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I’ll admit – I’m skeptical about the concept of connectivism. I agree that knowledge and its application today are vastly different than when I was in college 25 years ago. 268 more words

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My professional networks are very connected to professional groups on social media which absolutely changed the way I learn.  As journal articles and annual conferences were the primary source of new information, websites allowed for enormous amounts of information and resources to be stored and retrieved asynchronously.  337 more words

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I like brainstorming with a pencil and paper.  Digital tools are great, but I think I will always like the feel of a sharp pencil and clean sheet of paper when I’m quickly jotting down ideas.  575 more words

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Mindmap Reflection

I found it to be beneficial and enlightening to map out the various ways in which I learn. I became mindful of how learning can seem to be a constant flow in our lives, especially in an age where one can be inundated with stimuli. 305 more words

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Using blogs as classroom tools allow students to form a different sort of relationship with the material as well as with each other.

I believe providing online spaces, like Wiki or WordPress, changes the way in which students are aware of one another, and this, in turn, affects the way we connect and learn from each other. 174 more words

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"The fun is in making the connections"

“All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge. The fun is in making the connections.” — Arthur Aufderheide

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