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Dear Bishops

Dear Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales,

Some of us* got a little soggy yesterday in Birmingham, and being called a Nazi wasn’t much fun, but it was a very light and easy cross to bear in the grand scheme of things, and we did it out  of love and witness, and it was on the whole a joyful occasion. 512 more words


Friday Bench: Peace Bench

A guest bench today courtesy of Twitter and Historic England, who posted recently on unusual war memorials.

This particular bench commemorates peace and was donated by the Quakers of Hastings to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. 79 more words


To be or not to be (conscientious objectors). Debate report by Lucina De Paolis

Last week our class debate focused on the motion whether doctors have the right to object to an abortion or not. The for team spoke in favour of the right of doctors to make conscientious objection while the other group spoke against this right, therefore in favour of women’s right to have an abortion. 526 more words


On required contextualization of conscientious objection

” The very concept of conscientious objection is vague and ambiguous and what it actually means and entails therefore depend on the legislative context in which it was inserted, on how that specific law was designed and written, on the nature of the thing  one subtracts himself and on the conflict created by the different rights of people involved. 32 more words


How our childhood games prepared my sister for military prison

After completing a prison stint of twenty days, my sister Atalya Ben-Abba was given another chance to enlist, to which she has refused again, and sentenced to thirty more days of military prison. 774 more words


Conscientious Objection for Reserved Forces in South Korea - Sung-Hyun Jo's Story

by SeongHan Kim

Band of Brothers

The story of Korean Conscientious Objector Sang-Min widely spread among many Anabaptist-Mennonite circles. While he was in prison, he received many letters and cards from different parts of the world. 667 more words