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Nosa will date any man for the right price. Find out why.

If Luke knows about my conspiracy, he doesn’t mention it. Which is good. Fiona called me to leave her son alone, and Luke doesn’t mention it is good too. 857 more words


My Conscience Is Bound To God's Word Not Opinions Of Men

In the 1870’s Charles Hodge, the great Princeton Theologian wrote these words,

Nothing is more common among Protestants, especially in our day, than the attempt to coerce the conscience of men by public opinion; to make the opinions of men on questions of morals a rule of duty for the people, and even for the Church.

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Fired Conscience

Poetry about Teaching and Conscience

Help me forget the things that I’ve learned.
“saints,” unSaintly, teaching their scorn.
Tonight, my conscience, a holy fire is born.

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And You Say!

Steve Bannon says
Judge Roy Moore’s pinkie finger
has more honor
and integrity
than Mitt Romney’s family has
in it’s entire DNA

The president says… 37 more words


But You Must Master It

But You Must Master It

We all face temptations  every single day.     No one  in this world  is exempt.     That’s life  in this sinful world.      811 more words



I never get this far just to see you around
And come face you, eye to eye though we know we’re dimensions apart
I saw this before, but God knows how long I made my eyes shut… 248 more words