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Someone was asked...

Someone was asked, ‘When will a man know that he has received the remission of his sins?’ He answered, ‘When in his soul he becomes conscious that he has completely hated them with his whole heart, and when he governs himself in his external actions in a manner opposed to his former way of life. 50 more words

Character Counts: Your Conscience, Listen to It

Journey with us as we explore the concepts and principles learned through Cindy Miller’s book entitled “Character Counts.” In this series, we will be discovering how to build Godly Character. 1,210 more words

My Latte, Your Chicken Sandwich, and Our Neighbors

Starbucks donates money to many causes with which I, a conservative Christian, strongly disagree. It supports Planned Parenthood. It supports various LGBT initiatives, the majority of which involve definitions of marriage and human flourishing that are incompatible with my faith. 914 more words


A Properly formed Conscience

One word challenge “MIRROR

One Liner-Wednesday  =  #1linerWeds 

Your mirror a reflection of conscience; a good conscience can bear much, even in adversity while a bad conscience is always fearful. 6 more words

Word Prompts

Why you don't love yourself

Out of integrity, lying, coveting, envy, vengeance, hate can be compared to indigestion

Lying etc. is like indigestion.

In indigestion you give the body something to eat that the body cannot use as food. 128 more words

"Femme Fatale Online" Issues

“Femme Fatale Online” is the mystery enovel based on Second Life where Rick, the married hero, faces a crisis of conscience as he considers his relationship with an attractive woman, Joan, he befriends in a virtual world, “Personal Portal,” or PP.  365 more words