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Yes, It Is Real!

YOU ARE SPIRITUAL ENERGY having a human experience. Your consciousness is focused in a physical body knowing full well that all is well, always has been and always will be. 352 more words

Conscious Awareness

Do You See?

When your eyes see
you really see
yet when you don’t
oh! the woe
when with open eyes
blindness plies
forsaking light

Photography/ “Do You See?”/August 2017©AmyRose… 161 more words


Moon to the left of me,Sun to the right, Here I am, stuck in the middle with you

I ❤️ when the moon and sun are out at the same time. Sun to east moon to west , it’s like having my two favourite people round for dinner 💕 17 more words

A child's sweet burden

There were many incidences when life should have told me that I had no leading role to play, and yet as you will see from my story, there hardly ever was another player under the spotlight.

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We Need Badness Too

WHEN WE ARE BORN INTO THIS WORLD we choose not to remember our True Selves or the true nature of reality. Why? Well, if we retained the knowledge of our True Selves after physical birth there would be no challenge, no thrill or satisfaction in being here. 361 more words

Conscious Awareness

Awareness and Soul Mates | 2020 Spiritual Vision

Courtesy of 2020 Spiritual Vision

10 2017

Awareness and Soul Mates

There seems to be a pulse sent on potentially addressing some soul mate issues.  Let me back up a bit and say that from my perspective, we have… 618 more words

Every Part Matters – Supporting Our Whole Body

Our body is made of many different parts and every part is naturally connected to all the others. It is not an option for each one to work in isolation and to not always be working together in precise synchronicity with all the other parts. 667 more words