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Conscious consumers, sure, but where the F is the industry?

I once got into a fight with the CEO of the company where I work over the question if the industry or the consumers are responsible for the current environmental destruction in this world. 585 more words


Ditching Food Packaging and Disposable Diapers: Garbage Challenge Update

Our garbage challenge has had mixed results so far. It isn’t going especially well from the standpoint of reducing garbage output. We filled an entire kitchen garbage bag in the last week. 841 more words

Conscious Consumption

Living with Our Garbage

What if you kept all your garbage in your house for a month?

For me this thought was a disturbing wake-up call. We don’t fill our garbage bin to the brim each week—usually we’re around the halfway mark—but sometimes we get awfully close. 835 more words

Conscious Consumption

I declare war to trends

Trends limit my choices

Trends are making me sick. Trends are everywhere and they want to manage each step of us.

After I moved my art blog to a self-hosted website, I got into a three months long night mare. 1,008 more words


Why I am not a vegan

I don’t consume meat, chicken or fish…

I don’t consume milk, cheese or eggs…

I am on a strict plant-based diet… and yes this is by choice (not because I’m over weight or have an illness). 251 more words


How We Stopped Paying for Quality Time

Parent educator Janet Lansbury is a great in my personal collection of parenting literature. Among other things, she writes about how very young children need “wants nothing quality time” with an observant caregiver. 2,035 more words


How I Frugalized My Body Care

Body care has never sucked up much of my budget. I hate manicures, dread massages, and find waxing to be a form of torture I tried long ago and refuse to ever do again. 1,595 more words