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Banner Birthday

I unfurled my American flag off the back deck of our house yesterday. It’s a prominent location for the Stars & Stripes, where people passing by on the adjacent street can’t miss it. 650 more words


Globalisation: IBM

On the IBM website there is a section regarding image creation and use on the web (https://.ibm.com/https/www-01.ibm.com/software/globalization/topics/graphics/cultural.html) Although not directly linked to globalisation, I think it makes a lot of good points about the repercussions of becoming such a united world, more specifically by all sharing things such as the Internet. 386 more words


Project 3 (Reading visual communications) – Exercise 2

Join the Navy


  • sailor
  • torpedo
  • water (sea / ocean)
  • riding whip
  • cowboy pose
  • movement
  • energy
  • complementary colors
  • navy recruitment
  • JOIN NAVY is big, red and all-caps…
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The changing connotations of words isn't a small issue


‘This is ridiculous’. As well as a plethora of other boorish things.

I don’t understand what this person is doing wrong here.

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The Mystique of Reading the Bible in Greek and Hebrew-- Part 4 (Last part :)

– – I have mentioned nuances a lot so far. What I mean is the combination of denotative and connotative meaning: meaning that is directly expressed and meaning which is subtly implied. 843 more words