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Author’s note: I’m still alive, I promise! We’ve finished Segment I and are halfway through Segment II. Just started project week today, so in theory I’ll have more open space for writing. 672 more words


When You're A Stranger

I’m just going to say it. I am not a fan of Open House night at school. Never have been. I may be in the minority, and this reveal may elicit a cringe from other parents. 524 more words


Dedication To The Musicians: Life Is A Music Video

What is music, but a measure of our lives, colliding from the hands of an artist into the open ear of a listener. The soundscapes shift our perception into the moment, draw us nearer to what is before us. 77 more words

Made to connect

Lover of my soul
Will you listen to me
I know you will
My spirit you see
My heart you touch
My soul you shape… 206 more words



Isn’t it strange how the littlest of things end up making the biggest differences in our lives? A small act of kindness, a few words of gratitude, an intriguing conversation or a tiny white lie? 300 more words


The Others - Twenty-Two

For a moment I stood, the alien to these two glittering creatures, feeling partly like an ignorant fool and partly like a hero in a myth who had united an ancient king and queen who were separated by a curse. 672 more words

Serial Horror Stories

The Pursuit of Addiction is the Path of Distrust

It is becoming clearer to me that the pursuit of addiction is the path of distrust. In moments of stress or distress, any numbing or self-destructive response is rooted in the belief that “I am unsafe and do not trust that love will be there if I reach out to it”. 137 more words