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The Trick of Consumerism

For years we’ve lived in a society that says “Buy this and you’ll be happier.” In our gut we know the truth that buying something can’t make us happier. 283 more words


Begin again

Intentions work well for me. I ponder situations. Thoughts arise. I make an intention in my head. I say it out loud to my husband. I grow the structure of the intention and build a scaffold to make it have the best chance of success. 390 more words

1. Living Ethically

Gemini Cold Moon Ritual

Δ 2016’s Last Full Moon Δ

“Ritual: Transformational Communication”

While the Sun is in Sagittarius, the sign of the the Traveler and the Truth Seeker, the last Full Moon of 2016 will be in Gemini, the sign of communication. 652 more words

Cannabis Women


“How many spoonfuls?”

“None thanks, I’m sweet enough.”

A few summers ago, I remember the profound impact an article in Nat Geo had on me, leaving the distinctive sickly sweet, so-sweet-makes-your-teeth-ache, goosepimple inducing this style of journalism often does. 3,467 more words


4 Things You Don't Need to Buy to Be a Better Minimalist

Buying is so tempting, especially when we first started on our minimalism journey. We got rid of a whole bunch of stuff, and now we have room for more. 474 more words


5 Questions - Shop Like A Minimalist

One of the hardest parts of creating a simpler lifestyle has been resisting the urge to buy. Have you ever noticed how many times you (or people around you) talk about what they want to buy in one day? 140 more words