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I M Connected. R U? U R?! GR8.

I wanted to open with stating: “as a high school environmental science teacher, it is required in the curriculum to discuss how connected different environmental systems are, what we do in one, affects another”… but then it occurred to me that being an environmental science teacher only represents one branch of courses that involve connections… a social studies class observes and applies connections between the past and present…. 865 more words

ECI 831

Connectivism: Facilitate Learning with Connections

According to Siemens, “connectivism is driven by the understanding that decisions are based on rapidly altering foundations. New information is continually being acquired and the ability to draw distinctions between important and unimportant information is vital.

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It's All Connected...

Like many I learn through my many networks. It’s easy to function every day with very little thought about your learning networks and how it feeds you information. 52 more words

Connectivism, PLN's and Media Literacies

I wrote an earlier post this week about my growth and learning experience with Twitter. I thought it was a great week to write the post as we had some assigned readings that I thought tie into Twitter quite well. 780 more words