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National Post View: On physician-assisted suicide, respect the conscience rights of all

The Supreme Court has spoken on the issue of physician-assisted suicide. Now the physicians are speaking.

According to a poll of 1,047 doctors by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), released as part of the organization’s annual general meeting in Halifax, 63 per cent would refuse to provide so-called “medical aid in dying.” Twenty-nine per cent said they would consider killing a patient upon request, with 19 per cent saying that they “would be willing to help end the life of a patient whose suffering was psychological, not physical.” 419 more words

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2014 Voices: Should a Pro-Life Person Become a Nurse?

Voices Online Edition
Vol. XXIX, No. 2
30th Anniversary Issue

Should a Pro-Life Person Become a Nurse?
by Nancy Valko, RN

Recently I received an email from a nurse friend asking if I could reply to a letter from a student nurse. 1,741 more words

Conscience Rights

2012 Voices: Then and Now: The Descent of Ethics

Voices Online Edition
Vol. XXVII, No. 2
Pentecost 2012

Then and Now: The Descent of Ethics

by Nancy Valko, RN

I feel blessed to have grown up and become a nurse in the era of TV programs like Marcus Welby, MD, Ben Casey, and Medical Center. 2,211 more words


2011 Voices: The Dark Heart of Euthanasia: Selling Death

Voices Online Edition
Vol. XXVI, No. 2
Pentecost 2011

Bioethics Watch

The Dark Heart of Euthanasia: Selling Death

by Nancy Valko, RN

“Eleanor” (not her real name) was larger than life even when she became ill with cancer in her 50s. 1,137 more words

Assisted Suicide

2010 Voices: Suicide — Prevention or Assistance?

Voices Online Edition
Vol. XXV, No. 2
Pentecost 2010
Bioethics Watch
Suicide — Prevention or Assistance?

by Nancy Valko

Early this year people across the United States were shocked by the news that three Cornell University students committed suicide within the span of a few days. 785 more words

Assisted Suicide

2009 Voices: War Against Conscience Rights

Voices Online Edition
Vol. XXIV, No. 2
Pentecost 2009

Women for Faith & Family
Celebrating 25 years of service to the Church

Bioethics Watch: 834 more words


2005 Voices: Should We Be Dying to Donate?

Voices Online Edition
VOICES – Vol. XX No. 1 – Eastertide 2005

Should We Be Dying to Donate?

by Nancy Valko, RN
Studies “suggest there might be significant public acceptance of future policies that violate the dead donor rule, or that further extend the boundary between life and death to include brain-damaged patients”.1 Tracy C. 1,544 more words