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Kiriko Epawsode 9 - The Cockroach's Comeback

I’m glad to see that everyone enjoyed the “surprise” last time~ nyahahaha~ :3

This time, things get a little more……heated, shall we say? Well, enjoy~ 3,160 more words

Myriad Of Shades

My Son, My Knight

On the way out of the mall tonight I whimpered, “Ughh, my bag getting is heavy!” (It is a canvas tote bag with my MAC, a big planner and a couple books inside). 23 more words


Kiriko Epawsode 8 - The Swindler's Surprise

This time there’re quite a few rather….shocking developments. Nyahahaha~ enjoy~

Kiriko Epawsode 8: The Swindler’s Surprise

A navy blue scarf billowed out around me as I walked out of the change room. 4,039 more words

Myriad Of Shades

Lindsay and Bo's Wedding, Filmed at Sacred Heart Church and Conrad Indianapolis

We had a fantastic day filming for Lindsay and Bo. The weather was beautiful which is not always the case in April and we finally got our new toy err.. 72 more words

Weddings I've Filmed

Kiriko Interlude 2 - The Converging Cogs

***WARNING! The second half of this interlude may contain content and/or language that some people may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.***

Kiriko Interlude 2:  1,939 more words

Myriad Of Shades

Chapter 6.1 Roaring into the 1920's

Last time Hannah aged up and became the new heir.  Also due to problems I was having with this save the family packed up and moved to a new town.   655 more words