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Zambian life…..

                          Usha Ravishankar

Conscious Awareness

Beating Yourself Up

WE’VE ALL BEEN SUBJECTED to some form of bullying in our life, especially during our childhood. But some of us continue to be bullied during our adult life too, particularly at work, but more so at home (domestic violence) even though by this time we have grown to accept it as an unfortunate part of life. 315 more words

Conscious Awareness

Deep in the elephant psyche

With a few mused additions over the years of my growing up, this is what he might have told me: Elephant paths, never to be forgotten by the herd, cross the African landscape as if they remain outside the realms of time. 93 more words

The art of living

Elephant paths that pre-dated the building of Lake Kariba were still a permanent spiritual residue in the psyche of all elephants of the herd. A strong affinity would draw them to a place on the water’s edge.

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Conscious Awareness