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The Healing Power of Conquering Your Fear (and How to Do This!)

This podcast really came at the right time for me today and thought I’d share it with others as Lewis Howes is one of my favorite podcast hosts and gets some amazing people on the show! 95 more words


Three Women, Muhammad & A Mountain

Three Women, Muhammad & A Mountain

“If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad,

Then Muhammad must go to the mountain.” – Anonymous

I’ve climbed many mountains, both literally and figuratively. 602 more words

The Good Word for April 19th

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Can you imagine what it must have been like to see the first airplane fly? We’ve become so accustomed to the idea of powered human flight that we don’t bat an eye about hoping on a metal tube and hoping off 1300 miles away. 395 more words


How to conquer life: Change your train of thoughts♡

Good Hello,

This is the second post in my weekly column on “how to conquer life”. If you want to read the first one, you can go to the category “Conquer Life” at the top of the blog.  211 more words


She will conquer

It was a days ordeal for her.

May be collection of drudgery

Or hard work that seems to be

realistic sometimes , but most of… 31 more words


Jesus Tweeting … Too Many Problems

Too many problems to count? Don’t count them. Don’t even look at them until you feel my peace. Otherwise, you will be in over your head and will never enter into the profound state of rest I have called you to.

Jesus Tweeting

Dear Shannon,

Dear Shannon,

Today is the day. I know a lot has been riding on this day, and it’s the day where all you’ve been dreaming of for the past 4 months, either comes true, or it doesn’t. 375 more words