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Stumbling Towards Happiness

When it comes down to it, we’re all looking for the same thing aren’t we?

“All I want now, is happiness for you and me” 761 more words


March 16th! Opening for one of Mat's local favorite bands!

First time I saw this band was them opening up for Schwervon! in the basement of The Union in Kansas City. Didn’t take me long to say, I freakin love this!!! 182 more words

Seafoam Galaxy

Screaming is bad for the voice, but it’s good for the heart. – Conor Oberst http://dlvr.it/KlHb09


3 in 1


so why not,

give it all you’ve got

instead of lurking in

those panther-like shadows

waiting for the world to knock at your door… 208 more words


Happiness and Bright Eyes.

So, as most people who know me will know by now, Bright Eyes is my very favorite band. I actually got to see them during their tour for The People’s Key in March of 2011. 201 more words

Things I Like

Zigzagging Toward The Light

I don’t have anything to write all of the time, but it’s good to know that when I do, I have a place for it to go.