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Practical Lessons from Romeo and Juliet

Hand-lettering // Hope Hickman @sincerelyhope.designs

I teach ninth grade English, and William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is in the English I curriculum. I honestly love teaching this play. 730 more words

Secular Views on Conscience

Sigmund Freud’s Approach 

  • Sigmund Freud concluded that the human personality consisted of three areas;
    • 1. The Super-ego: The set of moral controls given to us by outside influences.
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Religious Views on Conscience

Thomas Aquinas’ Approach

  • Thomas Aquinas viewed conscience as the natural ability to see right from wrong
  • He believed all people aim for what is good & avoid the bad, this he called the synderesis rule 
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Rainy Mess & a moment...

20 June 2017;

What’s Up!!

Sky and earth are so close yet so far. Rains in Delhi; sky look so beautiful but roads become equally a sludge pie and garbage. 629 more words


A Character

Once spoken, the face flies off

Leaving the being without an identity

Before being replaced by another

Sits uncomfortably 

Conflict of interest shapes reality

Eyes beg for perceptions… 56 more words