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Conner the Computer Geek, Part 2


That Friday Lisa, her friend Gina, and I went on a Girl’s Night Out (GNO).  I was a bit unsettled when I realized that if I said or did anything stupid, which I sometimes do when I drink, Conner would hear about it, because Lisa was Conner’s best friend.  2,119 more words

Chapter 2.5-Goodbyes

Beth tried out her dad’s old workout bar and after falling a few times soon got the hang of it.

Conner loves to play with the dolls house… 174 more words


Episode 14 -'Kate & Conner Say their Vavows' OR 'Trust in One Hand, Shit in the Other...'

This post definitely will be a short one. With so few people in Vavau, there were only a handful of ways the vote could go, and I covered them all in my… 1,171 more words

Conner the Computer Geek, Part 1

Every time the phone rings, I hope it’s him.  Every time there’s a knock on the door, I’m hoping that it’s Conner making a surprise visit.  3,064 more words

Chapter 2.3- Becoming a Family

Marcel and Ana are still as romantic as ever and don’t let their age stop them having fun in the Igloo.

Beth was about to nap in that same igloo when she went into labour, everyone was out so she cycled to the hospital where her son was born. 279 more words

La Sola

Bruce Conner Loves Sound

Gregory Briggler at the exhibition. Photo credit: ©2016 Gregory Briggler

Bruce Conner loves sound. He understands it in a way that few visual artists do. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is showing and sounding a retrospective of the artist whose life spanned the life of Rock and Roll. 286 more words