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Why Bother with Organic Clothing?

It makes sense to eat organic  – the food you eat actually goes INTO your body, so best to minimize on the chemicals right (?) But why bother with stuff you put ONTO your body – especially when organic clothing is usually more expensive and not as widely available as conventionally grown and synthetic fabrics. 291 more words

Health And Fitness

A fashion shoot on my scooter

I’m back on my scooter. I thought it’ll break after the summer but I’m still living my best life.

I’ve never been shy from buying bits and bobs in charity shops, two years ago I bought all Christmas presents from them. 452 more words


zero waste = zero chance

I have to admit, I was intrigued, and then slightly impressed, when I watched a video of a girl pull out her mason jar of scraps only to then explain that said mason jar contained ALL of the trash that she personally had produced in the last five years. 668 more words

Inner Revolution

It is hard to be different from everybody around you. It is hard to stick to your guns when society is weighted against you. You want to be liked and accepted; we totally get it! 180 more words

Conscious consumers, sure, but where the F is the industry?

I once got into a fight with the CEO of the company where I work over the question if the industry or the consumers are responsible for the current environmental destruction in this world. 585 more words


I declare war to trends

Trends limit my choices

Trends are making me sick. Trends are everywhere and they want to manage each step of us.

After I moved my art blog to a self-hosted website, I got into a three months long night mare. 1,008 more words