.  Hoping you ask for our nightly routine to talk on the phone, because I can’t sleep if we don’t. 187 more words