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Let go
the power
to freedom

Photography/ “Release” October 2016©AmyRose

My very dear friend, George Parker, is still in the hospital after suffering an aneurysm and stroke.   502 more words


Looking In The Wrong Place

WE MUST BE COMPLETELY HONEST WITH OURSELVES and admit that all our attempts to rid the world of cruelty, greed, violence, terrorism, physical and sexual abuse, has done absolutely nothing to alleviate those problems. 372 more words

Conscious Awareness

Flu Shot Promo For Children

Revolting deception disguised as “science” insidiously targeting small children to make them believe in the Flu shot as much as they do Santa Claus. (PBS) Implies parental consent is not required. 348 more words

Spread The Word

Cruel At Heart

ONE DAY YOU’LL REALIZE just how cruel you have been at times. NO you say! Not me, I’m not cruel. Be honest with yourself. Make a list. 361 more words

Conscious Awareness

Hearing in Ch’an Practice

‘Hearing’ (聞 – wen4) is written as an ‘ear’ listening to something through a ‘door’ or ‘gate’.  However, ‘hearing’ has a special connotation within the Chinese cultural milieu that is not limited to the ‘act’ of hearing with the ears.   200 more words


A Big Long River

WE FIRMLY BELIEVE WE ARE A HUMAN BEING, one that we unconditionally accept as being who we really are. We have a name, a body and we live a life here on Earth that had a beginning and will eventually have an end. 365 more words

Conscious Awareness