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who or what is twiddling the dimmer switch?

I have been speaking these past two days about giving your power away. How it diminishes you and your potential.

So who or what have you handed control to? 176 more words

leaking power through thought

I wrote yesterday about giving our power away.

We do this in our patterns of thought too. Our habits of mind can cause our power to leak away. 173 more words

I don't know, I'm in two minds...

As human beings we live in two worlds.

Day to day we interact with the world around us. Work, colleagues, friends and family, engage with us both verbally and behaviourally. 187 more words

Retrain Your Brain in 7 Days

Did you know that your brain is like a road map, deciding what direction your life will take? Did you also know that the brain of a millionaire is actually different from that of someone who has no money? 95 more words


One Mind, One Field

September 5, 2015 ~ Alex Williams

“This is a dimension, domain or portal of; throw a thought out there and then go find it. Projection makes perception. 26 more words

A Magical Mind Aspect on Friday Morning

At 10:04am EDT on Friday, Mercury at 14:07 Libra Biquintiles Neptune at 8:07 Pisces. Mercury is our conscious mind that interacts with the physical world around us. 147 more words

The Soul Dance



You and I met before we were born

 We sought each other on the other side

Yearning to create Heaven in Density

Mother Earth ascends more rapidly now  185 more words

Spiritual Connection