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No Ugly In Beautiful (3 IMAGES)

There is no ugly
in Beautiful.
Beautiful IS Beautiful
simply that
but not just that

Beautiful IS Perfection
in our Earthly Realm
seen through eyes 
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From Low Self‐Esteem to True Self‐Care: What My Feet Reflected to Me

I remember this moment: I am four years old and I have just walked up a dirt road from our house with my family… bare foot. 1,743 more words


Heaven, Hell and Here

This isn’t theology, as if God and His revelation could be subjected to human reason. This is doctrine in the sense of teaching that serves to characterize my limited understanding. 1,629 more words


A Classic With A Modern Twist

What’s anything? And how the fuck did it get here?

Richard Grossinger

Operationally, God is beginning to resemble not a ruler, but the last fading smile of a cosmic Cheshire Cat… 3,062 more words

What are we Really in Control of?

The topic of control has been a theme for me of late. Noticing the choices I make, both big and small, where I opt for the perceived safe and known way rather than feel a new and simpler way of being with life. 728 more words


Nothing New

Nothing new. Nothing old. Nothing in between.

All things arise in consciousness. Consciousness being that which is seeing the words on this page; that which is hearing a faint ringing in the ears; that which is feeling the weight of a body sitting in a chair; the changeless knowing presence that has been with us our entire lives. 164 more words