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'Art and The Conscious Mind: Beyond Understanding - Field in Review

A Depiction of the Void

The void as seen at the end of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Oddyssey’

Untitled Ink Drawing, by Jiro Yoshihara… 526 more words


Paradigm Shift

 Paradigm Shift by Power of Choice

Paradigm Shift by Power of Choice explains in clear fashion how environment and our choices shapes who we are and who will become.


An important secret which can save a life and more than one

As promised, I come back with a very powerful and in the same time controversial information.

Look, if we as human beings are like ships then the conscious mind is the captain – setting up the direction (20% of the control over our life and future) and the subconscious mind is the machine hall (80% of the control over our life and future). 283 more words

2014 Personal Development

Taming the Monkey Mind

Can you explain to me about ego. Is ego the same as monkey or is there a difference? CC 24.6.14

It is not the same. What I am calling the monkey, this is the part of your head that is the amygdala… 1,578 more words


365 DAYS OF GRATITUDE - DAY 214: The Iceberg Of Your Mind

Imagine an iceberg: a small portion is found above the water while the massive rest is hidden below the water surface.

This image gives you the scale of how the conscious mind (above the water) and the subconscious mind (below the water surface) relate to each other and the power they have in shaping your inner life. 221 more words