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Harmonious Couples: 3 habits to connect to each other

Now that we understand the importance of harmony between parents and children we can connect, in a more assertive way, with what is really necessary to harmonize our love life. 372 more words

Conscious Relationships

A Man That Serves Your Soul

“Spiritual woman, you are awoken in a way that no longer draws an ordinary man. You need a man whose strength is not only in his hands. 58 more words


Constructive Parents: 6 steps to have an assertive relationship with our children

For relationships to be constructive, they need investment of time and commitment from people involved in it, regardless of purpose or nature. Parents, siblings, uncles, grandparent, grandchildren, cousins, friends, colleagues, teachers, students, mates, clients, companies, etc., can improve our life by observing the way we relate to everyone and everything and  457 more words

Conscious Relationships

Conscious Children: 6 actions to harmonize our home

We’re all children, sometimes we create bonds with new people in our lives who welcome us as family, others live the experience with our blood family, at the end we’re all children and being a child is to find a way of integrate to our parents through respect and love. 278 more words

Conscious Relationships

Respectful Connection: 5 steps to exercise respect

To build every relationship it is very important to exercise RESPECT, with ourselves and others, for it is a constructive value. When we respect ourselves, and set our boundaries, we create a clear channel of communication with the world. 224 more words

Conscious Relationships

Love Secrets in Your DNA Akashic Records > Selacia

Courtesy of Spirit Library

Love Secrets in Your DNA Akashic Records

a message from Selacia

Thursday, 27 July, 2017

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3 questions to transform our self-relationship

Relationships are as simple as we want to see them. It’s important that the first relationship we analize in order to have better relationships is the one with our own selves. 272 more words

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