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to my booboo

… this is the first day of my life…

I’m glad I didn’t die before I met you.



the internet reality.

I read a couple of books recently with a similar theme. The novel “the circle” by Dave Eggers, a kind of internet-modern age 1984. Although I would have written a far happier and satisfying tale, it was brilliant but really scared me. 401 more words

why we need political punk more than ever

So, I went along to this little demonstration on Saturday in London. I mean little if you count 250,000 people there protesting against the cuts the British conservative government are doing. 309 more words

Just Announced: Desaparecidos @ Union Transfer - Friday, August 7

Former Bright Eye’s frontman Conor Oberst is trading in his acoustic guitar for the opportunity to revive his punk band Desaparecidos for a full summer tour, including a stop at… 132 more words

Coming Soon

TV Soundtrack 10/05/2014

I know, this is technically not Sunday; apparently is a thing called “Monday” and everybody seems to hate it, but, to me, is as good as any other day to talk about music and TV. 339 more words

"And what I mean by that is..."

There is a smile that says “I know something you don’t know.” It is not a pleasant smile. It is not a pleasant smile and so authors hide it, or try to, cover it up with the towering lectern of Authorness. 1,810 more words

As Oberst’s Accuser Recants, Let’s Remember The Real Victims Here: Everyone But Oberst

Joanie Faircloth, the woman who bravely announced her celebrity rape in the comments of a xoJane article, has finally recanted her story. And as the piece thinkers purse their lips and tent their fingers, the internet has already produced the exact responses everyone was expecting. 1,098 more words