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Pearson and Connections

Back seven years ago now, many of us in the field were surprised to hear about the purchase of Connections Education by Pearson Education for $400 million.  658 more words


Virtual School? What's that?

If anyone has bothered to read my profile, they would see that I am a learning coach. That means that I am like a teacher’s aid to my sons who are in Kansas Connections Academy, a virtual school. 671 more words

School starts tomorrow!!!

Hurricane Harvey pushed a ton of water and our start date. Tomorrow is our first day of homeschooling. Z and I are both nervous and excited. 97 more words

Home Schooling Pro's & Con's

I know I’m not very organized and time and I are not friends. When push comes to shove I know I can do it, but when I talked to some friends and looked online about Connections Academy I found my saving grace. 418 more words

Homeschool 2.0

Hi I’m Jen. I’m a wife, mom of 2 awesome kids (2 dogs and 2 cats who are also my kids), marine biologist (until I had kids)/jack of all trades Master of Nothing, and I was homeschooled back in the 90’s. 256 more words

Ardas & His PE Class

Ardas, who is home schooled, takes a PE class with other home schoolers.

As soon as I got to Memphis, I heard stories about Ardas’ PE class. 599 more words