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On The Edge Of Slumber

I woke up at 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom.  (Hey, I’m a guy in his late 50s.  It happens.)  When I came back to bed I knew the next few moments would be the acid test — either I would promptly drift back into blissful sleep, or I’d start thinking about something and deal with an unwanted period of tossing and turning. 317 more words


How’s Your New Year Shaping Up?

It’s almost the end of January and by now your New Year’s resolutions would either be in full swing or long forgotten. It’s a common affliction we all face. 694 more words

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mindless thinking?

The mind’s job is to validate what it already thinks

Byron Katie

Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking we are thinking. That we are using our higher cognitive capabilities to make choices, rationalise, decide.

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Do You Choose Disaster or Prosperity?

I got so excited this week that I have to tell you! I may not know what your dreams are, but one of mine is coming true. 525 more words

Daily Aspects - Jan 22 - Mercury Rx Meets Pluto

About 11:00am on Wednesday, the Sun ingress Aquarius bringing a change around the focus of our goals and objectives. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and is a Sign of surprise, unexpected, bizarre things. 503 more words

Daily Aspects

the passing of life

When we hear the sad news of a celebrity or significant public personality passing, it reminds us of our own past.  Often our connection is to a shared time – the music we listened to, the films we saw, the events we witnessed. 215 more words