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Mapping My Mind's Connection to Learning

A class project this week prompted me to explore a process called mind mapping for the first time. I chose a free online program called… 701 more words

Empowered Learners

Our school has adopted the ISTE standards for teachers and students. I talked to a colleague yesterday about the idea of empowered learner.  We’ve focused on this from a digital literacy point of view, and as a teacher, I try to focus on this in my class as well. 419 more words


Connecting with Connectivism

My perspective on Connectivism in relation to creativity and technology:


Kop, R. and Hill, A. (2017). Connectivism: Learning theory of the future or vestige of the past?. 17 more words

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Mobile Learning and Connectivism Learning Theory

Mobile learning is supported by different learning theories such as behaviorism, cognitivism and social constructivism. However, the role of mobile learning in connectivism is crucial. For example, in the other theories, knowledge is saved in the individual memory; however, according to the connectivism, knowledge is saved in the individuals’ network memory and the role of individual’s memory is adaptive patterns, representative of current state and existing in networks. 45 more words

Becoming connected

Objective: To present the core ideas of connectivism in both a learning and scientific context, in a sense unifying the ideas of discovery, interaction and edu…

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INF537 Interpretive Essay - Digital Scholarship

INF537 Assignment 1

An Interpretive Examination of Digital Scholarship in Tertiary Education

Scholarship has, historically, been centred around the work of individual researchers situated in academic environments, but, this notion of scholarship has been expanding to include, not only the discovery, exploration and curation of knowledge, but it’s integration and application outside academia, and the central role of teaching in generating and acquiring knowledge ( 2,917 more words


The Ongoing Discussion of How Technology Alters our Brains

Connectivism emphasizes the importance of networks and connections. In general, George Siemens and other advocates state that seeing connections between fields is a core concept and that learning involves the ability to navigate these complex networks. 256 more words