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Addiction, Connection, and Social Media

Johann Hari’s assertion in his TED talk (watch below) is that sobriety isn’t the opposite of addiction–connection is.

I think we need to get real here. 470 more words

Elephant Symbolism

I had a dream recently that I was in labor, about to give birth to something very unusual, very special.

There was a certain peace in the room as I labored, but I woke up before actually giving birth. 947 more words


Le son, ça se cherche...

Biking the familiar path to my old school, the setting sun illuminated my hometown in a warm golden light and lighted up the river’s surface as dusk fell. 580 more words


tail / matter

You Matter. we all matter. we are mutually connected interconnected prescient even if you have no one in the present moment. you matter. i’ve been there alone. 109 more words

Love = Knowledge, Extent of Love

When another person understands you, it’s their love/connection that understands.
When you understand another person, it’s your love/connection that understands.
If you understand others, but they do not understand you, then that is because your love is much greater and encompasses them. 21 more words


Android Simulator Network

Hei, I have a problem about hot to simulate poor connection in Android Studio. Then…

I found a similar android network problem  and a good comment from  153 more words


Reflections After My Grandmother's Viewing

She looked so peaceful
as if she were sleeping;
I expected at any moment
she would wake up and speak to us.
Beautiful flowers surrounded her… 140 more words