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The Pros And Cons Of Food Delivery And Meal Prep Services

Something has to give.

Our modern working lives are busier and busier, but we still crave time for family and recreation. It’s no real surprise that we’re beginning to delegate the chores that take up our precious Saturday mornings ― sending out the dry cleaning or hiring a service to tidy up … https://is.gd/kf3VQD

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Anime Con Part 2

So apparently I had this post scheduled for October. Didn’t notice until today. So sorry for the delay. But, onto the second part of Anime Con. 496 more words

Christmas Come and Gone

Ok, so Dragon Con isn’t exactly Christmas, but it is pretty epic. This year was amazing. I wanted to share the awesome with you guys before getting back to the more specific (like entering a new fandom) 56 more words

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Day 38 - Weights Pros and Cons

Alcohol nil; 5-a-day 4; Exercise 30 minutes (strength)

I’ve done a second weights session at the gym, this time without my friend showing me how to do things and I was thinking how it compares to other types of strength training that I will be doing. 56 more words


Not Without Our Consent

Last week some fellow Spoonies shared something with me that really ticked me off, and I’d like to open up the topic of consent to a level some of you might not have thought about before. 585 more words

Spoonie Challenges

What is Digital Marketing ?

Internet, Internet, Internet everywhere internet. In January 2018 a survey was taken by wearesocial, the number of internet users is 4.021 billion, 7 %is increasing every year. 548 more words