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KT DandyCalico Caddy

KT DandyCalico Caddy is by KT Gunpowder n Lead and she is out of KT Tin Lizzie and by Zinks Major Kid and Miss Jug Derby. 99 more words

Zink Babies

It is sure going to be sad next year not having any foals by Zinks Major Kid. They may be a rainbow of colors, but he sure puts his stamp on them. 18 more words


Some of the Hereford cows and the bulls trying to stay cool in this heat.

KT Sizzlin Comet

KT Sizzlin Comet was born 3/25/15 and is out of KT Copper Doc Comet and is by KT Heza Pana Dude. Comet is a mare that we raised and is out of Copper Robin Queen and is by Docs Sizzle Bar. 80 more words

Pine and Cappy

Here are two colts by “Double,” Toni was out taking pictures today while opening gates for the hay stacker and hot these cute shots of them playing. 14 more words

KT Doubles Lil Peanut

KT Doubles Lil Peanut is out of Lil Town Foxy Girl and is by Captains Double Coy. Lil Town Foxy Gril is a big Impressive/Two Eyed Jack bred mare that has a great disposition that she passes on to her foals. 132 more words

Week 1 & Week 2 Excel Sheet images

Here are all the tasks I have been working on by the end week 2. I shall update this in the future. 18 more words