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Getting In Character

WHAT WE BELIEVE SOMEONE THINKS OF US influences how we will act when in their company. We subtly portray different personalities depending on the people we are with. 368 more words

Conscious Awareness

What is the meaning of life I was asked

What is the meaning of life I was asked

To expand your conscious awareness I replied

Is that it, there must be more?

Expand you conscious awareness and then you will never ask is that it. 439 more words

Summary of Carol Parrish's Story

This is a more recent photo of Carol Parrish-Harra. The smile and warmth of this woman comes through her photo quite well.  

We have looked at several dated events and charts from Carol Parrish’s life story up until her visit to India.  914 more words

The Law of Attraction - Does it really work?

The law of attraction (LOA) – Does it really work? Absolutely! What is it? – The LOA is said to be the universal law that states each one of us, regardless of religion, has the ability to attract things into our lives with thought and intention. 1,635 more words

The power of parenthood

A well deserved Happy Father’s Day

                      Roberto Blizzard and Adjutya


The art of living

Elephant paths that pre-dated the building of Lake Kariba were still a permanent spiritual residue in the psyche of all elephants of the herd. A strong affinity would draw them to a place on the water’s edge.

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If Clairsentience is Truly Innate and Natural, then How is it that Most of Us Remain Completely Ignorant of it?

If clairsentience is truly innate and natural, then how is it that most of us remain completely ignorant of it?

Clairsentience is the ability to read, feel and identify the… 993 more words