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My Personal Learning Goals for EDCI 336

Valerie Irvine teaches our Technology and Innovation class. She’s a big proponent of student led learning and has applied this methodology to our class. It’s a great opportunity to practice the approach first hand, before we attempt it with our own students. 405 more words


EdTech 543: Creative Expression of CoP, PLN, & Connectivism

I really enjoyed creating a nonlinguistical image for Community of Practice (CoP), Personal Learning Network (PLN), and Connectivism. It helped me to realize that even though these three are independent concepts, they are all connected in some way. 393 more words

4.3 Reflection On Practice

EdTech 543: COPs, PLNs & Connectivism

Artifact Introduction:

During our second week in our Social Networking class, we were asked to creatively express our understanding of:


Agile Learning Leader

My summer was kicked off by being informed that my job at Pearson was being eliminated.  Laid off.  What now?

It was tempting to take my severance time to enjoy the summer as many friends and colleagues suggested.  804 more words


COPs, PLN, and Connectivism: A Creative Expression

Nonlinguistic representations can facilitate deep learning of a concept. In the 2nd module of EdTech 543, I explored communities of practice, personal learning networks, and connectivism. 868 more words

4.3 Reflection On Practice

Adaptive LearnERS, not LearnING

In an interview with EdSurge ‘Our Technology Is Our Ideology’: George Siemens on the Future of Digital Learning, George Siemens discusses his belief that the current emphasis amongst edtech companies and universities on better and better adaptive learning tools is a wrong direction.   503 more words

Social Learning

The Big C's in Technology Education

This week I’ve been exploring technology education theories in one of my classes, and I’ve come across what I call the “Big C’s”. Constructivism, Connectivism, and Cyborg Theory.  705 more words