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who do you want? both of you. (I/II)

At a rainbow gathering in the rural mountains of Montana, I met a couple who made me feel strange. Just seeing them around everywhere in the gathering, I had abstract premonitions that we would grow close somehow and share some unique connections. 2,213 more words


everyone blushes

the church comes closer
racing towards God
on the back of a motorcycle

afghani men harass us
no we don’t want your wilted rose
flowers have never been so rude… 171 more words


What maketh a man?

What maketh a man? What are the attributes, skills, qualities that go into defining a ‘Man’? Unfortunately for me, the answer to that question did not come that easy. 855 more words


I have no words

the ocean between us…
it tricks us
distance creates something different
it’s definitely not the same
when we had our bodies together
like pressed flowers in gods hand-written memoir… 167 more words


The Beginning of an End (for me at least)

Ah the whirlwind of emotions that is the U.S. Of A. There have only been two places in the world that I have ever, truly, considered living outside of Australia: New Zealand and North America. 721 more words

Conscious Relationships

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Relationships Under Construction

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Relationships are for Spiritual Development

In our Ascension context, the synthesizing of the pairs of opposing forces into higher states of energetic balance is required in order to achieve spiritual completion, as our consciousness travels throughout the dimensions, and this process is also referred to as polarity integration, energetic synthesis or spiritual marriage. 2,116 more words

The 4 Qualities of a Conscious Relationship

Repost from MFT Shelly Bullard, originally published Aug 22, 2015

We are approaching a period of time when relationships are ready to go through a major redesign. 1,034 more words