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The silent protector
Quietly gripping the shield
Forging ahead representing
Tattoos and colored hair
All of a cocktail blend
Shaken but not stirred
With the sting… 33 more words


Your heart is time stained

my darling,

But I won’t believe that the length of our travels

or the minutes in our gazes could somehow make us tame. 81 more words


Have We Lost Our Connection?

The 12 Biggest Life Secrets Forgotten By Mankind

The more I ponder about life, the more I continue to come to one solid realisation: The biggest curse and predicament of modern Man is forgetfulness. 1,073 more words


Conservative donor Koch urges end to 'corporate cronyism'

DANA POINT, Calif. (AP) — Billionaire industrialist and conservative political donor Charles Koch welcomed a group of roughly 450 like-minded fundraisers to one of his twice-annual conferences Saturday by challenging them to advocate for ending “corporate cronyism” – even if those policies help their businesses.

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40 Day Challenge - Day 14

Today’s Reading:
James 5:13-19

1 Kings 17
Is Prayer a part of your daily routine? Why or why not?
I am so riddled with ADD it is hard for me to pray. 192 more words


Reminder of What It Takes to Make a Good Relationship

I loved this article I read today:  Little Things a Keeper Does Without Being Asked, by Christine Stockton on the Blog, Thought Catalog.

I liked this post because it is written for the beginning of relationships when things are still magical and the love hormones are coursing through our veins.   520 more words

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Confusing phases
You were amazing
But I need to erase it.

Memories are now hazy
Remember feeling all dazed
But it was just a phase. 31 more words