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Loyalty within smartphones users

The latest research by Ericsson Labs suggests that smartphone users are looking for incremental access and higher downloading speed supported by cutting edge customer support. 56 more words

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Uchek app tests your pee!

Every time you go to the toilet you dispose information that could save your life. Ucheck app is a pioneer app providing users the opportunity to test their urine. 81 more words

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A transparent, conductive and malleable material harder than diamonds???

More than that: it is the lightest material, stronger than steel and only two-dimensional

Check it out:

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Our latest TEDx Talk: "An all communicating world starts today."

Have you ever envision what will happen when everything that will benefit from being connected is connected*?

How can you prepare to take the advantage of the rapid changes ahead to spread the good for those causes and people  you care about? 34 more words

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Electric car? Charge it wirelessly on the road!

I believe at the bottom of disruptive technological innovations you find the individual. The less people need to do or pay, the higher likelihood of adoption rate you will have. 111 more words

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The impact of Open Data on international aid.

Sanjay Pradhan is the Vice President of the World Bank Institute. Below, he talks about the impact of Open Data in changing international aid.

If your organisation is interested to explore the opportunities to Open Data and the impact on Open Development, drop us an email: contact@connectiveage.com.

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How is technology changing the classroom?

“As we journey toward the Networked Society, ICT is unlocking the full potential of learning and education by redefining existing classroom models.”

Source: http://www.ericsson.com/res/docs/2012/ict-and-education-inforgraph-on-brand-20121022.pdf

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