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One Carousel Ride

(Inspiration:  a photo of a carousel)

Just invited for a family outing
Only knew many of them barely
Shy, but adventurous. ..learning more outgoing
I went along to the harbor… 88 more words


Tough Reads

(Inspiration:  a photo of a puppy yawning while laying between some books on a bookshelf.  One book is ‘Money’ by Zola and another book is ‘Origin of Species’ by Darwin.) 51 more words


And the curtain will fall. . .

I have been in a very healthy, long term LDR (long distance relationship) with JJ since about April 2015. Even though I had known her since January of 2015 we always chose April because it was the first month we met. 202 more words

Reflections From a Cubs Game

This last Friday, I had the chance to travel to a Chicago Cubs game with my father, my brother, and my nephew. It was something that was very rare for me, a spontaneous moment where I put something before my time in school. 745 more words

Time to dust of this site and start writing again.

This blog has traditionally been a processing blog for me. I haven’t used it in at least a year because I haven’t needed to process. Well, as of yesterday, that has changed. Stay tuned. . .

Call Me, Beep Me (You Probably Still Won't Reach Me)

“A month?!  I haven’t talked to them in a month?!”

I can’t tell you how many times I go to text someone and wonder how so much time has passed between our conversations. 590 more words

Delightful Rant


The things we’re too informed about don’t much matter, and the things we’re ignorant of remain the problem.