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Natural Self-Care Products

Today, I thought I could post my thoughts on four natural self-care products that I have been using for quite a few months and can genuinely recommend. 949 more words

why you should try a capsule wardrobe

The last year, I’ve been partaking in a fashion capsule. It’s a new trend that’s been taking fashionistas by storm – and the best part? It values simplicity over materialism, and quality over quantity. 825 more words


Stoked about airport food!

I am so excited right now! And it’s about airport food. I’m at the Denver airport for a lay over and I pulled out my handy ‘find me gluten free’ app to see what my options were. 168 more words

How To Be A Conscious Consumer

By Laura Green

Our current market setup encourages us to consume, consume and consume, often at the detriment of our planet. With climate change threatening our planet’s health, being a conscious consumer is one way of doing our bit for the environment. 437 more words


The Perfect LWD (Litte White Dress)

Lately, I’ve been giving white a go. I recently posted about my first pair of white denim jeans, and I absolutely love them! They still have them a… 183 more words


Thrift Finds and Hand Me Downs

Hello Lovelies!

Today’s post was inspired by the challenges of being a conscious consumer. You see, when I decided to take on this lifestyle, I knew it would change the way I used my money and how I purchased. 208 more words



Yep, even though the weather hasn’t exactly been the greatest in these past few days (at least here in Berlin, I hope you were luckier than me so far), I’ve wrapped up my spring capsule to make room for my summer one. 315 more words