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Why You Won't Read This

I know that you won’t read this post. Here’s why.

  1. I am not saying anything you don’t already know. Whether I am writing about fatherhood, love, school, or any other topic, my views are found in books, YouTube videos, and other blogs.
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Blog of the week & Mexico City

I’m still completely absorbed by Sybille Bedford’s A Visit to Don Otavio, and these passages (dinner; setting up a hotel) show why. If it fuels your fever, you really must see Ben Pentreath’s blogs… 24 more words


Black and White

Black and White by David Macaulay, 1990.

This book is unusual because there are four stories inside, being told at once, but there is one continuous storyline that joins all four of them together.  229 more words


Worth Revisting: Theology and Spirituality

Sandra Schneiders, defines spirituality as the experience of conscious involvement in the project of life integration through self-transcendence toward the ultimate value one perceives… 906 more words

Worth Revisiting

Inquiry Journey Wall

I have been trialling approaches towards the use of learning walls in my classroom. This initially came out of a discussion with Hamish Curry from NoTosh, who encouraged me to create a space that evolved with each learning activity, encouraged reflection, questioning and the ongoing growth of ideas throughout an extended inquiry. 207 more words


Naushad - The Cabbie

Just as I stepped out of the office elevator , I heard a colleague beg someone to fill in for her at a 6pm call because she would otherwise be late for her Iftaari and her family was waiting. 387 more words


There Are Several Types of Friends

There are friends with whom you can share a meal. There are friends with whom you can only share a superficial “hello” and “how are you?”. 192 more words