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A freely operating restaurant market will benefit from competition and the variety of consumer tastes.  A restaurant that goes bankrupt doesn’t threaten to bring down the whole system, but rather provides a learner opportunity for the others.  893 more words


Learning Theories in Education

Several theories of learning have been developed over time, however the three prominent learning theories in relation to education are behaviourism, cognitivism and constructivism, with connectivism being developed most recently due to the increase in the use of technology in education. 1,345 more words


Reflections on EDUC 6115-1

It has been eight intense weeks for me. I’ve learned a lot and have a deeper appreciation for learning theories and their role in the process of learning and instruction. 797 more words


Emerging Technologies Tetrad Module 2 Blog 1

My professional learning community have collaboratively decided to explore MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses, as our subject to create a tetrad (Thornburg, 2008 & 2013e) to show how emerging technologies enhance current technologies, rekindle earlier methods for doing the same function, often make obsolete the technology that had been used before it and in the end become obsolete when replaced by the next emerging technology.  485 more words

Distance Learning

Fitting the Pieces Together

It has been 7 long weeks of learning about Learning Theories and learning styles, how they explain learning and can be applied to the learning environment. 723 more words


Theoretical concepts behind the role of technology & libraries 

The role of technology requires some deep theoretical underpinnings to guide our thinking.

Participatory Culture (Henry Jenkins)

Participation empowers us for civic engagement, moving us from being information consumers to becoming creative contributors & sharers. 198 more words


Old wine in new bottles: MOOCs, SPOCs, OCs

The rapid rise and fall of the popularity of the MOOC movement in education is unprecedented.  As evidence of the mainstream exposure of this educational trend, MOOCs even had their five minutes of fame on the Colbert Report when edX president Anant Agarwal was interviewed by Stephen Colbert.  626 more words