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Conscious Awareness or EQ

A very well spoken gentleman once used the words ‘Conscious Awareness’ when I was discussing the subject of Emotional Intelligence with him. I have pondered these words for a long time as I know the power words can have. 321 more words


Notes on Why I Travel

We travel at first to lose ourselves, we travel next, to find ourselves. You end up getting much more out of travel than just ticking another destination off of the list. 417 more words


Are You A Believer?

WE TEND TO BELIEVE ANYTHING that ensures our continuation as the living entity we think we are. Organized religion jumped on this band wagon a long time ago:  383 more words

Conscious Awareness


Here I am
strong and tall

ever withstanding
storms intensely fierce
those any less then I
would surely have succumbed
to the seduction of death. 48 more words


The Touch Of The Master's Hand

Many a man with life out of tune,
And battered and scarred with sin,
Is auctioned cheap to the thoughtless crowd
Much like the old violin. 362 more words

Conscious Awareness

Hour Of Need

The very people
we reach out to

in our hour of need
are the very ones
so very capable
of hurting us the most.
~~~~ 15 more words


Day 30 New Experience- Be your own guru!

Can blogging about a new experience every day for 30 days boost creativity? This is the question I wanted to find out when I set myself this challenge 30 days ago. 379 more words