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An Unusually Common Couple's Communication Issue

by Helen Williams

When I’m working with couples, I often have the opportunity of watching their ‘couple talk” – their typical and most common way of addressing each other. 343 more words


Five things to think about when you make a breakup plan with someone you're dating

Breakup plans are all about leaving relationships in a way that is kind, considerate and leaves everyone’s dignity intact. Working out how to design your own plan that works for the individuals that you are is central to knowing how to initiate, receive and work your way through a breakup. 634 more words


Five ways to queer relationships.

There are a lot of norms when it comes to relationship, so naturally there are also lots of ways to queer your relationships. Other writers have covered many of them in much more details. 721 more words


Approaching relationships and connections with others queerly, and understanding them within the framework of queer theory or activism.

It isn’t really possible to give a few line introduction to queer theory because it is a large and diverse field. Nevertheless there are a couple of concepts that are really important, and that matter to engaging in relationship queering. 290 more words



I don’t know who coined the term ‘relationshipqueer’, but on hearing it the concept simply made sense. We are already graced with terms such as genderqueer and neuroqueer, expanding the range of queerness away from sexuality into gender and neurology. 491 more words


who do you want? both of you. (I/II)

At a rainbow gathering in the rural mountains of Montana, I met a couple who made me feel strange. Just seeing them around everywhere in the gathering, I had abstract premonitions that we would grow close somehow and share some unique connections. 2,213 more words


everyone blushes

the church comes closer
racing towards God
on the back of a motorcycle

afghani men harass us
no we don’t want your wilted rose
flowers have never been so rude… 171 more words