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Marketing Cyber Schooling - Connections

Earlier today, as a sample of a commentary entry for my EDTECH537 class I wrote about Marketing Cyber Schooling.  In that entry I mentioned signing up for information about  316 more words


Connections Academy: An Online Learning Company

As the internet continues to influence the lives we lead, it also enhances our means of getting educated. Harnessing the power of online learning, Connections Academy continues to provide education to students in grade K-12. 268 more words


Music and Education

Learning through Connections Academy’s online school has opened many doors for me in my high school career.   Because of my choice to home school, I have been able to study abroad, perform in several orchestras, and become extremely confident in my education.  380 more words


E-Schoolers and College Acceptances

When you come across someone that goes to high school online, you might think, “Gee, I wonder how in the world they would be able to get in actual colleges!” Well, you would actually be pleasantly surprised to know that Ohio Connections Academy has very high graduation rates and exceptionally high standards for colleges that students have been accepted too! 169 more words


A Horrible Case of the Mondays and 1 Week 'Til Spring Break!

Hey all!

sometime this weekend completely busy now, & I haven’t really had the chance to blog, even though I really wanted to. Last time I blogged was Thursday so I even missed Friday and that made me sad. 549 more words

It's Monday Once Again

Hello All!

The weekend has passed and now it is the school week.

Because I believe the last day I posted was Thursday, let’s talk about Friday. 773 more words

The Sickness has Fallen.

HI all!

The unthinkable happened yesterday. I woke up with a scratchy throat and a horrible cough.

Betcha can’t guess who didn’t go to Cadre yesterday??? 305 more words