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How Do I Fight Food Waste?

“So, what do you do to fight food waste? Give very concrete examples.”

Surprisingly enough, I have only been asked this question once. Most of my conversations about food waste involve me giving examples of wasteful practices in the food industry and how households generate waste due to obliviousness, pointing out the environmental and economic senselessness of it all. 579 more words


Reading 'Magnifeco' - Part 1

If you’re following me on Instagram, then you know that I’ve recently started reading Magnifeco by Kate Black, which the cover of the book states is “your head-to-toe guide to ethical fashion and non-toxic beauty”. 587 more words

Conscious Consumer

Rethinking Retail: January

My first month of being a conscious consumer is up! I wish I had a record of everything I bought last year just as a comparison, but even just from what I see here, it is significantly less. 590 more words

Conscious Consumer

My Dream for Fashion

Alright, it’s about to get pretty sappy here. I may or may not have shed a few tears writing this… 307 more words

Conscious Consumer

What I've Been Searching For: Project JUST

Recently, while on one of my obsessive days of endless online searches, I happened to stumble upon Project JUST. I wish that this had been one of my first search results when looking up information about existing brands and how they 332 more words

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Do These Jeans Make Me Look...

Everyone knows that classic line “Do these jeans make me look fat?” I’ve used it plenty of times, and you’re probably lying if you say that you haven’t. 216 more words

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8 Ways to be Ethically Fashionable (on a budget!)

The first thing I did after deciding to say goodbye to fast fashion and become a more conscious consumer was look up stores and brands I could buy from. 841 more words

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