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Dance the Night Away

The banquet is coming up quickly.

At first, I was so nervous about it. I was nervous that I would have to be thrown in this room with all his friends and me. 181 more words


I sit here crying in my dark room, on my bed. I should be asleep but I can’t seem to fall into slumber tonight.

I’m sorry. 234 more words

#780 The Enchantress Returns by Chris Colfer

The Enchantress Returns by Chris Colfer

It’s been an entire year, a whole, long year since Conner and Alex have been to the Land of Stories, in fact, they haven’t even seen their grandmother. 621 more words


Land Of Stories

Have you ever read a book, and just wished “Oh I so want to live in that book”? Well Alex and Conner Bailey certainly have, and their wish came true! 170 more words


Superboy #21 Vol. 3: Future Tense Part One Of Three

Superboy #21 Volume 3: Future Tense Part One of Three is a DC comic that was originally released in November of 1995.


My Love

This week has been a different one in my life. As I sit here typing away, I am getting cute messages from Conner.

“I love you so much.” 291 more words

Chapter 3.9- The End and the New Start

Dana did some cooking and improved the skill

Holly and Daisy did some bonding

Daisy gained the handy trait

Holly and Daisy had a snow ball fight… 54 more words

Sims 3