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I think this is the only word to describe the feelings inside my body again.

There was another shooting at Northern Arizona University (NAU) this morning and my cousin’s best friend was killed and 3 more kids are injured. 407 more words

Depression to Light

We’ve all been there. Down. Low. Brought to our knees, maybe literally or figuratively, with feelings of, “How did I get here and how am I ever going to feel like me again?” 573 more words


Doesn’t Mind Living in a Nursing Home as He’d Gotten Older, My Norwegian Father-in-Law is Very Keen on the Idea

nope, not my photograph…

How an elderly person CHOOSE to age, translated…

My father-in-law is Norwegian, he’s in his nineties this year, although he was raised in a family of butchers, and since he was younger, his diets were meats, but, being the only engineer in his family, he’d made sure that he ate right, he is the eldest of all of our family members. 471 more words


You Seem to Replace Your Brain with Your Heart

People are connected. Are we though? What makes you and I the same? What makes you and I different? What makes anything anything, besides us just saying it is? 441 more words

Casual Melanie Martinez Lyrics


When something is important to someone, they ALWAYS make time for it. I think this is really hard for most of us to accept. When we have a “friend” or a crappy significant other that continually makes excuses on why they can’t even make 5 minutes to spend time with us, we are in denial, we don’t want to accept that we aren’t important to someone that is important to us. 66 more words



Trust is a weird thing isn’t it? I was just thinking about how trust is something that isn’t lost in one moment, its lost over time, even if that time period is as short as one week, lol! 72 more words


The Internet of Things

In 2015, 9.4 billion ‘things’ are going to be connected to the internet (Gartner, 2015). This is up 30% from last year, but no where near the 20-50 billion expected by 2020. 620 more words