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What's the deal with conscious cosmetics?

What you put on your skin affects you more than what you eat,” Karina Pereira warns.

It is easy to be swept up by the allure of the bright colours and smells of a make-up aisle of a store. 839 more words

Conscious Consumption

An Earth Day as Big as Texas

By Linda Chipperfield, Green Seal VP of Marketing & Communications

I just got back from exhibiting and speaking at Earth Day Texas, April 24th through 26th in Dallas. 487 more words

Sustainability In Practice

Viva la Fashion Revolution

Friday 24th April the world celebrated International Fashion Revolution Day, in honour of the 1 129 factory workers who died and the 2 515 who were injured when Rana Plaza clothing factory in Bangladesh collapsed April 2013. 777 more words


Reinvent. Re-imagine. Redo.

This past few months (almost coming up on a year!) has been a crazy whirlwind ride for me. So many things in my life changed in ways I could have never foreseen in a million years. 429 more words

the Coffee Footprint

Sitting and sipping my meticulously brewed cappuccino, my mind wanders to thoughts of how the coffee made it to my cup, the places the beans have been and the hands they passed through. 778 more words


Disconnected (Why We Chose Not to Have the Internet, For Now)

It’s not that we can’t get internet at our new place, or that it’s too expensive (though I’m not mad about paying one less bill every month). 535 more words


Fair Trade Easter

Easter and all its sweet pleasures is just around the corner. For thousands of years eggs have been symbolic of fertility and rebirth especially during spring time, well before Christian traditions. 238 more words

Fair Trade