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The Digital Isolation of Classrooms

Our classrooms are digitally isolated by their very design. It is a distortion of our bureaucratic education systems wherein, on the one hand, grade levels are broken down into separate groups/classrooms, insulated from each other, while each group is encouraged (or mostly not) to independently interact with the outside world. 389 more words


Questions for Iain McGilchrist on the implications of the divided brain for education

At the end of next week I will attend, for the second year running, Iain McGilchrist’s four-day course on Exploring the Divided Brain  organised by Field & Field and taking place in the Cotswolds, UK. 389 more words


Voting Rights Act: Exercise Your Right To #Vote on #ElectionDay

Are you registered to vote?

I am.

I was born in Louisiana at a time when, if you had the wrong skin color and tried to register to vote or cast a ballot, you might be forced to pass a literacy test, pay a poll tax, or even face the threat of physical violence. 310 more words


World class education through OERu

One of the delights of working at Charles Sturt University is being able to range across innovation opportunities – to make a difference!

A project that I have had some connection with has been the open university initiative branded as OERu. 251 more words

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Module 4 Reflection - Looking Ahead

The alignment of epistemologies and learning theories is fascinating, in that it is making me take a hard look at what I thought I believed, how I teach in the classroom and the connections, or lack thereof between the two. 683 more words

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New Learning: Stephen Downes Reflections

First published in NAPP My Portfolio 9 March 2016 – published in WordPress 29 June 2016

New Learning, New society by Stephen Downes (Presentation 354, Made at Ryerson University, Toronto in Feb 2015) 234 more words

Personal Learning Environments

The Power of NAPP Hui

First published in NAPP in My Portfolio May 3 2014 – added to WordPress June 29 2016

During the interactions of 2014 NAPP Hui many akonga and kaiarahi expressed enthusiasm about their learning with others in the hui setting. 314 more words

Personal Learning Environments