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Guest Post: Moving to a Sustainable Lifestyle

Guest post by Judith Russenberger

Moving towards a sustainable lifestyle involves thinking and rethinking what adjustments we can make in our daily life that will enable us either to consume less or to consume things that have an additional positive impact. 682 more words


All I Want for Christmas is…Less Stuff: Learning Conscious Consumption

Conscious consumption is a social movement that based around increased awareness of the impact of purchasing decisions on the environment and the consumer’s health and life in general. 527 more words

Think Your Way To A Better Life

a PLASTIC earth.

‘The objective of success is to change our behaviour from a “throw-away” mindset to a more environmentally conscious one, the initiative raises interesting issues about how to influence human behaviour.’ 392 more words



Sometimes the hardest part about being a conscious consumer is finding a brand or designer that shares your values. There are so many places we could put our dollars, but since no brand is willingly going to advertise “Hey, we use child labor” or “By the way, this shirt is full of toxic chemicals,” how do you know if you’re actually supporting the change makers? 842 more words


Food Wastage

With the theme of World Food Day a couple of days ago I would like us to ponder over the thought of food wastage. The fact that we don’t understand what is the consequence of us not finishing the food on our plate, and the fruit and vegetable we chuck away into our trash because we forgot about it. 264 more words


How Do You Flow Your Current, see? Spending Money as a Mindfulness Practice and Act of Lovingkindness

Google Translate.  It’s a great help to a new to a Spanish-speaking-country-but-not-so-fluent-Spanish-speaker such as myself.  But it doesn’t always get translation correct.   Case in point-  Google translated Soles, the local currency here as, “suns”.   693 more words


World Food Day

October 16th World Food Day!

Farmers markets and local farm stands are a great place to find in-season fruits and veggies during a good part of the year, but busy schedules and weekend obligations can make regular market shopping difficult. 219 more words

Conscious Consumption