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We Are 'Social Animals'

YOU ARE ON A MISSION OF EVOLUTION. The motivating force that keeps you moving forward is a natural wish of the universe to expand and develop. 362 more words

Conscious Awareness

ESTABLISH JURISDICTION: How to empower your right to a clear hearing

As extreme assault on humans escalates, it is imperative to know your rights as a human being, and how to effectively navigate your way out of a corrupt judicial system. 86 more words


Parisha Taylor and Transforming Repetitive Negative Thoughts

Parisha Taylor demonstrates by her own example the importance of feeding new information into one’s mind. I have pondered over the feeling of being “stuck” with repetitive and frequently negative thoughts which lead me only to frustration and despair. 67 more words

Parisha Taylor

Parisha Taylor and the Redundant Merry-Go-Round

Parisha Taylor teaches common sense solutions for getting off the redundant Merry-Go-Round. It is truly mind boggling that the brain processes 40 billion bits of information every second. 114 more words

Parisha Taylor

Parisha Taylor Teaches the Solution for Breaking the Pattern of the “Same Old"

For many people it is a huge dilemma to be aware of a desire to change something in one’s life and at the same time recognizing that the “same old same old” keeps recurring. 46 more words

Parisha Taylor

Parisha Taylor and Methods of Adding Value to Oneself

Parisha Taylor has assisted many people to seek new information about an issue they are facing. Many people experience a feeling of being “stuck” when facing an issue that needs a solution. 33 more words

Parisha Taylor

Parisha Taylor and Benefits of Adding Value to Oneself

There are many ways to add value to oneself every day.  I have learned from Parisha Taylor the importance of doing this. One way I do this is to research new information.   32 more words

Parisha Taylor