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Bowing vs Kneeling

Most have heard the National Football League had a unanimous vote on the situation of protest on their fields. This rant isn’t to focus on whether I think it’s right or wrong… it’s more simple than that. 300 more words

Exceptionality: What? Why?

In my short lifetime, the world of special education has been scrambling to evolve and become more inclusive and supportive of all. When my sister was supposed to transition to the high school, the principal walked my mother down a long hall, away from the bustle of students, around a corner, opened the door to a literal storage closet, and told her that this would be where my sister would be spending 80% of her day. 570 more words


Daily Prompt: Bestow

via Daily Prompt: Bestow

Bestow me with the power

Bestow upon me an understanding

Bestow inside me a new heart

Bestow that talk

I bestow upon you, a crown… 21 more words

Event Photograph Analysed

Visual Language: This photographs composition captures a natural photograph, a photograph which hasn’t been forced or posed. It captures the emotion of the people within the photograph. 233 more words


Interior Photograph Analysed

Visual Language: This photographs composition is made up like this to sell the outfit the women is wearing.Through the use of form, the audience knows that the women wasn’t placed upon the background during post production. 246 more words


Exterior Photograph Analysed

Visual Language: The photographs composition is made to lure the viewer into viewing the photograph. The foreground and the middle ground of the photograph is in focus whilst the background is blurred. 195 more words


Behind the failures

“Failures are the stepping stones to success”– yes, most often we have heard this proverb. Its meaning is also very simple just keep trying until you succeed. 232 more words