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Create and Share: 5 Web Tools for Connected/Productive Classrooms

When I think about the ways that educational presentation and productivity tools have changed over the years it’s actually quite staggering.  From the the chalkboard, to the overhead projector, to the SmartBoard, the way in which teachers present information to students is nothing like what it used to be.   1,119 more words



After  studying the different learning theories I have come to better understand the concept of learning styles and theories. I was born in an age when the teacher would use a blackboard to teach from. 262 more words

Creating and Maintaining Connections: Developing your own ICT Skills and Pedagogy

Admittedly, this week’s topic fills me with anxiety. I love learning and think I could go to university for the rest of my life. But the idea of networking, initiating connections with people I don’t know, fills me with dread. 417 more words

Connectivism next for e-learning?

How do you make sense of a distance course, a MOOC, that is based on problem based learning (PBL), that is framed by social medias like Google+, blogs and Twitter, virtual lectures and suggested readings and watchings? 484 more words


Learning as a chaotic, evolving mosaic.

Which learning theory is right?

Ashley Murray nailed it: “As teachers I think that it’s important that we avoid getting caught up in which theory is the BEST theory to use.” 406 more words


Networked Learning & Connectivism

The way we learn has changed significantly from the first instructor-led correspondence courses, media presentations, and Web 1.0 – the ability to search and read information online (Web 2.0, 2016). 734 more words


A Journey Into the Mind

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For some reason I’ve always loved philosophy and the practice of reasoning.  I took Philosophy 100 as an elective in my first year of university.   1,055 more words