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#rhizo15 Week Two - Counting networks

A rather belated post on #rhizo15 week 2! How do we count or measure learning in our networks or learning rhizomatically? How do we begin to “grade Dave”? 619 more words


Reflections on Learning Theory and Instructional Design

Discovering that the concept of learning styles has no supporting empirical evidence was a bit of a shock during our exploration of how people learn. It was an important lesson though—a warning not to assume that the field of learning is black and white, or that learners could be labeled and grouped together so easily. 535 more words

EDUC 8845 MOD 4: Connectivism Mindmap

Follow this link for a closer look at my mind map of how I connect to technology for learning:


In my world of teaching elementary school general music and studying for my Ph.D. 388 more words

Reflecting on Learning Theories Course

What did you find surprising or striking as you furthered your knowledge about how people learn?

The thing I found most surprising while studying learning theories is realizing the underlying structure of courses I have taken and why those frameworks were likely chosen. 681 more words

Module 4


My network has changed the way I learn drastically.  Going from classrooms with four walls, know I learn with my own four walls and they change daily.   248 more words

How I Learn...Revised

Just a few weeks ago, I was convinced that I learned best through a mixture of read/write and kinesthetic styles. So learning that there’s actually no evidence to support the existence of “learning styles” was a bit of a culture shock. 704 more words

Reflection on Learning and Changing

This week I was asked to reflect on three questions:

  • How has your view on how you learn changed?

When I began my study of learning theories I viewed myself as a strong visual learner and I identified with behaviorism, constructivism, and cognitivism. 524 more words