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Conquer Stress Depression & Anxiety! 80% Comms Avail For High Vol Affs

Conquer Stress Depression & Anxiety! 80% Comms Avail For High Vol Affs

Internationally Acclaimed Complete Guide To Conquering Stress, Depression & Anxiety Naturally & Safely Without Drugs. 24 more words

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"To the one who conquers...", pt. 6: Rev. 3:12

In Revelation, the temple is the heavenly kingdom (21:22). Pillars are probably of more importance here. In the ANE, pillars were used commemoratively, ritually, legally, and memorially. 336 more words

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The thing about Columbus is he didn’t insist hard enough it was China he had landed on. The story he offered there wasn’t sufficiently compelling. 236 more words

Touch your fear

we all have fears, many for fair reasons but more often than not these fears are irrational and hold us back from greatness.

i have always been afraid of roller coasters ever since i was a kid, ive never even been on a fast one because of this. 126 more words


"To the one who conquers...", pt. 5: Rev. 3:5

The white garments in 3:5 are continued from the verse before. Here we see that white garments are given to people who are worthy to receive them.To the Laodicean church, John counsels the people to buy white garments to cover their shameful nakedness (3:18). 418 more words

Biblical Studies

Become Hungry For Life Again

One week ago today, April 20, I had 69 visitors and over 90 page visits. Let’s try and make that a daily occurrence! Share with your friends and family to make sure they get their daily dose, too. 449 more words



What is this hurry to conquer?

To climb all the mountains,

And to dive in the deep seas,

To check everything off a list of dreams? 85 more words