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Most of the conversations I have in my new village don’t last more than a few short sentences. Voices fade into uncertainty after a few rehearsed lines. 951 more words

Peace Corps


Pride. It is a necessary part of heroism and heroic characters. It also gets a bad rap from far too many people. The people who belittle pride come in two very unrelated types. 720 more words


The Resonance of a Word

I’ve wondered quite a lot recently, why it is that certain words seem to resonate within the mind more than others.

I’ve encountered this time and again -a nondescript day where I’ll overhear an arbitrary excerpt of a passerby’s conversation, or read through the musings of the internet, wherein a lone word will hurl itself into the path of my sight. 105 more words


Project 12: Public landscapes – review

This project has been all about creating pictures that speak from within themselves about the social experience of disability. My inclusion of the disability symbol in these rather ordinary landscapes hopefully triggers a thought process with the viewer about what it is to be a wheelchair user in these social public environs. 114 more words


Project 12: Public landscapes – urban landscapes and people

Rather than just document the landscape and inject a sense of disability into the image through symbolism I have selected a different kind of landscape here – ones with people in. 171 more words