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Being afraid of the dark is a phase every child seems to go through. As adults, it’s a fear many claim to outgrow. But is being afraid of the dark a fear anyone truly outgrows? 747 more words

Life Lessons In The Wilderness

How To Conquer A Fear

A and I consider ourselves adventurous people. We like to be outdoors partaking in some sort of activity, be it hiking, kayaking, playing sports – anything to enjoy the great outdoors. 580 more words


“When you leap, the net appears.”

I couldn’t tell you where I was, what I was doing or even what stiletto I was sporting when I read this. 223 more words



Fear, the basic human instinct, derived from an evolutionary chain of self-preservation.  It is fear that keeps us alive and keeps us away from danger.  The built in flight response, which is ready to go at a moments notice.   234 more words

The Fear of Ending Up Alone Leads to Bad Choices in Men

When you let the fear of being alone control your dating choices, you tend to rush into situations with guys who you know aren’t right for you. 306 more words

Women And Dating

Conquering Your Fears in Life and in Relationships

I recently faced one of my biggest fears head on — deep water.

Though I can swim and have been able to swim for years now, I’ve still had a fear of wading on the deep side of the pool where I couldn’t feel the floor with my feet. 258 more words

Women And Dating

I am a Triathlete

The day came and went so fast. I had trouble sleeping the night before. Worried that I would sleep through my alarm and doubting if I could really do this. 1,225 more words