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Leveraging Cloud-based Technologies to Enhance Personal Learning Environments

Below is an article that I co-authored with Scott Adamson (Head of Department Science) and Christine Beckmann (Head of Department English) for an upcoming conference presentation. 2,010 more words



Connectivism: How my connections facilitate my learning.

As an adult learner, I find most of my learning comes from my desires of self-improvement. Having access to the internet through multiple devices has made my pursuit of knowledge more accommodating, but I can’t learn everything on the internet. 410 more words

Instructional Design


I have always been a visual learner and so I enjoy exercises like concept maps that really help me visualize connections. I believe looking at those connections on paper really makes the link between ourselves and the stimulus and resources for learning much more clear. 809 more words


Connectivism is a way of learning in the digital age, and unfortunately the new oppressed in the digital age are those who do not have access to the… 389 more words

Module 4: Constructivism Mindmap

Connectivism Mindmap

Learning is the manner in which there are constant changes within a person’s performance that grows from one’s own encounters and networks (Driscoll, 2005). 373 more words

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On understanding connectivism.

In the pre-internet age when government clerks needed to have thousands of pieces of information in their minds ready to be recalled at a moment’s notice, it made sense to teach and test discrete facts. 183 more words