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Just Connie's Year #14 : One of the GirlsĀ 

14th January 1997

Mummy at work so we all got up early. Aunty Susan looked after me this morning and I went to Aunty Helen’s house this afternoon. 195 more words

Just Connie's Year #12 : Dance Class!

12th January 1997

Mummy, Jordan and me went to Nana Junes. I went shopping to Asda. Amy here for tea. I didn’t want to go to sleep at all today so I ony had a cat nap. 237 more words

Just Connie's Year #11 : Pampered Pooch!

11th January 1997

Aunty Trina, Georgia and India came and brought Mummy a birthday present. Nana June and Aunty Helen came too. Amy was here playing with Jordan. 160 more words

More drawings by Evelyn H.

Hey nerds! We have more submissions by Evelyn H!

She did an awesome job on these, I especially love Bart. :D

If you have a submission for us, email it to us at Odysseynerds@mail.com. 18 more words

Adventures In Odyssey

Just Connie's Year #9 : Chef Connie

9th January 1997

Jade came to play this morning with me and Jordan. I didn’t want a sleep this morning but slept for 2 hours this afternoon. 128 more words

Just Connie's Year #5 : Lazy Days

5th January 1997

Daddy took me up to Nana Mags’ house while he washed Grandad’s car. Mummy and Jordan have gone to see 101 Dalmations with Amy and Michelle. 146 more words

Just Connie's Year #3 : Always Shopping

3rd January 1997

Ashleigh and Declan came to play. Mummy, Daddy and Jordan went shopping tonight. I stopped with Nana Mags.

3rd January 2017

I am loving still being on holiday from college. 117 more words