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Apps I like: Spendee

I have been tracking everything I spend on a daily basis. To get a tool to help with that I did a quick search online which brought up an article on the top budgeting apps. 348 more words

Conscious Consumption

Who am I to disagree with Ellen McArthur? But in this one question I do.

First of all I have to state that I really admire her work, and respect the advancement she and the foundation achieved in circular economy. 1,873 more words

Not quite a shopping ban

Recently I have been spending my time reading content rather than creating it and a blogger that really inspired me was Cait Flanders who runs a personal finance and mindful consumption site. 628 more words

Conscious Consumption

Restricted consumption in a "you can have it all" world.

Capsule wardrobes.  Smart cars.  Whole30.

In the land of a million (or more) choices, people are choosing “less”.  Why?

-To find refuge from the deluge of marketing messages to… 176 more words

Stand out! Don't follow trends

Those of you who read my blog it is not news, but for the new ones: I despise trends and I don’t follow them. I’m more focused on my inner values and express those with my personal style. 2,283 more words

It's a trap

As I venture further along my ethical consumption trip, I see that there are traps everywhere. The biggest one I’ve found so far is the ‘spend lots of money and feel good while continuing to screw the environment’ trap. 453 more words

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