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The heart was made to be broken.

Oscar Wilde

Oh I have loved him unconditionally like forever, he was my dream man, the one I modeled other men against, the one I prayed to God for, the Mr.

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Optional Challenges

During a newscast I heard the words challenges and chosen used together.  I immediately thought, exactly.  Challenges have changed over the years, moving away from doing them because we have to, to doing them because we want to. 164 more words

Life Happens

Conquer or be Conquered

I am beginning this blog as an escape route and a means of self expression because my heart is so heavy that if I don’t express, it might burst to piecds. 75 more words


Rise, it is #YourTime

You hear the sound

Sarcastic laughs bound in mutual hatred

A sound so sharp

So sadistic

Almost inhumane

Too loud that it cuts through your mind… 197 more words

...Including You

My every night

Hold the sight

Of you by my side.

Closing are my illusions

For I’m not even in your intuitions

And to close all this confusion! 34 more words


Musings of a Novice Hiker

It may appear hard at first glance
But have to move forward
Don’t want to waste that chance.

Courage and confidence is what I wear…

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Becoming True Millennials

Ugh do we Millennials sure get a bad rap! But, you know what? Some of the strongest in history did too, so I guess it’s just another sign we are on the right path at the right time. 187 more words

Tools For Success