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Aphra Behn: cultural translator and editorial intermediary

Here Dr. Jocelyn Hargrave of Monash University shares with us a fascinating insight into the connections between academia and publishing, and how working in both fields has informed her research.  514 more words

Guest Posts

The Jeweller’s Hands

Matilda Roman stared at her creation. She watched it glitter and shine in the blinding bright lights of her

workbench. Thin tendrils of kind metal, curving and bending with a… 797 more words


What's At Your Core?

I always thought I was a social being. I felt like myself when I was out with friends, having drinks, supper, parties, and bars.  The older I got I realized that the social aspect wasn’t what was making these situations make me feel like myself, it was the connections. 121 more words


Many of us have the gift or burden of sharing in other people’s feelings. This can be overwhelming. If we are sharing with someone who is in pain the results can be hard. 111 more words


Networking: the follow up

In our post How to network like a pro we talked about networking and how to do it effectively, but what happens after that? How do you keep in touch with the networks you’ve created and ensure they are useful for you?  195 more words

Get To The Glow

Speak Up!

“What? You’re going to have to speak up.”

“I’m sorry, I missed that.”

“I can’t understand the words coming out of your mouth.”

“Huh? You like quiche at midnight on the Rheine?” 1,113 more words


During our most recent trip to Montana, we were gifted with seeing several herds of elk. Watching the large herds move in harmony brought to mind their innate sense of… 57 more words