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Art is Long and Life is Short . . .

How do you handle waiting while you are working on your art? (And believe me, it is art if you are dedicated to your craft.) I handle waiting by continuing to write, even without knowing if my effort will pay off. 165 more words

Heart of Darkness: Marlow's State of Mind

Two deaths – one real, one imagined – significantly impact Marlow and his state of mind in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.  The real death is that of the helmsman, who is speared directly in front of Marlow during an attack on the steamship; the imagined death is that of Kurtz, whom Marlow assumes is now also dead. 537 more words


Two "Adventure" Stories by Joseph Conrad

Before the Internet, there was TV. Before TV, movies, and radio. Before that, books and maps. Like many young boys growing up in the heart of Europe, maps of the world still suggested vast mysterious blank territory. 1,523 more words


What is 'othering' and what does it mean to Conrad?

‘Otherness’ is a concept whereby differences in cultures, societies, or people are used in order to create a divide, and in some instances to create a sense of hierarchy. 1,980 more words


Fashion Week: The Top 6 Street Style Trends We Saw During NYFW — Lauren Conrad

If you follow us on Instagram (@LaurenConrad_com), you probably noticed some New York Fashion Week photos popping up on your feed last week. Well, that’s because two of us traveled to the Big Apple to catch the Spring 2017 shows.

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The Stylish

Character Profile: Conrad

Since I could walk, I have moved among the tress of the timeless forests of the Riverlands. Unseen and unnoticed, the arrows of my bow cut through the morning mists, their targets never missed.

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The Earliest Beginnings of the World

As Marlow in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness travels up the Congo River, he says that “Going up that river was like traveling back to the earliest beginnings of the world, when vegetation rioted on the earth and the big trees were kings” (33). 519 more words