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How well do you know a person? How well can one know another person any way? I got subjected to, “Maybe I should stick around, to get to know you more” and the analyst psychopath in me went on over drive. 337 more words

My 2 Cents

Poorly written news release blows opportunity to educate on local-global issue

I got excited when I read the headline of a news release from the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide: Summer Fellows from Honduras and Germany

I went to the news release to learn more about how ELAW brought a couple of people from Honduras and Germany to maybe pick up a few pointers on how the USA does environmental law/cleanup and what things the Americans could learn from them. 746 more words

International News Coverage

Month for Loki, Day 29: Schism

Well, here we are, almost the end of July.

There were some posts that I’d meant to write that I never gotten around to actually finish writing much less posting, such as… 618 more words


TORF: Take 2

Last year I TORF-ed. It was a wonderful, and slightly over-whelming, time, but it landed me the awesome job I had while teaching in Mexico. Unfortunately, due to financial need, I had to TORF again in January (2016) so find a new school. 1,119 more words

Everyday Life

More IBM Docs Fun And Games

…a few more notes from my latest IBM Docs install.  Previous installs including in test at this customer proceeded with no problems but this one presented several challenges so I’m sharing them here in case anyone else has the same.   922 more words


Passionate Leadership

Many leaders are passionate about a cause, an idea, or reaching certain goals and milestones. But what makes the truly great leaders stand out. Is it simply this passion? 706 more words

A WordPress Summit

It was a day full of “S” words when Nutsrok met up with Van by the River.





SEPTA Stations.

Strangers on a train. 53 more words