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Ooh, terrorism, everyone panic!

Yesterday, there was a terror attack in my capital city.

Let’s face it, only five people were killed. Okay, that’s slightly unusual in the UK, and in Europe, because the gun laws are more sensible here, so mass killings tend to be due to terrorism rather than local nutters playing around with firearms. 300 more words

Psychopathic Control Of Society

carpe diem?

how beautiful it must be to die living ones dream? I heard a bbc program about a base jumper. he was talking about some friends of his who lost their life during jumping and he expressed his bereavement very intensely but did not regret doing it nevertheless. 199 more words

Life In Faith And Faith In Life

Under the Surface

As difficult as it is not to add your accusation to those heaped on the head of the accused, it is more gratifying to desist; this below the surface of course. 54 more words


Connections: March 23.17

Did you ever have the feeling

that you were being watched?

That you’d best not sneak that pastry

or leave that crossword botched?

You can summon up its form… 32 more words


March 23, 2017/Laws and Conscience

You don’t have to look too far to find some sort of scandal lately. It seems as if there is one around every corner. Politicians. Judges. 623 more words


 كيف تستطيع تدريب إرادتك لخدمتك؟

Many people fail to get ahead because they have no willpower to do what they know they should be doing. 466 more words

One Minute Message