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I’m Afraid So

APPREHENSION IS ALWAYS LURKING in the background of our mind, for although we may appear happy and unconcerned, our main priority is self preservation. We subconsciously look at every event and everyone we meet in life with a slight edge that it may in some way endanger us. 352 more words

Conscious Awareness


In understanding
that we are as ONE
I am still me
and you are still you,
spectacular Sparks of Light.
And as we both honor… 137 more words


True ‘Intelligence’ – ‘Giving up’ and Reclaiming

I always found schooling, be it writing, speaking, singing, (or any form of expressing that was asked of me in this context), to be super squashing. 2,060 more words


Once you're gone...

OMG. Prince has died. And Victoria Wood. At least George Martin was older than me (a bit), but these guys were younger. Do I smell the Grim Reaper sniffing around me? 243 more words


Voices From The Cosmos

ASTRONOMERS have been pointing radio telescopes towards the heavens for years, hoping to hear any sounds or messages emanating from an alien life form. The question is, even if there are aliens broadcasting out into the cosmos, will our scientists be able to recognize those sounds as being an alien form of communication… or just more static? 327 more words

Conscious Awareness

Day 5 New Experience-buying new pants

Ok, so buying new pants is not such a new experience, as I type this, I probably have an overflow of pants in my wardrobe, however I’ve never experienced buying a size 8, which is the new experience that honestly shocked me today. 164 more words


Taking Time (3 IMAGES)

If  we all
don’t take time
in our daily lives
to seek




how then shall we stay sane
in a world gone mad?
374 more words