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Don’t you just appreciate when you have the opportunity to make connections? Today I met a customer who had amazing nails, so being polite, I complimented her, who would have known that she runs her own nail company and is willing to do mine whenever for a good price. 137 more words


Video Marketing | Help Spread The Word About Your Business

Online videos are leading the online marketing revolution. It’s easy now to just get a camera and make a video to share online. Because people have such fast connections, it’s really easy to share your videos. 18 more words


to a man I once knew

We were aware of each other long before anything ever happened. Passing glances, knowing smirks, awkward silences… Rumours circulated, people talked (when don’t they?) Then all of a sudden, with a bang, we collided. 506 more words


NETWORKING Made Easy : Simple Steps To Follow

Hi friends, as we all know networking has the potential to make a simple career a thriving one, with exciting opportunities around every corner. Advancements in technology have made networking more fun than attending dinners and conventions. 395 more words


Loud and Proud

What is your truth?  If you have heard of the Asch conformity experiments, you might know how hard it can be to hold onto it.  69 more words

Gut Feelings

When We Can Only Relate to One Another Online But Not Face-to-Face…

The DOWNSIDE of ALL of those social networking sites…unfortunately, this, is what we’re currently looking at!

When we can only relate to one another online but not face-to-face, why IS that?  173 more words


A Daughter Who Shows Gratitude

The ins & outs of life, translated…

“Mommy, can we give a few bags of meatballs and sausage made by dad to Aunt Wen-Jen this year?” 416 more words