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How Being A Conscious Consumer Helps You

That inner voice has started to become louder. The one telling you to, “Do Better.”

In order to “Do Better,” you find yourself wanting to make the changes in your lifestyle to become a Conscious Consumer and support ethical companies. 543 more words

Conscious Consumer

Aldi goes Eco Friendly with new cleaning range!

As a skint student about to start back at university, the pennies are set aside for those inevitable big supermarket shops to restock the cupboards. One of the first places I like to head to is… 347 more words

Back to School - The Sustainable Way

Whilst scrolling through twitter I stumbled upon a post that discussed sustainable ‘back to school’ shopping and conscious consumerism. This led me on a train of thought, considering my own ‘back to school’ behaviour. 520 more words

Natural Self-Care Products

Today, I thought I could post my thoughts on four natural self-care products that I have been using for quite a few months and can genuinely recommend. 949 more words


why you should try a capsule wardrobe

The last year, I’ve been partaking in a fashion capsule. It’s a new trend that’s been taking fashionistas by storm – and the best part? It values simplicity over materialism, and quality over quantity. 825 more words

Beauty + Fashion

Stoked about airport food!

I am so excited right now! And it’s about airport food. I’m at the Denver airport for a lay over and I pulled out my handy ‘find me gluten free’ app to see what my options were. 168 more words

How To Be A Conscious Consumer

By Laura Green

Our current market setup encourages us to consume, consume and consume, often at the detriment of our planet. With climate change threatening our planet’s health, being a conscious consumer is one way of doing our bit for the environment. 437 more words