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Project 12: Public landscapes – the seaside

Working on these first two images offered me a sense of where the edges of this approach (ie symbolism digitally inserted into frames) might be. For example in this first shot the sign is so small as to be invisible and so useful in evoking any sense of disability in public spaces. 108 more words


Project 12: Public landscapes – monuments and spectacles

In this set of images I’ve tried to inject a sense of disability in relation to history and the monuments around us, and in photos that I would class as spectacles. 301 more words


Project 12: Public landscapes - walls and floors

Whereas the last images I posted for this project were quite obvious in their reference to disability this first one is much more ambiguous. I used a scanner image of the type I experimented with in project 9 for this photo but it didn’t really work. 178 more words


Project 12: Public landscapes – shops

I’ve tried using the same approach as in my last post in these next few images but whereas the last shots were of a suburban landscape these are all shop and shopping related. 61 more words


Guilty: Pride [A Golden Lion, or a Stubborn Ass]

I would like to say it was the fault of intoxication or social misdirection.
I would like to create a string of excuses.
I suppose I’ve tangled them up. 162 more words

Creative Writing

Project 12: Public landscapes - suburbia

In these two images which are very similar to the first in this set – see here. But there are a couple of differences: in these two images I have experimented with colour and repetition as a way of injecting rather mundane images with some form. 190 more words


Visual Communications Project 3 - Reading visual communications


Semiotic analyses centers on the sign made up of a:  Signifier – the sign conceptual component  Signified – the concepts to which the signifier refers. 759 more words

Part 3