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Principles to Live for.

Dear Friends,

In my previous letter I outlined ways in which religious freedom and the redefinition of marriage are currently in conflict. Hopefully now you can speak (not argue) in an informed way with those who insist that there is no conflict between the two. 796 more words

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God Uses Government Overreach to Spread the Gospel

The New Testament, particularly Acts, makes it clear that that Jesus’ followers did not blindly obey the governments under which they found themselves. Faithfulness to God was primary for them. 559 more words


A History of Contrariness

In examining my anabaptist roots, I am struck by how often these advocates for non-violence and separation of church and state used civil disobedience as their means to protect themselves from the encroachment of the government into their faith. 1,179 more words


Should Catholics Opposed to Marriage Equality Use Civil Disobedience?

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling, some government officials and religious leaders who oppose the decision have been calling for citizens and congregants to actively protest the advent of marriage equality.   1,025 more words


100 Words- July 7

I have heard it suggested that the principle of conscientious objection, which was an option in the United States Armed Services when the Armed Services was a conscription organization, be applied to those who want to deny services to people of rainbow hue (gay people). 56 more words


100 Words- July 5, 2015

The American Government has, in special circumstances such as combat, provided for individual philosophical objections to a particular act.  Under the former Armed Services Draft, many who claimed a conscientious objection to the act of killing another human being, were assigned to non-combat duties.   58 more words


Spain: no obligation for pharmacists to sell abortifacients

Spain’s Constitutional Court has issued a landmark ruling protecting the conscience rights of pharmacists who decline to sell the “morning after pill”.

The court’s finding was based on freedoms of religion and conscience found in article 16 of the Spanish constitution. 43 more words