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The Other Woman

Let’s say that life rode you hard and you were put away dripping wet and trembling like a wounded animal.   You wandered out into nature to die because dying seemed easier than the alternative, surviving the inconceivable loss. 789 more words


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which the conscious mind and body are deeply at rest, while the unconscious actively engages in, and responds to, verbal suggestions or cues. 121 more words

Row Row a Routine

“If you keep doing what you’re doing, producing the same results, but expecting different result…”

…Don’t even bother! If I can put my ‘two cents’ in. 647 more words

I Changed My Hair Color - Success Story By Hafsa Mujeeb

Hey people of the universe. I hope you are all as awesome as you all are in my imagination ( even much more). Today I am sharing a… 550 more words

Mind Power

where is your future?

Where is your future?

I don’t mean, is your future in finance, or owning your own business, or getting your boss’s job. I don’t mean a little villa in Spain, or retiring at 45, I mean where is it? 450 more words

the hidden value of sadness

How can sadness be useful?

When we are sad we seem to be somehow diminished. Absorbed with the source of our sadness. Distracted. Unable to function fully in that moment; emotionally and mentally disabled. 525 more words

if I were a malteser...

A few years ago, during some training, I did this exercise. It proved an interesting learning experience and so I offer it to you.

Write down the first three things that come to you. 326 more words