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The map and the treasure

I recently went on retreat at a Benedictine monastery. Their website says that “You’re invited to join us any day for prayer or Mass in the Archabbey Church.” They pray five times every day, and have mass every day. 1,867 more words

Religious And Spiritual

Kim Davis, Pope Francis, and Conscientious Objection: Whose Toilet Got Flushed?

Now that the Vatican has confirmed some kind of encounter between Kim Davis and Pope Francis, people are angry.  That’s not surprising, because once you’ve had an “audience” with the Pope–without an interpreter, without coverage–you can make whatever claims you wish to concerning what happened between you and the Holy Father. 719 more words

Today's claims of religious liberty


Many people today on the political right claim that religious liberty is under attack because the nation expects them to follow the law. Of course, there has been a struggle for many centuries as to whether the laws propounded by religions are superior to those of secular governments. 757 more words

Pope Francis Met With Kim Davis in DC, According to Reports

The Vatican’s chief spokesman said Wednesday that he would “not deny” that the Pope met a controversial county official while he was in Washington, D.C. 628 more words


Conscripted for the Great War

The previous post in this series of octogenarian musings, ‘Thousands of mornings’, originally had a comment box and I appreciated what several readers said to encourage me to keep going:  I’ll try to do so, at my own slow pace. 1,199 more words


Submission on NHMRC Review of Ethical Guidelines for Assisted Reproductive Technology Stage 2

Project Officer – ART Public Consultation

Ethics and Governance Section

Evidence, Advice and Governance

National Health and Medical Research Council

GPO Box 1421

CANBERRA ACT 2601… 1,671 more words


Conscientious Objection or Conscious Oppression?: The Uphill Battle to Access Abortion Services in Uruguay

By Lucia Berro Pizzarossa, University of Groningen

In October 2012, Uruguay passed Law 18,987 that waives criminal penalties for abortion in the first 12 weeks of gestation. 718 more words

Right To Health Observatory