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Body Talk

For a recording of the live facebook feed to this please click on the picture below. Otherwise, click here for Youtube. 

The main purpose of the talk was to show how by connecting with our body, we are more likely to  lose weight (the obvious) and keep it off, but also that we can change our lives by creating unity in body and mind, really literally being in “yoga.”  1,451 more words


Switchwords Workshop

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...but, Who Are You..? 

It was after watching the epic documentary “Dr. Strange,” a couple of nights ago, that these very words came to me:

Who are you without your partner? 203 more words

Understanding the Spirit & the Soul: Their Similarities and Differences

Understanding the Spirit & the Soul: Their Similarities and Differences

“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit,” Heb 4:12… 1,575 more words
Christian Doctrine & Lifestyle

The Nonconscious Mind: Helping or Hindering Physically Active Leisure?

My passion for understanding leisure behaviour means that I devote most of my research activities and academic reading attention to investigating and evaluating reasons why people do what they do during their leisure time. 1,500 more words



This is the  screensaver that I ignore every day when I turn on my computer.  Surprisingly, today I saw it through different eyes.  I’m sharing this because MAYBE I’m not the only one that needed a little wake up call or a gentle reminder before it’s too late. 483 more words

Spiritual Connection