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Mini Review of Dohdles and Ubongo Teaser Games from Gen Con 2015

Today, I have for you an informal review of something we were given at Gen Con this year – two mini teaser games by a company called Thames & Kosmos. 724 more words

Board Games

The Kindness Con

Last week I spent the day in Central Park to see the Pope. The day was beautiful. It felt like an early Autumn Day, sunny with a bit of wind, low humidity, but not too cool. 779 more words


How Much Mesh Is Too Much?

Since mesh appeared on the grid, I’ve tried to learn as much as I can about it.

There are things I will never understand, because I don’t make mesh. 436 more words

Second Life

Starting to look forward to Capclave: Here's my list of panels.

Capclave, the convention held each year by the Washington Science Fiction Association, is coming up. Jim and I like to attend because it’s a really nice East Coast literary con and because we have friend who both attend and live near there. 283 more words

The Universe

To Print Or Not To Print

I don’t think we are less likely to be well informed if the New York Times were to disappear, something would pop back up in it’s place. 403 more words


The Pros and Cons of Monitoring Software

The Internet has provided many benefits to individuals and businesses alike. Many menial tasks are now streamlined thanks to the Internet, research is simplified and communication is vastly improved. 16 more words

2015 RedBull Creation Ends with Flaming Tire Swing of Death

Holy *#$&. That just about sums up the 2015 RedBull Creation Competition. It was fantastic. Where else could you ride a gasoline engine powered tire-swing-of-death, complete with fireball launcher? 195 more words