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The Art of Immersion (and other things)

This is a book about storytelling memory imagination and sharing. Rose takes us through many stories that outline the changes to media production and consumption following the digital revolution. 708 more words


You're Retarded.

A video(linked below) was posted on April 14, 2015 about how the “R” word is offensive and should NEVER be used. It discusses how families who have relatives that have down-syndrome are offended by this word and believe it should never be used. 356 more words


The personal brand and why it is important to think twice

What does this photo say about me?

There’s a girl standing or walking around on grass, in what looks like a garden. The sun is shining. 387 more words


And they lived Happily Never After...


Saint Hoax  is an anonymous artist  and sociopolitical activist from Middle East. According to Hoax’s website he ‘combines tangible and digital mediums to create beautiful visual lies that tell an ugly truth’. 531 more words


Feel The Words

One of my favorite reading questions is, “How do the words make you feel?”

It’s not a very Common Core-ish question, but it is an extremely valuable question. 721 more words

Morning routines and train of thought

Most weekday mornings my work routine is pretty much the same. The first thing I do is spend an hour going through my emails. Nowadays a number of these involve reading posts from other MA students – so here is a typical morning’s view. 428 more words


Shopping-Cart Cottages

Shelter your consideration with architecturally sound dysfunction. You store it in the woodshed. It only beckons when fingers freeze with bins of splinters. Academize paraplegic concern in terms given meaning by purist theorists.Taint in tie-dye: black and blue. 102 more words

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