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Tools for being human, part two: People watching

The old man is initially defined by the curve of his spine. He’s bent almost double by some malady, and I feel the warm prickling of guilt as I watch him roll one sleeve up, and look over his shoulder. 1,331 more words


Stifling Creativity

In the movie Detachment (2011), the character of Meredith is one of the troubled students featured in the film. She is portrayed as a tremendously talented student, with few friends and clearly suffering from depression. 369 more words


Educational Theories and Restoring Balance

Egan, K. (2010). The Ideas That Run Schools. Chicago: Chicago University Press.

This concise article reveals three important theories of education that have come about throughout history, and the author’s emphasis on continuing to shape education today. 239 more words


What is Culture?

Hall, S. (1997). Representation, Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices. Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications.

In Hall’s analysis of culture he provides a variety of theories and definitions of culture to allow the reader to understand the limitless variables that make up a culture. 376 more words


It's Your Data on LinkedIn. Don't Lose It.

We have all heard about the measures large corporations take to protect their data. What about yours? For example, what would happen if tomorrow, for any reason, you no longer had access to your data on LinkedIn? 288 more words



I was having a nose through Jean’s photos from today. I never know what I might find. She takes the oddest things sometimes when she goes off saying that she can’t take me cos I might run over a cliff or out in front of a lorry. 441 more words


Celebrating 150!

I reached a milestone in the last week that I just now noticed – this little blog now has 150 terrific followers! I appreciate each and every one of you for the encouragement and comments you’ve sent my way over the years. 9 more words