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Defy Division, Revere Relationship

Judge not, and judgment avoid; condemn none, and condemnation defy.
Forgive, and find forgiveness freely, give, and let it unto you be given,
a measure good, pressed and shaken, overflowing in your lap; … 446 more words


How Rejections Help Us to Grow

In order to grow, we need to step out of our comfort zone. And why don’t we do it? Well one big reason are our fears. 248 more words


Going With the Flow

I wrote about Mahon Falls up in the Comeragh Mountains here in Co. Waterford a little while back and the River Mahon has been on my mind ever since. 174 more words


On Knitting.

There is an upcoming art exhibition in a London Gallery in March which is called ‘Threads’.   The exhibition is a specially curated show for Women’s History Month.  501 more words


Give me Broadband- or give me Death

When FDR spoke of the four basic freedoms in January of 1941, he made the speech on a new media radio. Nearly 75 years later I was surprised to see the scope of what we think of as a “basic unalienable right” is the… 143 more words

Wolf Park, Circa 1996

Maybe you’re wrong
about everything
the way you were wrong
about the wolves
behind bars all those years ago—
you were sure they’d recognize you… 103 more words


New Beginnings...and Endings

We are all the main characters in the stories we call our lives. Every story has a beginning, and an end, but where one sentence ends another begins, and everything in the middle, well that is what we are here to figure out. 1,864 more words