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A beautiful yet marginalizing world

Living beings tend to have the ability to look up and look down, to move forward and move backward, to sit down and stand up. We can analyse the concept of our conscience in the same way. 439 more words

A Holiday in France

( A Sequel of Him, my earlier post )

I knew that I shouldn’t. But I fell for you. You. You made me fall for you. 525 more words

Pope Francis: "Anesthetized Conscience is Victory for Evil One"

At morning Mass in the Casa Santa Marta in the Vatican, Pope Francis reflected on a gospel reading in which Jesus speaks forcefully on the influence of Beelzebul, the “prince of demons” (Luke 11:15-26), and urged diligent care and discernment for Christians in the face of eternal conflict: “temptations always return,” said the Pontiff, because “the Evil Spirit never tires.” 315 more words

Pope Francis

This is what you did...

She told you to be honest and to speak your mind. You knew that was bound to end in tears, but you did it anyway, because you trust her, you believe her. 1,128 more words

Not So Random

That Little Voice in Your Head

Everybody has a conscience, but many of us don’t think about it that much. Often, that’s because we’ve “trained” our conscience not to convict us about those sins that we really don’t want to give up, or we only “hear” it when it says something good to us, not when it declares our own actions to be wrong. 999 more words

Preparing For Worship

The Wheel of Justification

Inside the minds of man the Wheel of Justification constantly whirrs. Should we be able to harness this energy source then the need for fossil fuels would disappear overnight!! 188 more words


On the Fundamental Requirement of Being Convicted of Sin

But, the acceptance of the supernatural depends upon a conviction of the reality of sin.  Without the conviction of sin, there can be no appreciation of the uniqueness of Jesus.  316 more words

Christian Worldview