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Coming Home to Cultures in Cahoots

After a long hiatus, due to Life, I begin Cultures in Cahoots again with renewed spirit. The intervening time was not lost. Trials overcome, projects completed, trips taken, nature studied, inspiration drawn, history learned, garden grown, new relationships formed and old ones renewed. 176 more words

Conscious Consumption Part 1: Take Care of Your Stuff

There’s a tiny storefront in my neighbourhood with a simple sign propped up in the window reading “Rocco Shoe Repair”. I’ve gone past it a hundred times over the past 7 years, thinking how handy it was to have so close to my house, but only went in for the first time this spring. 332 more words

Green Living

Dry State Calls for Dry Urinals: Published today in the Mindful Word

A topical article on the California drought and the politics that piss me off (punny, huh?) behind getting water-less urinals in public facilities throughout the state, please enjoy the entire read in today’s The Mindful Word.


Green Kleening Your Community One Building at a Time

By Eric Koch, Mister Kleen Maintenance Company, Inc. Sales and Marketing Specialist

The cleaning industry certainly has evolved throughout the decades. This is especially true as it relates to the environmental movement, and the push for a healthier atmosphere using greener products, processes, and equipment. 626 more words

Sustainability In Practice

Cape Town designers make sustainability sexy

On Thursday 13 August the winners of the Remake Challenge for both fashion and object categories were announced at BelloVista Studio, Woodstock. Organised by Nikki Stear from… 619 more words

Cape Town

The Benefits of Buying Green on Campus and Beyond

By Daniel Pedersen, Ph.D., Green Seal’s VP of Science & Standards

The AASHE STARS program can serve as a road-map to more sustainable purchasing policies. Green purchasing can benefit higher education campuses in many ways, and even drive the sustainability of the broader market. 328 more words

Sustainability In Practice

The Power of Buying Green on Campus and Beyond

By Daniel Pedersen, Ph.D., Green Seal’s VP of Science & Standards

Summer marks the beginning of the new fiscal year on many campuses – this is a good time to do some housecleaning and review your purchasing policies. 355 more words

Sustainability In Practice