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Wait! I'm already shaping kids minds!!

I have just had a revelation, I was siting next to my niece as she was reading, and helping her sound words out and realized that I am already a contributing force in the next generation…. 367 more words

I am

I am flawed

I am anxiety riddled

I am a mother

I am a lover

I am a liar

I am selfish

I am glutinous… 47 more words

Battle for Conscience

In my repose, I am sorry. Sorry for the mess that I have been, sorry that I do not take better care if myself. There is no excuse for the way that I have been. 196 more words

Along the Road: Day One

Along the road
bodies of children
broken out`side`in
by a demented child
as impotent leaders
lament the powers
of gun`makers

Why we crush
our own flowers… 54 more words


Soul Pampering Time

Pamper your soul with a dosage of daily relaxing time only for you and your Inner-self. Feel free to immerse yourself in the silliest activity. 34 more words



Reason tells us that some of what we read in Scripture simply cannot, in and of itself, be God’s word. Consider some glaring examples – 657 more words