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Screen Cultures and Selves (Lecture 2)


How we make meaning? How do we understand who we are? How do we identify with the world/images/films/TV/computer games/books?

  • Meaning → Semiotics → Signs (we know red means stop and green means go)
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Class Notes

The Sounds of Document Design

By John Collins

Please read the rest of this document in the voice of Morgan Freeman. You will begin to notice, if you have taken my request with sincerity, that the pace of each sentence, phrase, word, and sound begins to slow and fall into a comforting rhythm. 1,015 more words

Document Design

Stereotyped: A Mislead Connotation

“Nay, ‘Tay, Ate, Kuya, basura po!”

The garbage collector is shouting it once, twice, thrice, or even four times until all the neighborhood would turn on their hallway lights and open their doors to give their trashes from previous day. 1,089 more words

when you give a song a different meaning

I made him listen to a song he never heard before. “You are really clever..”, he said while we were kissing. “because of this I will always remember you while listening to this song.”

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Wat Is Liefde

Performance Analysis: Denotation & Connotation

Denotation: what is there

Connotation: what it might mean

1) Exercise: Steps coming to to the space, there is a burning white circular candle in the middle of the empty dark stage. 263 more words

Theatre/Film Theory, Philosophy & History

Quote for Today: A. S. Byatt

The black thing in her brain and the dark water on the page were the same thing, a form of knowledge. This is how myths work. 67 more words

Quote For Today

A deeply text-based novel that somehow feels at home on the silver screen

So much of The Martian is rooted in Mark’s textual logs, and yet Ridley Scott’s film adaptation feels surprisingly natural. This leads me to believe that Scott understands a key principle about what makes a good adaptation: Rather than attempt to play out word for word everything about which Weir writes, Scott unlocks another layer of the story. 813 more words