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Connie scoops Best Actress award at HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival!

Great news! Connie is now an award-winning film! We’ve bagged our first award from five nominations in just a few short months. We couldn’t be happier! 58 more words

Just Connie's Year #78 : Processing Yesterday 

19th March 1997

Grandad Tony was here today while Mummy took Jordan for two injections. I had a good sleep outside this afternoon – it was really warm. 535 more words


Just Connie's Year #77: Connie's First Seizure

18th March 1997

I am getting quite daring when I’m sat on the floor – I like to stretch out for things and sometimes I fall over! 962 more words


Just Connie's Year #76 : Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!

17th March 1997

I managed to get an okay nights sleep last night – I am trying my best! I love going into our bedroom and rooting about when I’m in my walker! 200 more words


Just Connie's Year #75 : It's Been a Sporty Week!

16th March 1997

I slept all through the night last night! Nana Mags watched me while Mum changed the bedrooms around. Mine and Jordan’s room is lovely now! 177 more words


Just Connie's Year #74 : Horses, Dogs & Sleepless Nights

15th March 1997

I went to Nana June’s today – I fell onto my face and burst my nose! Mummy bought some new shelves for mine and Jordan’s room which should help us keep our toys tidy! 303 more words


Just Connie's Year #73 : Pancakes with Sister!

14th March 1997

I went shopping today with Nana June, Mummy and Jade and had lots of fun. All the fresh air made me tired and I had s good nap this afternoon. 264 more words