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What is holding Virtual Reality back?

Two letters are creating a buzz in the technology world at the moment. Those two letters? VR.

Seeing an Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard headset is becoming more than a common sight, and even… 647 more words


Connectivity of the meta-community in urban landscape.

In collaboration with Audrey Muratet and Colin Fontaine

Landscape connectivity, defined as the degree to which the landscape facilitates or impedes movement among resource patches, is an important issue for biodiversity conservation. 151 more words

Spatially Explicit Modelling

Kat - May 1 (Day 55)

Today was the first day of May, though it felt like October.

The service I went to was so beautiful today. It was filled with such wonderful music and a message of connectivity and a reminder that so many cultures around the world teach that you should treat others as you wish to be treated. 29 more words



I was on my bed scrolling down and up through my Facebook timeline a while ago and it hit me – I’m literally walking in a sea of strangers. 350 more words

Brain Posts

The Sneakernet of Things

You’ve probably heard of the Internet of Things.  Refrigerators that detect when you are out of groceries and order more.  Remotely operated home security systems, thermostats, nanny cams.  386 more words


Are we ignoring one of the most important threats to the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area?

Simon’s project is concerned with the isolation of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area as well as the issue of internal barriers and the effects this has on the native fauna as a prelude to efforts towards increasing the connectivity of the area with protected habitat to the north, south and west. 1,087 more words