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Homo-"marriages": resistance is a right and a DUTY

How should we react to the US Supreme Court’s judicial putsch of last week, which makes homo-“marriages” a constitutional “right”, or to the Irish referendum that, albeit less of a putsch, produces the same effect? 3,174 more words


"I don't want to vaccinate my child. What is the Conscientious Objection form?" (Australia)

The following information relates to Australian families.

So, what is the Conscientious Objection form? Some non-vaccinating parents-to-be are unclear as to what this form is and when it is required. 244 more words


The right to refuse treating a patient in Saskatchewan

Watch above: The Saskatchewan College of Physicians and Surgeons is debating whether physicians should have the right to refuse certain services to patients. Meaghan Craig takes a look at the controversial concept. 672 more words


The French Revolution: Quakers and cockades

When our project cataloguer came across a cockade (a type of ribbon rosette for wearing on a hat or pinned to a garment) from 1792 revolutionary France among the… 1,587 more words

Conscientious Objection

Righteous Israelis (Resisters [Torah])

Stephen Langfur was born in the U.S. and was a Conscientious Objector during the American war of destruction in Vietnam. When he moved to Israel, he began to serve in the Israel Defense Forces but later refused to serve in the West Bank during the first Palestinian intifada. 240 more words


D-Day and remembering the witness of conscientious objectors

This week’s guest writer is Ron Janzen, executive director of MCC Manitoba.

One of my clearest recollections of my “Opa” (paternal grandfather) is a story he told me about war.  783 more words


International Conscientious Objectors Day - May 15th.

Telling the stories in their own words

It’s great that the conscientious objectors of the First World War are finally being heard and their stories told. 244 more words

First World War