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A BigBookSnap : “A Blueprint for Tomorrow” by Prakash Nair

“Six Educational Strategies That The Design Principles Should Support”

From “A Blueprint for Tomorrow : Redesigning Schools for Student-Centred Learning” by Prakash Nair

Inspired by our secondary students who have been using Booksnaps over recent weeks, I decided to make my own. 88 more words

Library Management

How Epistemology Informs Learning Theory - A short paper


We were tasked with writing a short paper on one of three topics.  I chose this one because I think if educators, both DE and traditional classroom teachers, don’t examine the underlying premises and biases for their work they will not be optimally successful.  1,363 more words

Reflection: My Connectivist Mind

The pursuit of a degree in Instructional Design has caused me to attend classes that I otherwise would not have been exposed to. For example, prior to my last class, I had no idea that there was an entire field of study around organizational development and efficiency. 566 more words

The Virtual Playground

The Virtual Playground

Being social is a natural part of anyone’s life. From playing in the playground to chatting on the phone; meeting up with friends was commonplace when I was a teenager. 2,784 more words


The Secret Symbolism Behind All Those Emeralds At The Golden Globes

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The pop of colour was very deliberate. 1,354 more words