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Control: the adversary of love

Many of us have had challenging lives.  We long for healthy, loving relationships with our partners, children, family members, co-workers and our bodies.  We spend time and effort trying to make life feel good, but it doesn’t.  397 more words


Why should I forgive her?

I was talking with a friend last night and I apologized for something that I could have done better.  He said he didn’t forgive me.  I was shocked. 299 more words


Conscious relationships blog

This blog will be used to share information about conscious relationships.  A conscious relationship is one where you understand your role in how you interact with the other person.  49 more words


Don't Let Your Loneliness Hurt Someone

I won’t judge you, I won’t. I did it twice. I gave into someone else’s love because I was tired of feeling alone, of being single. 473 more words


An Unusually Common Couple's Communication Issue

by Helen Williams

When I’m working with couples, I often have the opportunity of watching their ‘couple talk” – their typical and most common way of addressing each other. 343 more words


Five things to think about when you make a breakup plan with someone you're dating

My previous post talked about the reasons to make a breakup plan.  This one will focus on what to include in one. Breakup plans are all about leaving relationships in a way that is kind, considerate and leaves everyone’s dignity intact. 665 more words


Five ways to queer relationships.

There are a lot of norms when it comes to relationship, so naturally there are also lots of ways to queer your relationships. Other writers have covered many of them in much more details. 721 more words