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Clearings define the African spirit...

Clearings in the bush define the spirit of Africa. From the air they are isolation in the depths of a fearsome forest: from the forest floor they are a fragile attempt to define the tenuous existence of a small humanity within an expansive African Soul.

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Outside Influences

FROM THE MOMENT WE ARE BORN, we as human beings begin the lifelong process of establishing our own unique sense of self. It starts when we are very young and hardly aware of anything, but as we grow, the external world begins to literary define us. 363 more words

Conscious Awareness

April 19th Energy Forecast  - A great time for communication

Good Morning and what a wonderful morning it is too, very lively and spirited, I want to backflip across the sky, today feels like it is going to be a fun day. 446 more words

April 18th Energy Forecast  - Truth - The Ultimate Bass Drop

Good morning I hope you are well, the energy today has stepped up a gear slightly today and you may feel a little more active. 553 more words

Everything Is

Everything is a beautiful mystery. Every breath we take, every sight we behold, every sound we hear.

The subtle humming of the universe, energy circling all around us, purposefully yet playfully riding on currents that we cannot see, but when we tune in, if we choose, we can feel. 81 more words

Creative Writing Challenges

A child's sweet burden

There were many incidences when life should have told me that I had no leading role to play, and yet as you will see from my story, there hardly ever was another player under the spotlight.

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