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You Are What You Wear

Not quite the same as saying “you are what you eat,” but along a similar vein, the clothing you choose to purchase impacts more than just your morning routine of picking out what to wear. 519 more words


Brand Profile: Zady

This past week I opened my email and the first thing I saw was this image:

As you can imagine, my interest peaked. Turns out Zady, an online retailer of sustainably-produced clothing, accessories, and home goods, just launched what they call… 304 more words


Searching for Meaning and Mindfulness in Fashion

Fashion. What a loaded word. It can imply artistic vision, self-expression, conformity, mass production and a hundred other warring connotations. To some extent, my closet and clothing choices have marked the passage of time in my life: classic/preppy in high school, all-over-the-place in college, “hipster comfort” in recent years. 266 more words


On Gardening and Conscious Consumption

Eating healthy has always been important to me. Growing up, my parents made sure I got my fair share of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean sources of protein. 304 more words


with just one cup of almonds...

… you can make SO much food. Trust me.

I love using almond milk for my smoothies but am constantly frustrated by the ingredient list on some almond milk brands that claim to be “natural” because they often contain  335 more words


Coming Home to Cultures in Cahoots

After a long hiatus, due to Life, I begin Cultures in Cahoots again with renewed spirit. The intervening time was not lost. Trials overcome, projects completed, trips taken, nature studied, inspiration drawn, history learned, garden grown, new relationships formed and old ones renewed. 176 more words

Conscious Consumption Part 1: Take Care of Your Stuff

There’s a tiny storefront in my neighbourhood with a simple sign propped up in the window reading “Rocco Shoe Repair”. I’ve gone past it a hundred times over the past 7 years, thinking how handy it was to have so close to my house, but only went in for the first time this spring. 332 more words

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