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Help Opening the Hearts that’s Been Shut, the Autistic Artists Had an Art Exhibition

These children with autism had found their own ways, to connect to the outside world, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Beauty Yong-An Living Center in Hsinbei City had invited six artists diagnosed with autism to hold an exhibition; they were all able to, find themselves, through the creations of their artwork, and they’d used the simple drawing techniques, as well as the use of the bright colors, to show the outside world, what they’re thinking about. 488 more words

Experiences Of Life

Having Good Neighbors Beats Having Relatives Who are Kind to You Far Away


From before, there was a saying, “Distant Relatives are Not as Helpful as Nearby Neighbors”, this may be the case, in those simpler places, but for those of us in the city, not saying about the neighbors helping one another out, sometimes, we’d lived in a place for three to five years, and still not know what our neighbors looked like, how many members are in the family, and there are, many cases where the neighbors got on one another’s bad sides because of pets, parking spaces, in order to have great neighbors, you must have the good luck, as well as the good karma too. 439 more words


Reflections from a Self-Love Retreat in a Rainforest Treehouse

Once in a while, I like to get out of the city and be close to nature. Alone. Somewhere a little quiet and away from all the unwanted distractions and noise. 1,774 more words


Crux quem beata diligit

St. Andrew’s feast falls on November 30, which means it is either right before or right after the first Sunday of Advent. Dom Prosper Guéranger reminds us that Andrew is the apostle of the Cross; therefore, Dom Guéranger notes, the Christian year begins and ends in a sense with the Cross. 527 more words


Inner Happiness

I wanted to share with you the idea of happiness. In the last week, actually the last few weeks I have connected with happiness in a new way. 832 more words


Soul Connections are Eternal~

A Meeting that Is Forever~
It is at the level of the soul. And I believe that once you have truly met another that deeply, it’s a connection that lasts for eternity. 265 more words


Autumn Reflections - Day 29

Autumn lends itself to reminiscing and contemplation. To thoughts of past classmates, old friends, and scattered family. I often think about what they’re doing today. Did they wake up feeling content and happy? 68 more words