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How to Be More Eco-Friendly with Your Wardrobe

Americans throw away an average of 80 pounds of clothing per person each year, according to Newsweek. Fast fashion brands that consistently change out the clothing in their stores cause trends to change so quickly that people are buying more clothes than they’re capable of wearing regularly. 474 more words

Conscious Consumption

Checklist: Five easy steps to becoming a conscious consumer

Ever wondered what goes on inside the head of a conscious consumer? Maybe you consider yourself to be one or maybe you are well aware that you’re quite the impulse shopper, buying things without… 781 more words

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Becoming Minimalist Day 2: What Exactly Am I Getting Myself Into?

Hello, everyone! I knew I said I’d be back after a few days, but life happened and I was unable to make good of my promise. 981 more words


My ultimate guide to shopping ethical and American-made style (OFFLINE!)

For anyone starting out on a Made in USA shopping journey, finding places to shop and brands to trust can be overwhelming. I know when I first started out I felt quite discouraged for a while, as it was difficult to find American-made clothes. 774 more words

Made In USA

4 Purchases That Will Help You Be More Eco-Friendly

Usually I don’t encourage you to make new purchases. Today, however, I will be sharing with you some purchases that you can make to help out the environment. 510 more words


How many donuts are hiding in your favorite salad dressing?

By now we’re all well aware that sugar hides in some rather obscure locations. I don’t know about you, but I always thought of salad as guaranteed safe space. 586 more words

Conscious Consumption

5 Ways to Become Sustainably Motivated 

If you’re looking for some guidance on how you can get yourself on the path towards greater sustainability, I’ve put together a little breakdown to help you along and adopt a greener, healthier, and (hopefully) more satisfactory lifestyle. 4,325 more words