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Project 19 Words - as pictures

I’ve been thinking about words quite a lot recently. A few of my colleagues on the MA are working a lot with words – see… 216 more words


Assignment research: still life

As noted in my last preparation post, the twin inspirations for my constructed image are Oscar Rejlander’s The Two Ways of Life (for its allegorical nature and left-right structure) and still life as an art genre (for the visual style I wish to work with). 1,504 more words

Research & Reflection

Project 18: exorcism

I’m still bleeding a great deal and last night was no different and so can’t wait to see the specialist this Thursday. The issue preoccupies me and so with that in mind I decided to  create this physical image. 205 more words


Words I Hate: "Offense"

In this installment of “Words I Hate,” I want to talk about the word “offense.”  It seems like a particularly timely moment to talk about this word, given the ways in which politicians on the right have consistently attempted to reframe systemic issues (racism, for example) as just another example of people getting too easily offended for their own good.   458 more words

Words I Hate

America's favourite pastime

Power Moves

.Control .Shifts

..Authority ..Transfers

…State …Transitions

….Government ….Reconstructions

…..Administration …..Adjustments

……Regime ……Changes


First Impressions & Clothing (Part 1)

Blog Post #16

The phrase: first impressions are the longest lasting, goes deeper than someone’s initial encounter with a specific person. A first impression doesn’t necessarily have to be verbally interacting with a person, and it doesn’t even have to be in-person. 356 more words