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Drum KIT

My eardrums beat to a metronome of wiretaps.

That sets the pace.

Corner store concentration camps selling liquid crack.

That’s the bass.

Windows demolishing from a riot ensuing. 87 more words

Smart Home Research Group – how can we build awareness amongst consumers?

On the 30th June an initial meeting of the Smart Home Research Group (SHRG) in Paris brought together Smart Home Associations from across Europe and representatives from retail, manufacturers and service providers. 319 more words


The pace of innovation is only going to accelerate, thanks to Africa

Moore, Nielsen, Swanson, and Kryder

Innovation is continuously increasing, about that we can agree. So far the number of transistors in computers has doubled every two years (Moore’s law), and with that the computational power of all our devices. 563 more words


Google's Project Loon and Project Titan

In an attempt towards delivering internet to the far-fetched regions of the world, companies like Facebook and Google are experimenting with ways to deliver this service “Over the air”. 383 more words

Daily Excerpts

Facebook has an AVIATION TEAM!

Until yesterday I wasn’t aware of the fact that Facebook has an aviation team, let alone the fact that they have developed a solar powered drone with the wing-span of a Boeing 737. 366 more words

Daily Excerpts

Behind the scenes with Facebook's new solar-powered Internet drone and laser technology

Facebook has made no bones about wanting to blanket the planet with Internet connectivity, and it’s developed a huge, solar-powered aircraft to help it do so. 856 more words


Facebook’s New Plane -- By the Numbers

Facebook showed off details of its new Aquila plane on Thursday, an unmanned aircraft that will use lasers to help connect people to the Internet — it’s real, not science fiction. 309 more words