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Reflection on Learning and Changing

This week I was asked to reflect on three questions:

  • How has your view on how you learn changed?

When I began my study of learning theories I viewed myself as a strong visual learner and I identified with behaviorism, constructivism, and cognitivism. 524 more words

Emergent outcomes from a field of weeds - or how certainty can emerge from anxiety (a #rhizo15 story)

I have just watched a video of @davecormier where he uses the metaphor of the ‘weed’ as an alternative to the dominant, normative models of curriculum. 335 more words


the unsettling headiness of #rhizo15

(image: A network diagram showing the distributive nature of Stephen Downes’ and George Siemens’ CCK08 course, one of the first MOOCs and the course that inspired the term MOOC to become adopted. 563 more words

Academic Pracice

Mapping Your Learning Connections

In the not too distant past, learning for me was restricted to libraries and reference books stored in those libraries. In some areas of knowledge, information in these books was adequate. 613 more words

Connect the Dots...La La La

Math is not my friend. Never has been. No matter how hard I studied or how often I stayed after school for 1:1 tutoring with the teacher, I never could quite make the jump from “hanging on by the skin of my teeth” to “hey, I actually understand this!” So today, whenever I have a need to create complex formulas in Excel, for instance, sadly the knowledge is not retrievable from some long-forgotten, cobweb-covered corner of my mind (sorry, cognitivists). 530 more words

My Learning Connections


“Connectivism is presented as a learning theory that integrates technology, social networks and information”  (Laureate Education (Producer), n.d).   In studying connectivism ,  I realized  the different factors that connect and play a role in my learning process. 474 more words

Connectivism in Action

Behold…the multicolored mind map of doom.  Mind maps are a great tool for visually organizing thought processes, approaches to problem-solving, enhancing creativity and ideation, etc.   120 more words