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Discerning her Truth

She wants so badly to belong to the song
That her family sings, calling her home
She takes a step renewed with Hope
That there lies the Support the Love and Growth… 278 more words

Spiritual Connections

"Next time we f**k, I don't wanna f**k, I wanna make love"

How many people nowadays can honestly sit down and tell you all the times they had sex, it was more than just sex? How many people can tell you that every time they got intimate with someone it is because of an undeniable connection they both shared? 287 more words


Your unlaced boots

Relative Confessions – Part 1

brother, son, friend

wistful warmth, your

chubby hand clasp

eager steps, boots

unlaced always

a worried voice, future

unfolding uncertain… 54 more words


Can I really replace my computer with an iPad Pro? My Experiment

Today will be an experiment on working only on an iPad Pro for one day.  I am going to attempt to do everything I would normally do on my laptop, but on the iPad Pro.   3,273 more words


Touching each other through kindness

There is more good than hate in the world. At least I want to believe that kindness overshadows all the bad out there.

Yesterday I was leaving my house to go get Kali at the sitters and there was a man full of tattoo’s sitting on the guardrails across the street. 311 more words


finding meaning in my each of my interactions, even those with strangers

hopped on the subway today and noticed that everyone had their headsets on… well nearly everyone.  at first i thought maybe it was a NYC thing to do, but then i noticed the common denominator in those who were headphone free – we were all of the older generation.   224 more words

The Intensity of Intensive Training

I spent the week at an intensive training program, and I learned so much — not about the course material and not about myself, but about how others perceive me. 358 more words