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The power of small groups is growing: from online participation to offline participation

New technologies are now allowing people to do almost everything through internet without going out or meeting others face to face. People can do grocery shopping via online shops, enjoy festival party by watching live show, vote for the political campaign through the website… Connectivity is easily achieved in such a convenient virtual world, however, as a result, disconnectivity is emerging in the real life. 289 more words

RFID Tags: Are they Boon or Bane?

RF ID’s are not so uncommon today where from a lot around and across the world are using this to authorize, evaluate, emphasize their business or run their institutions, pay automatic bills and also of course making them as the Security keys to access any things or means. 663 more words


Global Passive Optical Lan Market to reach Market Size of US$103.4 Bn by 2024

The market for passive optical LAN (POL) is poised for substantial growth in the coming years, registering a double-digit CAGR through the forecast period. Escalating bandwidth requirements, coupled with the energy efficient nature of passive optical components, is driving the POL market. 6 more words


Dubai launches research platform to assess security of IoT devices

The platform, established by DESC and the University of Sharjah, allows organisations to verify the effectiveness of existing cybersecurity measures on their IoT enabled devices. 9 more words

Airborne Wireless Network

In the rush to expand broadband, companies are developing satellites, drones, balloons — and even outfitting LandCruisers.

One group, however, is taking a sensible-sounding approach utilizing a resource that is already airborne: commercial aircraft.  62 more words


LandCruiser Emergency Network Project

70% of Australia lacks cell coverage. Even remote areas, however, do boast lots of Toyota LandCruisers crisscrossing the terrain.

Flinders University, along with Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi Australia have… 60 more words


Country-specific Communications Satellites

SpaceX, OneWeb, O3b, and other satellite network companies get a lot of attention for their plans to launch dozens (or perhaps thousands) of communications satellites in coming years. 130 more words