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Conservation Role Models

AFAR Magazine included Playa Viva in a list of “Conservation Role Models” in a round up of hotels where you can “Go for Good”, a listing of hotels where you can stay and help support great causes.   267 more words

"Where Your Vacation Meets Your Values" -- voting with your dollar (investing and spending)

Recently, I’ve been reading alot about the growth of the social impact investing space and wanted to address this in the context of social impact spending and how we vote with the dollars we spend as much as those we invest. 623 more words

International Mother Earth Day

Everyone seems to be celebrating this Day, Facebook and Google have definitely jumped on the bandwagon. Hopefully that means that lots of people are actually committed to making positive changes to help the environment this International Mother Earth Day. 207 more words


What do you want from me?

The heading above was the teaser line in my inmail box this morning.  It originated from the author of an ‘environmental memoir’ blog from @2006 -07”,which blog he morphed into a published book and then into a documentary which was shown at a Sundance Film Festival.   321 more words


Conscious Consuming ||

Over the past year, I would like to think I have become a more thoughtful consumer. Albeit, I still have a long ways to go but I thought it was an important enough concept to encourage. 958 more words

Conscious Consuming

5 Powerful Videos About Palm Oil, Consumption and Deforestation You Must Watch

Featuring vids with incredible cinematography, celebrity cameos, orangutans with sign language abilities and catchy tunes, here is a compilation of some of the most powerful videos with some very poignant messages about palm oil consumption and deforestation. 851 more words


Plan Your Own Conflict-Free Picnic

With summer fast approaching, say hello to end-of-year celebrations, sun drenched days and balmy evenings! What a perfect opportunity to gather your picnic basket, blankets, and some close pals to relax, enjoy a beverage and indulge in some palm oil free treats. 615 more words