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The connectivity of BlackBerry

For my third post, I’ll be talking about the connectivity of BlackBerry…


Regards of BlackBerry’s connectivity, their smartphones can integrate into an email system within an organization through a software package called BlackBerry Software Server (BES) and BlackBerry Software Server (BES) from versions 5 and of 10. 640 more words


The Expanding Choices in Wireless Connectivity

A version of this essay was originally published at Tech.pinions, a website dedicated to informed opinions, insight and perspective on the tech industry.

Sometimes in order to see the big picture, you have to start with a deep dive. 826 more words


Decoding Millennial Trends

The Millennials are a generation of people (age 19-25 in 2016) who have at their disposal all they need to make their dreams a reality, and do so at an unprecedented rate. 997 more words

Free Flow

Fear of Screens

“‘We turn to our phones instead of each other,’ she says, as though our phones do not contain each other.” At The New Inquiry, Nathan Jurgenson offers a sharp critique of Sherry Turkle’s Reclaiming Conversation, a book on conversation in the age of screens and smartphones.


Bumpy Roads

For the first time since I left the UK behind I find I am hitting a few road bumps in life. Sure, life in Myanmar was difficult, but I felt like those bumps were an integral part of the journey away from the UK and into International living. 844 more words


Escaping the Pen

When you don’t check in on the livestock frequently enough, they’ll find ways to escape. So it is with the pen installed on Eel Race Drain… 20 more words