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Things I Have Learned About Love

Love is not scripted. There is no specific way to love. You don’t need to wait 3 dates to have sex or wait 3 days to text back, you don’t need to call each other boyfriend and girlfriend, and you don’t need to get married. 283 more words


Shifting relationship dynamics 

We have the power to control what shows up in our lives based on the choices we make. The energy of the circumstances that present themselves to us are a direct reflection of something in alignment with what we are doing. 395 more words


September Full Moon 2015 astrology: Magical Time in My Life. ~ SOUL HARMONY ON DEMAND

“September Full Moon 2015 in Aries on Sep. 27-28 is a total Lunar Eclipse. This is the last eclipse in Aries. This is the second Super Moon and this is the last eclipse of the year!” 14 more words

You are NOT karmically bound to your twin flame...

You are not karmically bound to anyone or anything…that is… unless you choose to be.

Potential Karma

To my knowledge everything has potential energy. As we incarnate we incarnate with a blueprint of potential energy, resting energy. 362 more words


Check Your Intent...

Whenever you’re seeking (or giving) advice or a reading check in with your intent FIRST. Energy flows with our intent and if you are unsure about your intent then it will be reflected in your results. 489 more words

Twin Flame

Tips for Accessing August Blessings > Selacia

a message from Selacia

Wednesday, 19 August, 2015  (posted 20 August, 2015)

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August is full of blessings but what are they and how do you access them? 970 more words


I was living with my boyfriend at the time for about 3 months. We had been together a little over a year when I received a very shocking message from a woman who said she has slept with my boyfriend. 607 more words

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