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Your Physical Journey

THE EGO IS THE EYES through which consciousness views and identifies with physical form. The mind in its purest form is the venue from which consciousness experiences the physical world. 385 more words

Conscious Awareness

What To Do With My Life – Listening To My Inner Knowing

Recently it dawned on me how most of my life has been governed by an outer influence – always there was something or somebody who told me what to do or how to be. 778 more words



As you seek Shelter
amidst a strong storm
Know the Sun will be shining
on a near future morn.

 Photography/ “Know” 2015©AmyRose


(Photo taken with Canon 60mm f/2.8 Macro lens)


Finding Your Soulmate

ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR YOUR SOULMATE? If you are, realize that very few have succeeded in that noble quest. Most settle for a life of compromise with a life partner. 356 more words

Conscious Awareness


When a Flame of Light
is seen in the dark
the dark is no more.

MF Photography/ “Flame” 2015©AmyRose

(Photograph of Crocus)



Communication Is Key To Understanding

Dearest Friends, knowing that communication is key to understanding, I share with you what is happening within my Life.  In this way, you will understand the whys and whats of changes you will see at Petals. 708 more words