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A Functional {Intentional} Wardrobe

In previous posts, I make references to a functional wardrobe but I never really stated what I mean. I think it’s time to change that. 410 more words


What Are You Training For?

A climbing/gym friend of ours, who is in pristine shape, shared with us that his doctor recently asked him what he was training for. (he is a healthy eater & exercises regularly) His answer was brilliant, he simply answered, “Quality of life.” I absolutely love this answer because that is what has been motivating me these last 3 years. 235 more words

Lifestyle Change

Eating Organic on a Budget for the Person with Little Financial Freedom

Talk of non-GMO and organic purchase power is louder than it ever was before, and it hasn’t even hit its climax. This discussion is ongoing for a reason. 1,052 more words


Heaven is 100% Organic

Well my version of it is anyway. At the risk of sounding dramatic, “heaven” was the best way that my friend Megan and I could describe our NYC dinner this past Friday night.  616 more words


30 Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures are free or low-cost reminders of the joy to be found in every day living. They allow us to stop our mind’s busyness for a moment, breathe more deeply, be thankful and gain perspective. 414 more words


Eat More Veggies

Eat More Veggies.

For our health… for the compassionate treatment of animals… for the environment.

Eat More Veggies. If we follow this simple dietary advice, we will significantly improve both personal and planetary health. 691 more words