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Conscious Consumption - Does It Even Make a Difference?

Walk into any Whole Food’s grocery store and you are immediately overwhelmed; not just by the vast assortment of products, but by the feeling you get, like it’s your civic duty to shop there. 730 more words


Inner Revolution

It is hard to be different from everybody around you. It is hard to stick to your guns when society is weighted against you. You want to be liked and accepted; we totally get it! 180 more words

Sustainable Lifestyle

Conscious consumers, sure, but where the F is the industry?

I once got into a fight with the CEO of the company where I work over the question if the industry or the consumers are responsible for the current environmental destruction in this world. 585 more words


I declare war to trends

Trends limit my choices

Trends are making me sick. Trends are everywhere and they want to manage each step of us.

After I moved my art blog to a self-hosted website, I got into a three months long night mare. 1,008 more words


Why I am not a vegan

I don’t consume meat, chicken or fish…

I don’t consume milk, cheese or eggs…

I am on a strict plant-based diet… and yes this is by choice (not because I’m over weight or have an illness). 251 more words


on compulsive sharing - another reflection on social media

entry from my journal

I consume without creating. I consume compulsively, when there is little value beyond wasting time. I’ve reduced my consumption temptations. no newsfeed.* no twitter or facebook bookmarks. 433 more words


Laces and Hair Launch Their Manifesto: Stereotypes, Blame, Guilt and Fear

In our new book Customer Experiences with Soul, Maria and I interview Cris Dios, a cosmetologist and founder of Laces and Hair, whose relationship with hair began through her grandfather, who used to develop homemade formulas for those who wanted to take care of the health of the scalp and hair. 642 more words

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