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Flipped Learning

In this blog, I’ll explain how I have become so interested in and enthusiastic about the potential of flipped learning. This is a moderately adapted report I wrote for my current corporate training centre (the PTC) within the British Council in Bangkok. 1,404 more words

Instructional Design

My Learning Connections

As a k-12 and undergrad student I usually learned predetermined topics in a specific order following specific guidelines. As the Internet gained popularity and grew, it allowed me to take a more active role in my own learning and made a wealth of knowledge more accessible.   373 more words

Where is discernment in all this?

Being a leader in any educational institution can be an extremely lonely and often disconcerting experience. Such are the current pressures and preoccupations that job specifications appeared to have morphed in recent decades to such a degree that many individuals are expected to be more a blend of politician, general, firefighter and accountant than any role remotely associated with education. 699 more words

Keeping The Internet Dream Alive : Jennifer Granick's Keynote Speech

  1. Must see and must read: Jennifer Granick at the Blackhat Conference 2015, on August 10,  giving her keynote speech about “the Internet Dream” that seems to end….
  2. 1,372 more words

Benefits of a PLN

This summer, as you may know if you have read my earlier blog entries, I have been exploring the use of digital media. This has lead to my building and continuing to build a PLN. 743 more words


So, how about Connectivism?

I thought it sounded good.  Gaining higher levels skills using networks with resources available on demand, in my own time, connecting with others and creating rather than consuming information (Anderson & Dron, 2012).   311 more words


Which theory works best?

As we think about learning in an online world, determining the appropriate learning theory for teaching is an important step. A short video that helps walk us through the learning theories that we have already talked about in this course and the role of the instructor in each was created by Lewis and Schwer (2013). 26 more words