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Personal Consciousness

In order to begin analysing the processes and and thought patterns of our mind we must first understand the three different forms of consciousness which is present in the Personal Consciousness realm. 522 more words

Free Will

Being the New Moon in Virgo - Sep 18/19

Snapshot: Monday and Tuesday brings the most concentrated emphasis on work, health, fitness, service, duty, volunteering and daily activities that we will see for a long time. 723 more words

5D Astrology

Three Parts of the Human Soul

Three Parts of the Mind

I asked Abba to reach into my unconscious mind to cast out demons that enabled blockages and then remove the blockages. 571 more words


How The Therapies Work

The Conscious and Unconscious Minds

Have you heard that you have a conscious AND unconscious mind? Not to say that you have two brains (indeed, some barely use the one they’re given), but rather two levels of thought that govern how you think, feel and act. 227 more words


it's all #fakenews ...

As human beings we live in two worlds.

There is the external physical world. The world where we can touch a tree, watch a wren dart from shrub to shrub, scratch our elbow when it itches. 623 more words

The impact of your surroundings on the subconscious mind

After reading Success through PMA about a man who was in coma, but managed to moved his eyelid to let the nurses know he was still alive after remembering a self-motivator he memorised; “You can do it if you believe you can”. 569 more words

In Between