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Project 9: breakthrough barcodes, aesthetics and imagination

Instead of continuing along the track I had taken with this project I have paused and reassessed what I want to say visually. Just now I want to evoke a sense of breaking out and transformation from one thing to a, as yet unknown, other. 165 more words


Project 9: bar codes and colour

Before I began this next stage of development of the bar codes I thought quite a bit about colour values and so decided that I would experiment with the complementary colours of red and green as they also represented action and inaction and this plays a large part in my life. 316 more words


Project 9: Codes

When working on project 8 I touched on the issue of bar codes but didn’t spend much time on the subject and I want to take some time to explore the subject because it seems to me to work on several levels. 434 more words


Why make art?

I had a tough day yesterday. Things got on top of me and it took a post from Tanya here to refocus me. Its at times like this when art – looking at and interpreting or making it – becomes my salvation. 770 more words


Narrative, anti-narrative

At the meeting earlier this week the thing that stuck me is how we all try and make our own sense out of what we see often through generating a narrative around the subject matter. 16 more words


Same difference

I visited dad yesterday and one of the photos I took was looking at mum’s front garden. At the time I didn’t think anything of the photo and thought more about how the vista had changed from one where that little plot of soil was loved and cared for to now being a scene of neglect and decline. 90 more words


Dad: the next chapter

The email to the family just now following dad’s discharge from hospital yesterday…

Hi all

Firstly a big well done to Steve again for last night. 402 more words