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Wonder, Excitement & Discovery [Part 2] - My List of 10 Recommended Episodes

Last time on A Few Of My Favorite Things, we went over my personal background with Adventures in Odyssey as well as the people behind the stories and characters of the audio series. 1,223 more words

A Few Of My Favorite Things

One Step Forward, One Step Back

This morning Lucy had to get up early to go to work doing some housework for an elderly couple who are the parents of a homeschool friend. 405 more words

My Perfect Day

I had one of the most perfect and fun days of my life, I had to document it!! I usually hate doing this, but I had so much fun that I want to cement it in my memory. 1,930 more words


The eyes have it... eventually

This is a weird age. At one point, when I look at it written down – or when I have to scroll back through the years to register online and the mouse is moving like Mo Farah – I feel old. 968 more words


I’ve been running around, trying to fill holes my entire life. I wouldn’t stop until I finally felt whole, until I found the answers I’d been looking for. 1,057 more words


Gem Hunt Theory: How Jasper Becomes Corrupted

From the current information leaks of Steven Universe there has been many saying that Jasper is going to be corrupted in future episodes. Originally I did not believe this as I could not see how it was going to happen and the picture leaks of corrupted Jasper seemed quite fake. 455 more words