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Consistency is Key to Successful Discipline

Consistency is key to successfully teaching your child right from wrong when disciplining them.  It keeps small misdeeds and bad behaviors from later becoming bigger misdeeds and worse behaviors.  299 more words


Quote Of The Day

A phrase from a previous post turned into a quote.

The journey doesn’t have to end there
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Photo Of The Day


I have a prophetic message in me and I must give it. I pray in Jesus name I give it properly.  Awhile ago I did a message I said I am the Light and with me I come I have both keys.   807 more words


When Love Comes To Town

I was a sailor, I was lost in sea
I was under the waves, before love rescued me
I was a fighter I could turn on a threat… 207 more words


Conquer one fear a month and move on!!!

Take a fear you know you have and question it till it vanishes fully! Take one a month and watch your quality of life improve drastically! 11 more words


As Long As There Is Light

Whenever I see my own light dimming making my world feel lonely, dark and scary, someone comes along and brightens the way for me. I’m grateful for family and friends who give me light which helps me conquer the darkness. 46 more words


Overcome fear with love...

Fear is like a gift wrap containing your most valuable gift of life ( self realisation)! accept fear! shiver if you want but don’t run away! 22 more words