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Biologically Inspired Sensors Turned Into Silicon

For the last three and a half Billion years, evolution has built sensors. The nerves on your fingertips are just as good as any electronic touch sensor, a retina is able to detect a single photon, and the human ear is more finely tuned than the best microphones. 449 more words

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The Big Decision: Time to Buy Your House

Stepping into the new phase of your life? It’s time for you to think about a new start and new achievements; for example buying a comfy house… 256 more words

4. Web Design Industry

During 2014 it was estimated that there were a total number of 785 million websites, and approximately 16 million added per month (2014 – Technology). People who create these websites are either designers and developers, or your amateur DIY person. 180 more words

Quickly Prototyping X-ray Backscatter Machines

Ben Krasnow is one of those people no one has a bad opinion of. He’s part of the team at Verily (Google’s Life Science Alphabit), where he’s busy curing cancer. 505 more words


Stan Lee's LA Comic Con: Report from the Floor

After a quick hiatus on RAHNAV, we are back up and posting.  Now on to the recaps of the last con of the year, Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con fka Comikaze. 178 more words


Breast Cancer Scam Call 2016

Time to write the “2016 edition”of the charity scam complaints. My mother’s number was called and I was asked for. I have not used her number as my own phone number for over two years. 274 more words

Founding A Company In Shenzhen For Eight Days

Nadya Peek is one of the hackers that should require no introduction for the regular Hackaday reader. She is a postdoc at the Center for Bits and Atoms at the MIT Media Lab. 517 more words

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