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The Shell still Has No Substance

I have been reading others’ posts about their journey to self-discovery and healings, to recover from childhood traumas.

I have been going to therapy for a while, changing a few therapists along the way. 362 more words

Final Outcome

The ideas raised in relation to Art and Consciousness I feel are far too complex to discuss in a short 5 week module. The final outcome I have reached is a final outcome in terms of a concept and not a finished work. 463 more words

Art And The Conscious Mind

'Art and The Conscious Mind: Beyond Understanding - Field in Review

A Depiction of the Void

The void as seen at the end of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Oddyssey’

Untitled Ink Drawing, by Jiro Yoshihara… 526 more words


Paradigm Shift

 Paradigm Shift by Power of Choice

Paradigm Shift by Power of Choice explains in clear fashion how environment and our choices shapes who we are and who will become.