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How to start a conversation in a networking event

Frequently, people find themselves in uncomfortable situations when going to a networking event. And I must admit I’m also one of those people. Attending a networking event can make us feel nervous, anxious and worried. 333 more words

Public Relations


Before Mr. Bennet could answer, the door opened, and there appeared a male nurse in aqua-coloured scrubs, carrying the plastic saw with its round blade at one end; the entire contraption wasn’t much bigger than an electric toothbrush.

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When Breath Becomes air

If you haven’t yet read When Breath Becomes air, Dr. Paul Kalanithi’s extraordinary book about his all-too-brief experience with non small cell lung cancer, you should. 424 more words

Lung Cancer

Social media paradox or just another evolution law?

When you were a kid, you realized you are different. You are special. It’s okay, we all think that way. But there is something we do all have in common. 187 more words


The Thing About Musicians

What makes a musician?

Is it their musical ability? Their personality? Their style? What in god’s name makes these people, these individuals, the talented artist we all know and love? 763 more words

Sacred contracts

Sacred contracts are energetic contracts that were agreed to prior to the arrival upon the earth. Each contract stipulated the unique experience that would be offered to another, allowing each person to live through a set of circumstances that enhanced the understanding of the human experience for all. 761 more words


Finding Your Tribe

How does one go about finding their tribe? That is other than your family. I have a few different tribes depending upon what part of my life I am focused on. 534 more words