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The driving forces of manifestation

The driving forces of manifestation

We are all beautiful. We are all talented. We are all extremely capable. Just most of us have forgotten. Someone might have told you that before, and if not – well here I am telling YOU. 742 more words


Returning to our Mother's Womb...

Returning to our Mother’s Womb…

A few weekends ago I participated in my second sweat lodge ceremony. The sweat lodge symbolizes the womb of Mother Earth, and the heated stones represent her body, which supports all life. 1,430 more words

Conscious Mind

Art and The Conscious Mind 1

Two things that define humans – We make art and we have conscious minds

What is the point of consciousness? After years of researching and investigating we still dont know. 629 more words


The importance of symbolism to contemporary writers, poets and playwrights, and the symbolic dimensions to my own writing

A symbol is a visible sign – an object or action – that points to a world of meaning beyond itself… A symbol is a thing that points to the abstraction… symbols are usually objects, but actions can also works as symbols – hence the term “symbolic gesture”… Symbols are powerful figures, capable of bearing the weight of a hundred lesser metaphors…. 3,306 more words

Academic Writing

Is this one of those age-old questions or what?  How do we create good habits?  And why is it so important to do so?

To answer the second question first, we are all creatures of habit and therefore it is important to create  336 more words


How to Clear the Mind or Calm the Inner Chatter During Meditation

I am delighted to share a meditation tip from one of my friends and mentors Carolyn Shilt. She has much experience and so much to share in Spiritual and Psychic development that I believe will help many people on their spiritual or psychic journey: 242 more words


Daily Aspects - Oct 29 - Magical, Soulful Words

At 2:39am on Thursday morning, Mercury at 23:21 Libra Biquintiles Chiron Retrograde at 17:21 Pisces. For communications, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Mercury in Libra is still talking his way through his ideas around relating-ships as he leaves behind relationships in exchange for the brave, new world of the Age of Aquarius. 173 more words