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Ron Paul's Liberty Report: Justin Pavoni on Conscientious Objection

Justin Pavoni is a former F-15E evaluator pilot (US Air Force) who became a conscientious objector and left the military. He’s also my husband! Very proud to share this video of Justin with Dr Ron Paul, a personal hero of ours. 28 more words


Sweden: abortion is the ultimate "refusal to care"

While in other European countries politicians, and in particular members of the government, are careful not to meddle with the separation of powers, this is apparently not so in Sweden. 164 more words


In Sweden, midwives must be willing to kill - otherwise they get no job.

In all other countries the job of a midwife is to help children being born. In Sweden, by contrast, the job description includes abortion.

The Jönköping District Court… 262 more words


When Health Care Plans Cover Abortion, What's a Catholic to Do?

To paraphrase the ad campaign for milk: Got health insurance yet?

Open enrollment, the annual period when people can enroll in an insurance plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace, begins November 1. 528 more words


The Shortcomings of Conscientious Objection

Aidan Hayes doubts that the physician’s conscience alone justifies a refusal to provide treatment. 562 more words

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